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2013八年级上英语unit1 SetionB 2a-2e

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2a Discuss the questions with your partner.
1、What do people usually do on vacation?

2、What activities do you find enjoyable?

2b Read Jane’s diary entries about her
vacation and answer the questions.

Did Jane have a good time on Monday?
What about on Tuesday? Yes, she did. But she didn’t have a good

time on Tuesday.

1、Where did Jane go on vacation? When? She went to Penang in Malaysia on July 15th. 2、What did she and her sister do on the beach?

They tried paragliding.

3、What did they eat for lunch? Were they deliciou They ate Malaysian yellow noodles for lunch. Yes, they were. 4、How did they go to Georgetown? They rode bicycles to Georgetown.

5、Did she enjoy walking around the town? Yes, she did.

1、Where did Jane and her father decide to go? They decided to go to Penang Hill. 2、How’s the weather there? It was raining. 3、Did they have an umbrella? No, they didn’t. 4、Why did they have one bowl of rice and some fish? Because her father didn’t bring enough money.

5、How was the food? It tasted great.

Monday, July 15th I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was sunny and hot, so we decided to go to the beach near our hotel. My sister and I tried paragliding. I felt like I was a bird. It was so exciting! For lunch, we had something very special——Malaysian yellow noodles. They were delicious! In the afternoon, we rode bicycles to Georgetown. There are a lot of new buildings now, but many of the old buildings are still there. In Weld Quay, a really old place in Georgetown, we saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago. I wonder what life was like here in the past. I really enjoyed walking around the town

Tuesday, July 16th What a difference a day makes! My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today. We wanted to walk up to the top, but then it started raining a little so we decided to take the train. We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people. When we got to the top, it was raining really hard. We didn't have an umbrella so we were wet and cold. It was terrible! And because of the bad weather, we couldn't see anything below. My father didn't bring enough money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish. The food tasted great because I was so hungry!

Things Jane did or saw
tried paragliding

Did she like it?(Yes or No)

Why or why not?


It was so exciting
They were delicious.

ate Malaysian yellow noodles


walked around Georgetown


She liked the old buildings there and wondered what life was like in the past.
It tasted great because she was hungry.

went to Penang Hill


had a bowl of rice and some fish


2d Complete the conversation about Jane’s
trip to Penang using the information in the diary entries.

Anna: Hi, Jane. Where you go on vacation last week? Malaysia went Jane: I ______ to Penang in _______. Anna: Who _____you go with? did family Jane: I went with my ______. Anna: What did you do? sunn

y Jane: The weather was hot and _______ on Monday, so we went paragliding the _________on rode beach. Then in the afternoon, we___ bicycles to Georgetown.

Anna: Sounds good! Jane: Well, but the nest day was not good. father My________ and I went to Penang was Hill, but the weather______ really waited bad and rainy. We ______ a long time for the train and we were wet ____ and cold because we forgot to bring umbrella an ______. Anna: Oh, no! Jane: And that’s not all! We also didn’t enough bring_________ money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish.


Thursday, July 18th Today _____(be) a beautiful day. My father and was I _____(go) to Penang Hill again, but this time went walked started we______ (walk) to the top. We _______(start) saw at 9:30a.m. and _____(see) lots of special Malaysian flowers along the way. About one drank hour later, we stopped ______(stop) and ______(drink) some tea. Then we ______(walk) for another walked got two hours before we _____(get) to the top. I was looked _____(be) quite tired, but the city______ (look) wonderful from the top of the hill!

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