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to like, choose or want one thing rather than another
v. 更喜爱; 更喜欢


the words of a song, especially a pop song

n. 歌词; 抒情词句
not strong, loud adj. 轻的; 低的



Words and expressions dislike v. 不喜欢 remind of 提醒; 使记起 heart n. 心; 内心 string n. 细绳; 线

sink v. 下沉; 沉没

Words and expressions
Yellow River 黄河 fisherman n. 渔民; 渔夫 latest adj. 最近的 entertainment n. 乐趣; 快乐

feature n. 特点; 特征
photography n. 摄影; 照相

gallery n. 美术馆; 画廊

photographer n. 摄影者; 摄影师
display v.& n. 展览; 陈列

on display 展览;陈列
photograph n. 照片; 相片 interest v. 引起……关注; 使……感兴趣

class n. 等级; 类别 whatever pron. 不管什么; 无论什么; 任何(事物) miss v. 错过;遗漏 energy n. 活力;力量 pro n. 赞成的观点 con n. 反对的观点

根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。 1. His father p refers apples to bananas. _____ 2. You must learn this article by h eart ___. 3. I d islike this book because it’s very ____ boring. 4. Your aunt r ______ me of my aunt in eminds Paris. 5. Most old people like g entle and quiet ____ music. 6. My sister likes music that has great l yrics ____.

用“who”或“that”填空。 1. The man _____ is talking with my who mother is my father. 2. That book is the one ____ I bought that yesterday. who 3. He is one of the workers ____ been saved in that accident. 4. They talked of the things and persons _____ they remembered in the factory. that 5. All _____ can be done must be done. that

Translate and write them down.

伴随……歌唱 随音乐起舞 轻柔的歌曲 比……更喜欢…… 不同种类的音乐

sing along with dance to … music quiet and gentle songs prefer… to… different kinds of music

原创音乐 有很棒的歌词 提醒,使记起 巴西舞蹈音乐

write one’s own music has great lyrics remind of Brazilian dance music

清晰的唱出歌词 sing the words clearly

根据汉语提示补全句子。 1. 他的姑姑正和着音乐跳舞。

His aunt is _______ __ the music. dancing to 2. 与数学相比,她更喜欢英语。 She prefers English ___ math. ______ to 3. 这张照片对我很重要。 important to This photo is _________ __ me.

4. 这个伤心的故事使我想起了我的爷爷。 This sad story _______ me ___ my of reminds grandfather. 5. 大家都喜欢有优美歌词的音乐。 Everyone likes music that has _____ _____. great lyrics

把下列各题中的两句话合并为含有定语 从句的复合句。

1. My brother likes jackets. These jackets are unusual. My brother likes jackets that are unusual. 2. The man is a music teacher. He can write his own lyrics. The man who can write his own lyrics is a music teacher.

latest 1. This is my friend’s _____ (最近的) book. 2. He will give a musical _____________ entertainment (娱乐). 3.

Impatience in everything is a feature ______ (特点) of our age. miss 4. If you don’t hurry, you will _____ (错过) the first bus. 5. Miss Green devotes all her ______ (精力) energy to her work.

6. These photos will be on display in the gallery ______ (画廊). 7. This story doesn’t interest (使……感兴 _______ 趣) me. photographs 8. These old ___________ (照片) remind me of my grandmother in the countryside. 9. Are you _________ (表明) that I’m not suggesting suited for the job? 10. We will never give up working, whatever _________ (无论什么) happens.

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. You can see a few _____ (bus) in front buses of the library. 2. He is one of the best photographers _____________ (photographer) in China. 3. I like action movies because they’re interesting very __________ (interest). 4. These _________ (fisherman) are very fishermen rich.

5. I think it’s a successful (success) art ________ exhibition. 6. Over the years, my father has collected ___________ (collect) lots of stamps. staying 7. My cousin suggested _______ (stay) in Shanghai another day. 8. Be sure to write (write) to me as soon as ______ you get there.

Translate and write them down. 1. 迈克昨天看的那部电影很有趣。 The movie that Mike saw yesterday was very interesting. 2. 你认识正在看报的那个男孩吗?
Do you know the boy who is reading the newspaper? 3. 那是我们都感兴趣的话题。 It is a topic that we are both interested in.

1. Is that the man _____ helped us a lot after the earthquake? (2009浙江杭州) A. whose B. which C. when D. who 2. Disney is an amusement park ___ you can find all the normal attractions and Disney movies and characters. (2009四川绵阳) A. which B. where C. that D. when

3. The girl _____ I just talked with is Ben’s sister. (2009四川成都) A. whom B. which C. she 4. That’s the man ___ house was destroyed in the storm. (2009天津)

A. that
C. who

B. whose
D. which

5. Sorry, we don’t have the coat ______ you need. (2009河北) A. what B. who C. whom D. which 6. I’ve found some pictures of the most interesting places _______ you can visit during the winter holidays. (2009山东烟台) A. where B. which C. what D. that

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