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1. A. Yes, I do.
2. A. All right. 3. A. Yes, I am. 4. A. Never mind. C. Good idea.

B. Thank you.
B. Good luck. B. I am 14.

C. No, I don’t.
C. Well done.

C. I like English better. B. Thank you. B. Basketball.

5. A. Don’t mention it.

C. I think so.

二、听小对话,根据对话内容,选择正确的答案。 6. Which sport does the man like better? A. Basketball. B. Tennis. C. Football. 7. What is the weather like today? A. It’s windy. B. It’s snowing. C. It’s sunny. 8. What are they talking about? A. The final exam. B. The high jump. C. The long jump. 9. When did the film begin? A. At 8:10. B. At 8:20. C. At 8:25. 10. Where does this conversation probably happen? A. In a police station. B. At a bus stop. C. In a shop.

11. What does the man want to be when he grows up? A. A singer. B. A movie star. C. A writer. 12. What is wrong with the man? A. He can’t sleep. B. He has caught a cold. C. He feels like eating. 13. What are they talking about? A. Friends. B. A TV program. C. What they did yesterday. 14. What did the woman have for lunch? A. Bread. B. Eggs. C. Chicken. 15. Where may the conversation take place? A. In a zoo. B. In a hospital. C. On a bus. 5

听一段对话,回答16-17小题。 16. What is Mike doing? A. Writing to his aunt. C. Climbing a hill. 17. When will the two speakers meet tomorrow? A. At 8:30 in the morning. B. At 2:00 in the afternoon. C. At 2:30 in the afternoon.

B. Having a picnic.


18. Where does this conversation probably take place?
A. In a hospital. C. In a restaurant. 19. What drinks do they order? A. Tea and apple juice. B. In a shop.

B. Coffee and apple juice.
C. Tea and orange juice. 20. How much do they need to pay? A. 89 yuan. B. 59 yuan. C. 19 yuan.

四、听短文,根据短文内容填空。 21. The weather is ___________ and ___________, 22. John borrows some books from the ___________. 23. John is sitting on the _______ reading a storybook. 24. The book is very ___________, so John does not notice what is happening around him. 25. __________ is sitting in a tree reading a book just as John did a moment ago.




21. sunny, warm
23. Grass 25. A monkey

22. school library
24. interesting






一、听句子,根据你所听到的的句子,从A、B、C三 个选项中选择最恰当的应答语。 1. A. I’m reading. C. I’m friendly. B. Not bad, thank you.

2. A. I like it.
3. A. In the street. C. Every day.

B. It’s nice.

C. $1,700.

B. The day before. B. Here you are, sir.

4. A. Thanks for coming. C. You’re welcome.

5. A. Go ahead.

B. I don’t m

ind at all.

C. That’s a good idea.


6. A. At a library. B. At the doctor’s.

C. At a bookshop.
7. A. $50. B. $35. C. $70.

8. A. A new bike.
C. A new skirt.

B. A big bag.

9. A. Cakes.
10. A. Linda.

B. Fruit.
B. Tim.

C. Candy.

C. Linda and Tim.

三、听下面两段对话,根据对话内容及所给问题选择正确答案。 听第一段对话,回答第11-15小题。 11. What’s the boy’s favorite? A. Italian noodles. B. Sichuan dishes. C. Dumplings. 12. What will they have? A. Italian noodles. B. Sichuan dishes. C. Dumplings. 13. Where is the restaurant? A. It’s near their home. B. It’s far away from their home. C. It’s near the boy’s sister’s office. 14. When will they go to the restaurant? A. At 6:00. B. At 6:30. C. At 7:00. 15. How many people will go to have supper? A. One B. Two C. Three. 14

听第二段对话,回答第16-20小题。 16. What’s the time now? A. 6:45. B. 7:15. C. 7:45. 17. Who has an umbrella? A. The boy. B. The girl. C. Neither of them. 18. Where are the two speakers? A. At a store. B. At a cinema. C. In their classroom. 19. Whose bike was broken? A. The boy’s. B. The girl’s. C. The boy’s and the girl’s. 20. How will the girl go home? A. By bus. B. By taxi. C. By car. 15

四、听短文,根据短文内容填空。 All of us know “Xi Yangyang”. Its English name is Pleasant Sheep. It means “a (21)__________ sheep”. During the past few years, we have (22)__________ about it a lot from TV. My brother, sister, my parents and I like it very much. Some old people also like it. Why is it so (23)___________. Let me tell you something about it. First, Xi Yangyang is kind, just (24)__________ a sheep. He is also brave and clever, just like a man. Second, he is (25)____________. His legs are long and strong and he can walk, jump and run. Third, he is a hero. He helps other sheep a lot.

Keys: 1-5BCABC 11-15BCABB 21. happy 23. popular 25. healthy 6-10BCACB 16-20BACAB 22. learnt 24. like



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