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新八年上Unit 5Section A2选择

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( )1.—What does he think of English Today?---_________.

A.He loves it B.He can see it.

C.He doesn’t see it. D.That’s all right.

( )2.I want to travel _______the world.

A.around B.over C.on D.for

( )3.Tony and I are good friends. We usually learn a lot _______each other,

A.of B.from C.across D.with

( )4.When I hear themusic.I ________the TV show Weather Forcast. A,think about B.think of C.think over D.don’t mind

( )5.It’s too hot.Would you mind my _______the window?

---_______.Do it as you like ,please.

A.to open; OK B.opening;Certainly not

C.opening;Of course D.open; Good idea

( )6.It’s raining here.But I don’t mind __________here.

A.staying B.to staying C.stay D,to stay

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