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冀教版英语八年级下册Lesson18 Brandy hates cats

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Lesson18 Brandy hates cats
Knowledge points: 1. Family \house \home 2.My family has a dog named Brandy. 3.He was talking to my mom.He wasn’t watching the hamburgers.

4.I can’t remember what we had for supper that night. 5.That’s why we take Brandy for a walk everyday. 6.throw sth to \ at sb 7.chase =run behind\ after 8. sow down 9.branches 10.be scared\ afraid of… , be scared \ afraid to do…

11.take a walk 散步 go for a walk 去散步

? Retelling; ? I’m Mike.I have a dog named Brandy.One time,when my dad was cooking some hamburgers for supper,Brandy ate some hamburgers.I can’t remember what we ate that night.Pets need lots of love,you need to look after it carefully.Brandy isn’t a fierce animal. She is scared of everything .So we should give him a gentle friend.

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