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2.The plan _____________(give) up because of rain.

3.If it __________(not rain) tomorrow, we ____________(go )fishing.

8.She _________(not go) to bed until she _______(finish) her work.

9.Light ___________(travel )much faster than sound.

12.I_________(be) afraid Mr Johnson __________(not visit) out school tomorrow.

15.We __________(see) several members of the family since we ________(arrive)

16.I found that the students _________(play) football on the playground.

20.Three children _____________(take) good care by the nurse.

21.Some children ___________(take ) good care by the nurse.

22.Some new houses _________(build) by the villagers themselves.

23.What language ________(speak) in Australia?

24.The colour TV _________(buy) in that shop three days ago..

28.We are in Grade One this year, so we _________(teach ) physics next year.

29.“Where _________(be) you last night?”“I_________(ask) to help Tom at home”.

32.When we reached the town, it _______(get) dark.

33.We ________(have) lunch when suddenly someone knocked at the door.

36.You ________(watch) TV after supper, aren’t you?

39.Can you tell me if it _________(snow) tomorrow?

41.He said the lights in the room _________(go) out when he opened the door.

43.Tom, your aunt _______(come) this afternoon .

44.My teacher often _________(tell) us not to play on the street.

45.They________(plant) trees on the hill. Do you see?

46.The teacher said that the earth ________(move) round the sun.

48.The Great Wall _________(know) all over the world.

53.It ________(get) dark. What about ________(go) home at once?

56.Look!Someone ________(lie) on the floor.

57.It __________(rain) harder now. It ________(rain) quite often in summer.

60.“Where ________(be) you this time yesterday?”

“I________(be) at home. I _______(go) over my lessons then.”

1、Your ideas are difficult, but they are____________(fascinate).

2、Look! She__________(dance) with an old man.

3、Jim said he__________(work) in that factory since 1990.

4、 He ______ down and began to read his newspaper. (sit)

5、 English _____(teach) in this school since 1978.

6、I used to ______ (get) up early, but I am used to ________ (go) to bed late..


3. ----- You will come to have dinner with us, won’t you? _________

A. Excuse me, I won’t. B. I haven’t been there.

C. You are welcome. D. Yes. That’s very nice of you.

5. You don’t have to go school on Sundays, _____________ you?

A. have B. do C. should D. would

6. I don’t think he had his supper at the school, _____________?

A. had he B. did he C. do I D. don’t you

7.I don’t think he would like to take such a difficult job, __________?

A. had he B. would he C. do I D. don’t you

8. I don’t think her book is gone, __________?

A. is it B. has she C. do I D. don’t you

10. All the drivers dislike driving on the narrow roads ________________?

A. do they B. don’t each of them C. do I D. don’t you

11. Let’s go and have a walk,___________?

A. do I B. shall we C. haven’t we D. shan’t we

12. Go and fetch a chair for him, ___________?

A. don’t you B. shall you C. won’t you D. will you

15. I had to tell the truth, __________?

A. hadn’t I B. wouldn’t I C. didn’t I D. shouldn’t I

17, He would like to have a look at your picture,_________-he ?

A. hadn’t B. didn’t C .couldn’t D .wouldn’t

18. You don’t think he will come,_________?

A. do you B. will you C. will he D. won’t he

20. Jack had dinner with his mother at home yesterday,

A. did B. does C. didn’t D. hadn’t

26. Jack seldom goes to the park, _______________?

A. does he B. doesn’t he C. does Jack D. doesn’t Jack

29. She is going to see you ,_________ she ?

A. isn’t B. is C. don’t D. doesn’t

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