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Welcome back to school!

Can you play the guitar ?

Unit 1


Can you dance sing
Yes,I can.


[dɑ:ns ] [si?]
No,I can’t.

draw Can you swim
Yes,I can.

No,I can’t.

[dr?: ] swim


Can you
Yes,I can.

speak English ? play chess [[spi:k]] t?es
No,I can’t.

-- Can you…? --Yes, I can./No, I can’t.

I can… . / I can’t… .


Match the activities with the people.

1. sing e

2. swim


3. dance d 4. draw b 5. play chess c 6. speak English a 7. play the guitar f

What can you do?


join the club

What club are they?

Music Club
2 1

Swimming Club

Art Club
English Club 5 What club do you want to join? I want to join the… Can you…? Yes ,I can ./No ,I can’t.

chess club

Listen and number the conversations1-3.

2 1b


加入,参加 加入某一组织或团 体,成为一员


Do you want to join the army? 你想参军吗?

? ? ? ? ---- Can you…? ---- Yes, I can. / No, I can’t . I can…/I can’t … . I want to join the music/swimming… club.

A:I want to join the… club. B: Can you … ? A: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

Do a survey 小调查
Group 1 sing swim dance draw play chess speak English play the guitar

Mary …
Tom can swim. He can’t play chess. Mary can sing and draw. She can’t dance.

组内2-3人一小组,根据表格调查成员 会做的事情,一位负责记录/提问,一 位下节课汇报结果。

Can you play the guitar ?

Unit 1

What can you do? I can … Can you …?
Yes, I can. No, I can’t.

Can we speak English ?

Yes, we can.

What can he do?
Can he draw? He can swim. No, he can’t.

What can she do?
Can she sing/dance?

She can ... Yes, she can.

What can they do? They can dance.
What club do you want to join?

I want to join the…

can表示“能,会” ,表示一种能力。 ⑴can 没有

人称和数的变化,后面都用动词原形。⑵ can 的
否定形式,在can后加not. ⑶一般疑问句把can提 前。

I can play basketball. She/he can play volleyball . They can’t play the piano. Can you speak English?

⑴join 加入,参加 (加入某一组织或团体,成为一
员) join the army/Party/music club 参军 /入党/ 加入音乐俱乐部

⑵join +某人 加入某人当中,和某人共同做某事

Come and join us. 加入我们吧。
⑶join in+活动 参加活动 May I join in the game?我可以加入游戏吗?

Grammar Focus
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

can’t=can not

Can you swim? Yes, I can. No ,I can’t. Can he play chess? Yes, he can. No ,he can’t. Can you and Tom play chess? Yes, we can. No ,we can’t. Can Jane and Jill swim? Yes, they can. No ,they can’t. What can you do? I can dance./I can’t sing. What club do you want to join? We want to join the chess club.


Listen again. Complete the sentences.

chess ? 1. lisa wants to join the _______ club , but

chess she can’t play _______ . ? 2. Bob wants to join the English club . He _______ English likes to speak _______ . sing ? 3. Mary likes music. She can _______ and dance _______. Bob likes music ,too. They want to join the music _______ club.

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