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( 一 )


Many people are surprised when they find that the Internet was up in the 1960’s.At were large and expensive .Computer networks didn’t work well.If one comuter in the network broke down, then the whole network up. It should be good enough to be used by many computers .If a part of the network was not , information could be sent through another part.


Dr. Morison was busy the whole day . He the last operation ( 手术 ) until half past eight .He a little hungry .He rode home after he had a quick supper in the restaurant near

the hospital .It would be his son’s birthday the next day .All his family were busy ready for the party .His son wanted Mr. Morison a nice present for him.



Linda is my best friend .She has short straight blonde hair and blue eyes .She is as

as me,but she is a little taller .She is engergetic .

We sit together in class .and we both like the

subjects----art and science .We usually tennis for half an hour after school.Linda often wins .However I do a little

than her in the tests.


Henry , a 14—year—old boy , used too fat to play sports. He went to the doctor and to have a balanced diet .So he not to eat too much meat or suger , because they might get heavier .Now he isn’t fat at all. He does sports every day and is a member of the school soccer team .Next week Henry part in the school sports meeting .

(四) A

Mary likes to have who are like her . She’s more than most of

the kids in her class and best friend Yuan Li is outgoing too . There are some differences though . She’s more athletic Yuan Li .Yuan Li is than her . B

I here on September 8, 2009.I made a lot of friends .My best friend is Tom .

He playing basketball .My friends and I worked for the 11th National Games , because we were volunteers .I’m very glad to be one of them, because I enjoy friends .After the 11th National Games ,I want and then go back to school.

I think children should some housework, and it’s a big help because parents

hard every day. Last Sunday morning , I to play football ,but when I saw my mum get ready for the washing . I decided her. So I told my friends to play football by themselves. What I did made Mum happy, she was proud of me( 为我而骄傲).

( 五 )


Tai Shan is a 4-year-old panda. He is a super ______ at the National Zoo of Washington DC, US. But the star panda is leaving the US soon______ China.

Tai Shan was born at the zoo in 2005. People in Washington DC love Tai Shan very much. But Tai Shan is now old _______ to have babies. It is time for him to come back to China to help increase the panda_____.

Tai Shan's fans are still ____. Next month, the zoo is going to hold a party for Tai Shan.


Obama had a four-day visit to China last week. Obama _____50 minutes in the Forbidden City on Tuesday. He thinks the Forbidden City is a "magnificent (华丽的) place ________". He said: "I _________ back with my girls and my wife."

Obama knows that he who ______to the Great Wall never is not a true man. He _______ as a true man. On Wednesday afternoon, he took a quick tour of the Great Wall at Badaling. There, he enjoyed a moment of peace

( 六 )

Every day we go to _______(1) and listen to the teacher, and the teacher will ask you some _______(2). Sometimes the classmates will ask you about the work of the class. When you are telling _______(3) in the class what you have found out about these subjects, remember that they will be _______(4) to hear what you are saying. You are not _______(5) part in a family conversation or having a _______(6) with friends. You are in class. There a large group of people will keep _______(7), waiting to hear what you have to _______(8). You must speak loudly and clearly _______(9) but without trying to shout so that they can _______ (10) you.

(七 )


Reading is the bridge to language success , but it’s hard for us to read as much as we

, both teachers and students are thinking more about reading now .It’s well that reading is one of the most important of information input ,especially for the students who learn English as the or a foreign language .

Language learning without enough reading can’t meet the need for one’s study .Only by

reading more , students can think in a better way ,and improve in listening ,speaking , and writing. So if you want to learn English well, please do more reading and remember “ more input brings more output ”.


Every morning Henry to work by train . As he has a long way to go , he always a newspaper to make the time pass more quickly . One Tuesday morning he turned t the sport page . He wanted to read an important match . The sport was so that he forgot the train . He got off at the next station and had to take a long time for a back train .

Of course , he arrived late at the office .His boss very angry when he told him why he was not on time .

“Work is more interesting than football !” The boss shouted.


My name’s Crystal. I have

so many chores today. I have to do my homework,


course , I started about an hour ago, but I haven’t finished yet . Then I have to take the dog for a walk and water the . Yesterday my grandfather came to chat with me .He loves and I love listening to him , he told me that he did chores when he was a kid .He got up at 5 am. to chop wood and light the fire for breakfast .Then he collected water from the well and fed the animals . He lived on a farm with his family .He always felt because of the hard work .


Christmas Day , for me is always the happiest day of the year .

Last Christmas Day, I woke up early because I was so .I ran to my door and then

downstairs. There , under the Christmas Tree , was a big present . I hoped it was for me .

I looked down at the present . Some words on it . “To Derek ! From Santa Claus”.It

was mother’s handwriting . What was in it ? I wanted to open it at once . But dad said , “No hurry , Your mother yet .”

At last I opened the present and found it was a train set . It was the best present I had received .

Now I with the train set and I hope my parents me a new computer next

year .


Dear Mary : Thank you for showing me around your homeland . What a beautiful place your hometown

is ! Nice environment and clean air made me very .And the people in your hometown are very friendly. I could have a small talk with them anytime. They even me to their houses . Also ,the pandas are my favorite .I many photos with them.What’s more ,the temperature

was quite nice ,neither too hot nor too cold . I have had a wonderful time here . another chance to come here .


During the past three days we many places of interest around Sydney . I’ more time here , but we to another city , Cairns , to see coral reefs tomorrow .It is said words cannot describe the beauty of the colorful corals .Many cartoon films there .Now we are busy our bags so that we will not lose time when we leave .We can enjoy ourselves in Cairns tomorrow.



I had an unusual experience .My cousin had a new car . He promised that he would take me for a drive .Oh , I couldn’t wait . Last weekend , both of us were free .So , we decided to go to the countryside in his car . While my cousin was driving fast , we had an exciting time jokes with one another .And he drove so fast that he stop it . When we saw a large car in front of us,

it was too .Our car hit the truck terribly. Luckily, the truck was empty and nobody was .What a big we learned from this accident.


Tom likes up old cars. He has one very old black car. It “ Miss Lizzy ” .Last week , he worked on it for a long time and it looked like a new one . The next day , he it to school .Many students came to see his car and asked,: “Could you please me a ride ?” Tom was every pleased. He decided to take his car to a car show . He thought,”Miss Lizzy is the best car in the show and it the first prize .

1、2、3、 4、 5、

6、7、8、 9、 10、

( 十一 )


The students were having their chemistry class . Miss Li the children what water was like .After that , she asked her students , “What’s water ?”

No one spoke for a few minutes . Miss Li asked again , “ Why don’t you my question ? Didn’t I tell you what water is like ?”

Just then a boy up his hand and said ,”Miss Li , you told us that water has no color and no smell .But where such kind of water ?The water in the river behind my house is always black and it has a bad smell .” Most of the children agreed with him.

“ I’m sorry ,children.” said the teacher , “ our water is getting than before .That’s a problem .”


Mr. Smith works in a factory. He likes his work very much .Mrs.Smith doesn’ at home to cook for him . Every day he can have dinner after he comes home from work.

One day , Mr. Smith home very late because he was much in the factory. He was very hungry .But dinner wasn’t ready . He was very angry with his wife .He said to her , “ I in a restaurant .”

“Wait for 10 minutes ,”said his wife .

“ Why ? Do you think dinner in ten minutes ?” asked Mr. Smith .

“No, of course not ,”she said , “ But I can be ready to go with you in ten minutes. ”



Sixteen years ago,a boy _________ me an important gift. It was a smile.

It was my first year in a middle school.No one knew me well.I was afraid _________ with anyone.

One day, some of my classmates were talking and laughing happily while I was sitting alone in a corner. A boy entered the classroom.He looked cool and bright.As soon as he passed me,he turned back

and a smile could _________ on his face. He smiled at me! I suddenly felt something friendly and cheerful. Just at that moment,I felt I wasn’t alone any longer!

A long time after that, I asked the boy why he smiled at me,but he couldn’t remember it at all!

It doesn’t matter,because the dark days ___________ already. Just remember,smile at the world and it ___________ back at you!


Old Henry is very stingy*(吝啬的). He hated __________ money, even on the _________things.

One day,he _______ a bad toothache. The dentist told him that the bad tooht must __________ out at once.He had to wait for 20 minutes and pay for 50 dollars.

“That’s too expensive for such a short time!”

At last, the doctor had to spend 40 minutes and Henry paid 40 dollars.


’s a little longer, but I _________ 10 dollars!”Henry said to himself.


My mother is very kind and easygoing. She helps me a lot. I __________ good care of in my daily life.When I am in trouble, she always __________ me to face my difficulties. I still rememer that once I _______ with my best friend. My mother talked with me the whole night and finally helped me solve the problem. With her help, I _________ a top student in my class already. I believe she _________ proud of me in the near future.



A. 选择方框中的单词完成短文。

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, more and more land was used college buildings.The town grew much in the nineteenth century after the opening of the railway in 1845.Cambgridge(剑桥)

became a in 1951 and now it has a population of over 100,000.Many young students in other

countries to study at Cambridge. of people from all over the world come to visit the

university town. It has become a famous place all around the world.


I come from Russia. I to London six months ago to learn English. I ( not ) many

English people yet, only my teachers. I started learning English at school in Russia when I was eleven, so I have been

learning it for nearly ten years. At first in London, I didn’t understand anything, but I studied hard

my English. I have just taken an exam. When I , I will move into the next class. I’m

excited today because my parents are coming tomorrow to stay with me for a long days and I haven’t seen them for a

long time. They ( not ) English.



Do you like tea ? Tea

becoming the most popular drink all over the world. In China, when you

visit someone, the host will bring you a cup of good to show welcome. The

people to drink tea were Chinese. And people in Europe first learned to grow and drink tea

a book in Italy in 1599. Fifty years later, the first ship of tea from China Holland.


One night, a 5-year-old son by his mother about God. “ Do you know that God where everybody is , and exactly what they are doing. So if you do something wrong, he angry.” The

little boy at his mother and said,“Wow, he must a computer.”The mother

embarrassed at last.

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