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Would you mind turning down the music?






Step 1 Greeting and Revision

Greet each other! What did you do 1.Greeting each other. last night? How long have you …?

2.Answer the teacher’s question 2.通过老师的提问复习前一单元


Step2 Leading in

Show a picture of a dirty house.

Look at the picture and think 1.展示一幅Lily家脏乱的画面,about what Lily should do. Lily要在家开生日聚会,要收拾Students may say:


clean the yard / move the bike / 2.通过这个话题引出与本课相关put away the books / put away 的一系列动词短语。 the clothes, etc.

Teacher says: This is Lily’s house. She is going to have a

birthday party today. What should

they do to clean the house?

Step 3 Presentation

1.Lily wants help, what should she 1.Learn the polite way to make say? Help students to answer: requests and apologize. would you mind moving the bike?



Would you mind …? What does

Lily say? Listen and number the requests.

2.Do Activity 1b.

2.Do Activity 1b.

Step 4 Pairwork

Ask students to work in pairs. Pairwork: Suppose one is Lily.

A: Would you mind…? B: OK. I’ll do it right away.



Step 5 Task

Lily’s friends all come to the party Work in groups of four. One is 用目标语言去解决问题,在完成in the evening. They are singing the neighbor, the others are 任务的过程中学会运用语言。 and dancing. They make so Lily’s friends.

much noise. Suppose you are the Make conversations.

neighbor, you can’t stand it. What

should you say to them?

Step 6 Listening.

1.Some of her classmates didn’t

come to the party. What are they

doing? Listen to the tape and

number the pictures.

2.Do Activity 2a,2b. 1.Listen Activity 2a,2b. 2. Do Activity 2a,2b. 前面的目标语言学会运用后,再增加语言的输入,这符合语言学习循序渐进的原则。

Step 7 Writing

After the party, Lily’s mother Write the polite requests and 语言的落实最终还是要能写出wants Lily to do something. Write apologize.

a conversation between Lily and

her mother. 来。最后这一环节让学生整理一下思路,用目标语言来完成编写对话。

Step8 Summary and Homework

1.Ask the students to say what 1.Remember what we learn 1.小结,让学生回顾一下本节课they learn today. today. 的内容,帮助学生记忆。

2.Ask the students to finish3a 2.Finish 3a and write a similar 2.帮助学生巩固所学的知识。 and write a similar letter. letter.


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