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单词&词组 复习
entry 入口 familiar 熟悉 attention 注意 up/down stairs 楼上/下 sculpture 雕像 either二者之一 experiment 实验 unusual 不同寻常的 physics 物理 ? obey 遵守 ? communication 交流
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? above all 首先

? look forward to 盼望,期

? ? ? ?

待 go upstairs/downstairs 上/下楼 pay attention to 注意 for example 例如 compare…with 与…相比 较 as well 也 on one’s own 某人自己 kind of 有点

单词&词组 讲解
fun n. 乐趣 意为“玩笑”fun为不可数名词。 have fun 后接v.-ing形式 drop in 顺便走访 意为“顺便走访”,是不及物动词词组。 drop out 退出,辍学;drop in on sb. 顺便拜访某人; drop in at someplace 顺便拜访某地。

Pay attention to 注意,集中注意力 to是介词,后面可接名词、代词、动词ing 形式或宾语 从句。 to做介词的类似词语还有: look forward to ; prefer…to…;give one’s life to。 由attention构成的固定词组:draw/catch one’s attention 吸引某人的注意 On one’s own 某人自己 相当于by one‘s self意为“靠某人自己” 如:Now that you're growing up you must learn to stand on your own two feet. 你既然已经长大成人,就得学会独立生活。

句型 复习
? No shouting! 禁止喧哗 ? What’s the matter? 怎么了? ? It’s kind of familiar.它有点熟悉。 ? In what way is the Science Museum different from

other museums.在哪些方面科学博物馆与其他博物馆 不一样? ? There’s no shouting and no running… 没有叫喊声也 没有跑动的声音 ? You mustn't take photos of the exhibits 你不可以给展 品拍照

句型 讲解
...you mustn't take photos of the exhibits... 禁止做某事 (1)No+v.ing!这是一种比较常用的表达方式。 (2)祈使句:否定的祈使句同样可以用来表示“禁 止”,主要就是靠谓语动词来表示。 (3)You mustn‘t... 情态动词mustn't可以表达“禁止”的概念。 (4)You can't... 可以表示“能力”,“可能性”,也可以表示“不 允许”,因此可以用来制止某人做某事。 (5)“be not allowed to”用来制止对方做某事。

And the Natural room as well. As well 在此处相当于to,表示“也,又,而且”。常用 语肯定句句尾,无需用逗号隔开。 与As well as 的区别 As well as 常用来连接两个并列成分,表示“除……以 外,……也……”,“不但……而且……”强调的是前一 项。 如:I'm learning French as well as English. 我学英语之外还学法语。 As well as 还可以表示同级比较,指“和……一样好” 如:Today I feel as well as I did yesterday. 我今天感觉和昨天一样好。


(1)英语中分数是由基数词和序数词一起来表示的, 分子用基数词,分母用序

数词。如:one third 三分 之一 (2)分子大于1时,序数词后要加“s”。如:four fifths 五分之四 (3)分数作主语时,谓语动词根据分数词后面的名 词决定其单复数形式。如:One third of the students in our class have been to the Great Wall. 我们班三分之一的学生去过长城。

? ( C ) 1. The notebook must _____ Li Ning’s.


belong B. be C. belong to ? ( B ) 2. This pair of shoes ________ Deng Hua’s . They’re too big for her. A. might be B. can’t be C. must be ? ( A ) 3. The old man can’t walk _______ his bad leg. A. because of B. because C. because for ? ( C ) 4. Don’t be _______ about your mother. She is better now. A. worry B. worrying C. worried

? ( B ) 5. Alex wasn’t at home yesterday. He might be

_____ his dentist appointment. A. in B. at C. for ? ( D ) 6. I _____ singing to dancing. A. like B. enjoy C. love D. prefer ? ( A ) 7. Some of her best loved photos are _______ display in this exhibition. A. on B. in C. at D. about ? ( B ) 8. Did you _____ the noise outside the house last night? A. listen to B. hear C. Heard ? ( C ) 9. Our P.E teacher is swimming. He _______ swimming for exercise. A. can’t B. might C. must be

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