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()1. All these shirts are out of fashion. I want of them.

A. no B. none C. neither D. any

()2.-I'm afraid no one will agree with you.-I don't think it .

A. minds B. matters C. works D. troubles

()3.-I'm going to Suzhou for a holiday this weekend. - you are there, can you buy me some green tea?

A. Because B. While C. Whether D. Though

()4.-Excuse me, but I don't think you can smoke here. -Really sorry. I this is a none-smoking room.

A. don't know B. didn't know C. have no idea D. haven't known

()5.-We can wear that blue suit to the theatre. -Why not the grey one there for a change?

A. try wearing B. trying to wear

C. to try and wear D. to try wearing

()6. At weekends Millie prefers at home to out.

A. stay; going B. staying; go C. staying; going D. to stay; go

()7. Rather than to school by bus, I preferred a bike.

A. to go; to ride B. go; riding C. going; to ride D. go; to ride

()8. There's with your son's ears. So don't worry about him.

A. nothing serious B. something serious

C. serious nothing D. anything serious

()9. is knocking at the door. Go and see who it is.

A. Nobody B. No one C. None D. Someone

()10. Since is here, let's begin our lesson.

A. all B. somebody C. everyone D. no one


The students in Shanghai No. 3 Girls' High School have a flower-arrangement(插花)lesson every week. The course is the 11 of its kind among middle schools in Shanghai. It's a start. It helps the students to enjoy the 12 of flowers. That's 13 the course has become very popular among the students. The teachers of the course are all 14 trained. They are good at this art and work hard at passing on the skill 15 students. So far, many students in the school 16 a prizes in this field. In order to further 17 the students' skills, the teachers usually play 18 while students are arranging flowers. Students are 19 the music, and then they can 20 more good ideas for flower-arrangement. Besides, the teachers 21 teach the students other skills at the same time, for example, they ask the students 22 compositions about flowers. In this way, students not only get art education but also improve 23 writing skills.

Several months ago, some foreigners visited the school. When they saw common flowers become more 25 and meaningful, they got amazed and interested. They made 25 and would play them for their own students after they returned home.

()11. A. first B. second C. last D. ending

()12. A. color B. beauty C. smell D. size

()13. A. how B. when C. why D. what

()14. A. clearly B. specially C. politely D. special

()15. A. with B. for C. to D. at

()16. A. win B. won C. have won D. had won

()17. A. dump B. decide C. develop D. drop

()18. A. music B. games C. jokes D. plays

()19. A. angry with B. pleased with C. afraid of D. sorry for

()20. A. come up with B. run out of C. hold on to D. catch up with

()21. A. always B. never C. hardly D. hard

()22. A. write B. writing C. to write D. written

()23. A. their B. your C. our D. them

()24. A. ugly B. lively C. lonely D. angrily

()25. A. plan B. notes C. videos D. books


I am writing to you about my stay at your hotel. My wife and I arrived on Saturday,15th May and stayed for a week. Though we were treated well and found the service excellent, we think there are one or two matters we should bring your attention.

1. We had hoped for a nice holiday from our busy work lives, and your advertisement said "comfortable and quiet".We want to have a chance to enjoy ourselves. How-ever, we were always waken up by the noise every morning. Is it really necessary for the workers to start their repair work so early?

2. We had hoped to swim in your "wonderful pool". To our disappointment(失望),we found that it was closed for the whole time of our stay.

I hope you do not mind my writing to you about these things, but I would be happy if you could give me some explanation. As I said at the start, it is a pity, and your service is so good in other fields. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Hector Bradley

()26. Whom is Mr Hector Bradley probably writing this letter to?

A. His friend. B. The owner of a hotel.

C. An editor. D. His father.

()27. When did they get to the hotel?

A. On 15th May. B. Three days ago

C. Last year. D. On a cold winter morning.

()28. What's the main idea of the second paragraph(段落)?

A. The hotel was very comfortable and quiet.

B. The workers in the hotel were very hard-working.

C. He thought the hotel hadn't provided them a quiet place.

D. The service in the hotel was very excellent.

()29. What did Mr Bradley think about the swimming pool?

A. He felt disappointed because the swimming pool was closed for the whole time of their stay.

B. He felt disappointed because the swimming pool was too small.

C. He felt pleased with it because he had a good time there.

D. He found it really wonderful,just like what was said in the advertisement.

()30. What kind of letter is it?

A. An invitation letter. B. A thank-you letter.

C. A recommendation letter. D. A complaint letter.



31. Do you know the relationship between colours and ______(心情)?

32. Listening to music can make me feel ______(放松).

33. Do you have any ______(困难)with your studies these days?

34. I can't put on this dress. It's too______(紧).

35. The sun gives us not only light but also______(热).


Is there ______ in the room? May I come in?


He ______ to be reading something important.


My daughter wants to ______ her room pink because it's her favourite colour.


My cousin went to ______ when he was eighteen years old.


Watching TV too much will ___ your studies.


41. The old picture causes Helen remember her school life.(改为同义句) The old picture can Helen her school life.

42. Daniel would rather play basketball than listen to music.(改为同义句) Daniel basketball to music.

43. All of the young trees need watering.(改为否定句)

_of the young trees_watering.

44. That storybook cost her at least twenty yuan.(对画线部分提问) the storybook cost her?

45. There is something important in today's paper.(改为一般疑问句) ______ there important in today's paper?


What is your favorite color? Do you like yellow, orange or red? If you do, you must be an optimist(乐观者),a 1 46 or an active person who enjoys life. Do you prefer grey and blue? Then you are p 47 quiet, shy and you'd rather f 48 than lead. You seem to be a pessimist(悲观者). Colors influence our m 49 ;there is no doubt about it. A yellow room make s most feel more cheerful and w 50 than a dark green one. It seems that a red dress brings warmth and cheer. On the other h 51 ,black is depressing(令人压抑的). A black bridge over the River Thames, near London, used to be the scene of more self killing than other b 52 in the area until it was painted green. Perhaps it would have fall-en even more if the bridge had b 53 done in pink or blue. Light and bright colors make people not only h 54 but also more active. It is t 55 that factory workers better, harder and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange than black or dark green. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50._________ 51. 52. 53. 54. 55._________






一、1-5 BBBBA 6-10 CDADC

二、11-15 ABCBC 16-20 CCABA 21-25 ACABC

三、26-30 BACAD

四、31. moods 32. relaxed 33. difficulty 34. tight 35. heat

36. anyone/anybody 37. Seems 38. paint , 39. college 40. affect/ influence

五、41. remind; of 42. prefers playing; to listening 43. None; needs 44. How much did

. Is; anything

六、肠.leader 47. probably 48. follow 49. moods 50. warmer 51. hand 52. bridges 53. been54. happier 55. true


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