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1 call sb at+号码 2 Let sb do sth

3 like doing sth like to do sth

Love doing sth love to do sth 4 have fun doing sth have a good time doing sth 5 enjoy doing sth 6 how/what about doing sth 7 help sb (to) do sth 8 be strict with sb 9 thanks for doing sth thank you for doing sth 10 want to do sth would like to do sth

11 decide to do sth 12 a good place to do sth 13 watch sb do sth 14 make sb do sth

15 find sb doing sth 16 look at sb doing sth

17 It’s time to do sth 18 be good with sb

19 be from/come from 20 have a job for sb as a… 21 be like/look like 22 stop doing/to do sth

23 do some reading 24 study for a test

25 go for a walk 26 show sb sth/show sth to sb 27 have to do sth 28 teach sb(me /us /him /her…)English

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