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初中英语导学案8A Unit2(01)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit2

课题:Comic strip~Welcome


1. 了解一些英式英语和美式英语的单词。

2. 确保学生能区别英式英语和美式英语。



I. 选词填空。

1. We live on the __________of the building.

2. We go up and come down by_______.

3. _______is a kind of football.

4. Please throw the rubbish into the _______.

5. He has _______friends than I.

II. 翻译下列短语。

1、在第一层 2、乘电梯

3、一所中学 4 、美式足球5、去看电影






Step I 呈现

1. 在看卡通漫画之前,先复习有关描述品质的形容词,特别讲解smart 一词以及形容词比较级结构和There be 句型。

2. 如有必要,可提前教授What is …like? It’s like …的句型。向学生提问:What is our school like?

Step II 阅读

1. 播放Comic strip 部分录音前,让学生思考问题:What does Eddie think school is like?听完请学生回答。

2. 打开课本,让学生看几分钟漫画。鼓励学生就其对话进行提问。如:

Is school fun?

Is school like watching TV?

3. 学生跟随录音机朗读,先集体朗读,再分角色朗读,最后表演。

Step III 活动

1. 在学生掌握了漫画中的信息后,教师可将此漫画作为起点,引导学生想有关What’s school


2. 解释必要的语言点。

Step IV 呈现

1. 向学生展示一幅世界地图并提问:What countries do you know? Can you show us on the

map? What language do they speak?引导学生说出他们知道的国家的名称,并写在黑板上,然后向学生介绍各个国家使用的不同语言。

2. 引导学生说出英语作为主要语言或本族语言的国家。告诉学生在每个地区使用英语中都


Step V 呈现

1. 展示英国和美国的两面国旗,告诉学生世界上最大的两个使用英语的国家:the UK 和the USA。这两个国家在使用英语的过程中也有不少区别。让学生朗读23页A部分列出的单词,检查他们的发音是否正确,并解释生词。让学生四人一组将单词配对,然后全班一起口头核对答案并成对朗读,注意每组单词先读英国英语,后读美国英语,这样便于学生记忆。

2. 给能力较强的学生提供更多的有关英国英语和美国英语的单词。

3. 让学生看23页B部分的图片,并标上英语和美语单词,然后与同伴核对答案。请几名学生将答案读给大家听。然后全班一起朗读,注意每一组单词先读英国英语,后读美国英语。

Step VI 呈现

1. 对于能力较强的学生,教师可指出英国英语和美国英语在单词拼写方面的区别。 2.

Step VII 练习

1. 练习

2. 讨论

Step VIII家庭作业

1.Search the Internet for more information about the school life in other countries.

2. Write down your own opinions of the ideal school life.


I. 选择填空

( )1. He thinks that a dictionary is useful friend.

A. a B. an C. the D. / A. are geting on B. are getting on C. are geting into D. are getting into A. surprising surprised B. surprised surprising

C. surprised surprised D. surprising surprising

( )4. What subjects do you like?

A. else B. other C. others D. another A. in in B. at at C. in on D. at on A. in B. on C. at D. with ( )5.They will arrive Shanghai April 20th. ( )6.China is a country a long history.

II 用所给动词的正确形式填空。

1. What about (go) on an outing?

2. There (be) an exhibition of art in the museum tomorrow.

3. Everyone in our class (enjoy) music very much.

4. It’s so cloudy. I think it (rain).

5. We are look forward to (go) sightseeing.

6. She needs (have) a good rest.

Ⅲ、 根据句意和所给单词填空:

1. -- Sorry, I am late.

-- Why don’t you ________ (get) up early?

2. Do you think dogs are __________ (smart) than people?

3. Who is _________ ( lazy), Hobo or Eddie?

4. My parents like _________ (watch) TV in the evening.

5. We need __________ (little) money and ________ (few) people to do the work.

6. Can you tell me any ____________ (different) between _________ (Britain) English and _______ (America) English?

7. -- What _______ (be) your school like? ( )2. Look! They their car. ( )3. When he heard the news, he was very .

-- It ______ (look) like a beautiful garden.

8. There are too many _________ (advertisement) on TV.

9. Thank you for _________ (tell) us your ideal school.

10. Maths _______ (be) very important. We should work hard on it.

11. Why don’t you _________ (go) to the playground.

12. The movie _________ (be) on at the cinema next week.

13. Of all the things, the one on the left is __________ (bad).

14. Jill isn’t as ________ (tall) as Lucy.

15. I know they are trying their ___________ (good) in this matter.


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