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How often do you take activities teaching plans

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Watching TV ? Reading books ? Playing games ? Climbing mountains ? Going to the movies ? Staying at home. ? Having party with friends ? Doing house work ? Visiting friends

1.What do you usually do on weekends? 2.What do you often do after lunch ? 3.What do you often do after classless ? 4.Do you go to the movies ? 5.Do you cook food on vacations?

1.I often go to the movies 2.I usually take a nap after lunch. 3.Sometimes ,I go to the internet bar. 4.No .i never go to the movies . 5.Yeah ,I hardly ever cook food on vacations.

Always 总是 (100%) one hundred percent ? Usually and often 经常, ? Hardly ever 很少 ? Never 从不 ? Sometimes 有时候

1.What does the first girl sometimes do on weekends? ? 2.what does the first boy never do? What does he usually do ? ? 3.what does the second boy always do ? ? 4. what does the second girl often do ? ? 5.what does the third girl hardly ever do ?what does she love to do?

Every day ??????????? 每一天 ? Once a week ?????????????????????? 一个星期一次 ? Twice a week ?????????????????? ?????一个星期两次 ? Three times a week ?????????????????? ????一个星期三次 ? Once a month ???????????????? 每 月一次

1.A . How often do you watch TV? 2.How often do you go home ? 3. How often do you

B .I watch TV every day .. I go home twice a month. I eat fruit once a week


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