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Unit 6
I like music that I can dance to
(The second period)

? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
? 只会用功不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻。

? The man that suffers much knows much. 磨难多,见识广。 ? Heaven helps those who help themselves. 自助者天助。 ? He who laughs last laughs best.谁笑到最

Make a conversation

A: What kind of weather do you like best? B: I like the weather that is warm / sunny /warm…….

Make a conversation

A: What kind of animal do you like best? B: I like animals that are friendly / cute …….

Make a conversation A:What kind of host do you like best? B:I like hosts who are smart / humor……

? I like/dislike the gifts that... ? I like/dislike the friends who…


被定语从句修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。引导定语从 句的叫关系词。关系词分为关系代词和关系副词。

Who用来指人在定语从句中做主语或宾语. I love singers who write their own music singers是先行词, who是关系代词在这里做主语。 He is the man who I met yesterday man是先行词, who是关系代词在这里做宾语。

that在从句中用来指人也指物。在定语从句 中作主语,也作宾语。作宾语时,关系代词that 可省掉。 但作主语时关系代词that不能省。
Rose likes music that’s quite and gentle.
music 是先行词, that是关系代词在这里做主语。

The flowers that we have planted grow well.
flower是先行词, that是关系代词在这里做宾语。




指代人 who that
指代物 which that

whom/who that
which that

whose/of which

当关系代词在从句中作宾语时, 关系代词可以省略。

Fill in the blanks. (that / Who)
? The girlwho the piano well is her _____ daughter. ? He has some friends _____ can help who him a lot. ? The orange skirt ______ is hanging that there is my favorite. that ? I prefer apples ________ are sweet.

Match the sentence parts
1.It’the kind of music 2.She likes musicians 3.She doesn’t like songs 4.She likes singers. 5.The music is like a,who write their own lyrics b,Brailian dance music c,who sing the words clearly. d,that you can dance to. e,that are too long.




A review of my favourite ______________ Items What’s the name of? Why do you like it? What do you dislike about it? What does it remind you of?


Complete this survey. Then find classmates who agree with you.

My opinion I like groups that_________________ I love singers who________________ I can’t stand music that____________ I don’t like musicians who_________

Classmate who agrees

Homework 1. Copy the new words. 2.Search on the internet about their favourite music and musicians.

Thanks for listening !

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