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1.I study math by ___ lots of exercises . A. doing B. did C. do D. does

2.Children often make mistakes A for B in C on D at

3. too much is bad for your health. A . Eating B. Eat C. To eating D. Eating 4. He often practice with his teacher. A. running B. runs C. run D. to run 5. He doesn’t know where A. goes B. go C. to go D. Going 6.Why an English-language club?

A. don’t join B. not joinsC .don’t you joining D. not join basketball. A. Playing B. to play C. plays D.played 8.The teacher was very angry me. A. with B. to C. of D. in 9.What about to tapes?

A. to listen B. listen C. Listening D. Listens

10.I don’tknow this word. I must in the dictionary.

A. look up it B. look them up C. look up them D. look it up 11.She lives ______, but she doesn’t feel ____。

A. alone; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; lonely D. lonely; alone 12.He went to see the man who was in hospital yesterday. A. So did we B. So we did C. We did so D. Did so we 13.Mr. Johnson has given up ________.

A. smoke B. smoked C. to smoke D. Smoking 14.I had a little trouble A. learn B. learned C. learning D. to learn 15.All of us were at the news.

A.frustrating,frustrating B.frustrating, frustrated C. frustrated, frustrating D. frustrated, frustrated 16 . I lost the way? I’m new here.

A. What if B. As if C. How if D. When if 17.What heavy rain!I’d rather than A. go out, stay at home B. staying at home, going at C .go out , to stay at home D. stay at home, go out 18. We will have a holiday after the exam.

A. two month B. two—month C. Two month’s D. two—months 19. My father an English teacher.

A. used to B. is used to C. used to be D. was used to be 20.I always go to sleep the light A in , on B. with, on C. and , in D. and, with seems that he is not going to be back. A. That B. He C. She D. It 22.I spent half an hour my homework. A. finish doing B. finishing doing C. to finish doing D. finishing to do

23.I’m to choose my own lifestyle(生活方式) .A. young enough B. enough young 24.I have an opportunity C. enough old D. old enough A.discuss

C.todiscuss D. discusses part-time jobs after school. A. having B. to have C. had D. to having 26.There are people in the supermarket.

A.million of B,millions of C two millions D a million of 27.If I you, I would help him. A am B were C was D are

28.Students may concentrate more their studies than clothes. A. to B. with C. on D. in

29. present 30.We should learn a lot B. On our vacations C. From are too short. A. in B. from each other. D. For D. To

( ) 6. The size of most American families is _______ that of other countries。A. larger than B. smaller than C. as big as D. as small as

( ) 7. When children grow up , they leave their parents’ home to _________ A Get married B. be free C find good jobs D. study ( ) 8. They visit their parents _______ A.on weekdays B. on weekends C. at any time D. on holiday

( ) 9. Which of the following statements is WRONG ? A. Children have the freedom to choose their own job . B. Parents don’t ask their children to do the housework .

C. Parents think it important for children to make their own decisions . D. When children grow up , they usually live far away from their home .

( ) 10. Some parents pay their children for doing housework because 1

A. children can learn how to make money for themselves B. their children required them to do so C. they are rich D. it is required by law. (5)Let’s look forward to the final



五,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空(10分) 1、 That old man looks kind and (friend). 2、 I think reading is very (help).

3. 4.

5. Her (speak) English is not good, so she tries to practice speaking English. 6. He has not passed his driving test ,he is only a (learn) 7. There are two (knife) on your desk.

8. It is very important to make a correct 9.If I were hurt ,I would get (medicine) help. 10.He thinks this is his 六,动词考查(15分)

A)用所给动词的适当形式填空(10分) 1.I don not know 2.I am terrified of (be) alone.

3.My father (get) angry. 5.The boy seems 6.Does he need (clean) the floor now?

7.I want to get my ears 8.My father read a newspaper before 9.She is too nervous 10.If I were you,I (stay ) at home. 2.Playing computer games can 3.My math is not good ,so my parents want me to 4.Mary singing because she wants to be a singer in the future. 5.Please smoking ,It is really bad for you. 七.句型转换。(10分)

对画线部分提问) You study? 2.I used to wear jeans at home.(改为否定句 I to wear jeans at home. 3..Parents should allow children to have free time..

Children should to have free time.(被动语态) 对画线部分提问) Is he ? 5.I think you are right.( 改为否定句 I think you right.


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