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1.a few,few,a little,little

a few和few修饰可数名词,a little和little修饰不可数名词;a few和a little表示肯定意义,few和little表示否定意义。如:

1) _______ people will agree to the plan because it‘s too dangerous.

2)This text is easy to understand because there are _____ new words in it.

3)There is ____ water left in glass. Will you please give me some?

4)Don‘t worry, we have _____time left.

5)The man is living here for many years, so he has friends.

6)I am a new comer here, so I have friends here.

7).You have to hurry to school, there‘s _______ time left.

8)He has friends here, he feels lonely. 9)I'm going to buy bananas.

more difficult than that one.

1. ---How far is it from here? ---Only ____________ kilometers.

2. ---Do you speak Chinese? --- Only ______________.

3. She feels lonely, because she has __________ friends to talk with.

4. There is __________ milk in the fridge, let‘s go and buy some.

5. Hurry up, there is only ___________ time for us.

another, other, the other, others, the others

1. ---Lucy, would you like ____________ cake? ---No, thank you, I‘m very full.

2. ---I don‘t like this pen. Can you show _________ pen, please? ---Of course.

3. He will be back in __________ ten days.

4. The three children enjoy playing with one ___________. / each __________.

5. ---Do you have any __________ questions? --- No.

6. Some are carrying waters, some are digging holes and __________ are watering the trees.

7. They have two children, one is a daughter, ____________ is a son.

8. I have got ten pencils. Two of them are red, ______________ are blue.

1.The shoes are very nice . but I think the size is ____small for you .

A.a few B.a little C.a bit of D.few

2. My father has many books, but he has_____ English books.

A. little B. a little C. few D. a few Answer

3. The twins can speak only ___ French.

A. a few B. few C. little D. a little Answer

( ) 4. This is a very old song, so _________ young people know it.

a. few b. little c. a few d. a little

( ) 5 . There aren‘t many oranges here, but you can take _________ if you want to.

a. few b. a few c. a little d. little

( ) 6. Shanghai Waihuan Tunnel(隧道) is already open to traffic, so it will take us ___________

time to go to Pudong International Airport.

a. a few b. fewer c. a little d. less

( ) 7.To keep healthy, you should eat _______ fast food, _______ fresh vegetables and take enough exercise

a. fewer/ fewer b. less/ more c. fewer/ more d. less/ less

( )8.Can we do our work better with _________ money and ______ people?

a. less/ few b. less/ fewer c. little/ less d. few/ less

( ) 9.No one knows why he has _______ words than before.

a. little b. less c. fewer d. much

( ) 10.Although we have raised (募集)1000 yuan, we still find it is ______ than we need to buy a computer for little Jimmy.

a. too less b. far less c. very less d. too little.

( ) 11.This book is ____ expensive than that one.

a. less b. a lot c. even d. much

( ) 12.Supermarkets are necessary. People usually spend_____ time finding things they want, but

they usually spend _____ money than they want.

a. less/ less b. less/ more c. fewer/ less d. fewer/ more

( ) 13. There is _____ milk in the fridge, so we ?ll go to the supermarket and buy some. a. little b. a little c. few d. a few

( ) 14. There are only _____ students in the classroom. Where are the others?

a. a few b. few c. a little d. little

( ) 15. These days ___ young people like listening to the music with their mp4

A, a few b a little c. quite a few d. quite a little

( )16. Paul has made a lot of kites, but ____ can fly in the sky.

a. little b. a little c. few d. a few

I. some, any

1. There aren‘t ___________ students in the classroom.

2. Look! ___________ boys are playing football.

3. ---Would you like _________ coffee? --- Yes, please.

4. Shanghai is bigger than ________ other city in China.

II. many, much

1. How ____________ bottles of water do you need?

2. He never eats so ___________ breakfast.

3. He has got too ___________ work to do.

V. both, all

1. _________ she and I are students.

2. There are some plans, __________ of them are good.

3. Jim, Lucy and Lily ________ agree to stay here.

4. There are trees on _________ sides of the street.

V. each, every

1. There are trees on _________ side of the street.

2. ____________ student in Class 5 passed the exam.

3. __________ of us wears a yellow T-shirt.

4. We ___________ wear a yellow T-shirt.

VI. somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody, every one, no one, something, anything, nothing, everything

1. ---Do you have __________ special to tell me today? ---No, __________ special.

2. Listen to me, I have ____________ important to tell you.




6. ____________ is here, aren‘t they? _____________ is ready, isn‘t it? We need one more helper. Can you find ___________ else? I would like ____________ to be happy.

7. I have kept _______________ of her letters.

8. --- Who is in still in your classroom? ---___________.

9. I can‘t find my new pen ,maybe _____________ stole it just now.

10. ---Is there ___________ singing in the room? ---No, it‘s Polly.

VII. it, one, that

1. The book is mine. _________ is very interesting.

2. ---Who has a pen? --- I think Lucy has _________.

3. The weather in Beijing is colder than ___________ in Guangzhou in winter.

4. ---Who‘s _________ speaking? --- This is Michael speaking.


( )1.You may come to my house ____ this week ____ next week.

A .neither; or B .from; to C .either; or D. either; nor

( )2.I don't think we can do it all ____.

A. by ourselves B. by myself C. by ourself D .by yourselves

( )3.I don't want this shirt. Please show me ____.

A .others B .the others C .another D .the other

( )6. We study Chinese, English , maths and some subjects.

A .the other B. one C .other D .another

( )7.I have two sisters. of them are doctors.

A. Both B. All C .Either D. Neither

( )9. "Don't worry . There's much wrong with you." said the doctor.

A. nothing B .everything C. something D .very

( )10.These shoes are too small. You may buy some ____ shoes.

A .another B .other C .the .others D. others

( )13.Betty and John have come back , but ____ students in the class aren't here yet.

A. the other B others C. another D. the others

( )15.She stayed there longer than ____.

A. anyone B .anything else C. anybody D .anybody else

( )22. Mother often sees on Sunday .

A. her all friends B. all her friend C. her friends D. her all friend.

( )23.When you see Tom and his sister , tell that mother is waiting at the gate.

A. his ;his B. her; hers C. them ; their D. his ; her

( )24.He wants you to talk about China.

A .anything B .nothing C. thing D .something

( )25.Granny seems ill . Are you sure it's ?

A .nothing serious B. anything serious C. serious nothing D. serious anything

( ) 73We ____ at the party last Sunday.

A. enjoyed myself B. enjoyed ourselves

C. enjoy myself D. enjoyed ourself

( ) 75 Let Tony do it by____. He is no longer a kid

A. him B. his C. himself D. he

( ) 76 You are twelve now. ___ must look after___.

A. You; yourself B. Your; yourself C. You; your D. You're; yourself

( )77 She and her mother enjoyed ___ at the party.

A. her B. them C. herself D. themselves

( )81.This blue suit looks better than the green ____.

A. / B. one C. suits D. ones

( ) 84 He has one blue pen and two red____.

A. one's B. those C. one D. ones

( ) 85 Is this story as interesting as__

A. the one B. some ones C. that one D. one

( ) 90 The boy runs faster than_______ in his class.,

A. any of the boy B. any boys C. any other boy D. all the boys

( ) 91 Tom is stronger than ___ in his class.

A. any students B. other student C. any other student D. any other students

( ) 92 There is not ___ meat in my bowl. There is ____ chicken in it.

A. some; any B. any; some C. any; any D. some; some

( ) 95 Could you do___ for me, please?

A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything

( ) 96 The bottle is empty. There is___ in it.

A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

( ) 97-Turn off the TV, Betty. ____ is watching it.

-Oh, no. Mum. I'm watching it now.

A. somebody B. Nobody C. Everybody D. Anybody

( ) 98 -Did you find ___ in the room?

-No, we found ___ there.

A. anybody; nobody B. somebody; everybody

C. anybody; somebody D. everybody; anybody

( ) 99 I have a lot of work to do. 1 have___ time to play.

A. not B. any C. no D. some

1.—You look so happy!

----Jack says I am pretty. __ has ever told me that before.

A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Everybody D. Nobody

4. ----Would you like some milk?

---Yes, just__.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

6.---There is _ in the tree. What‘s it?

---Can‘t you see it‘s a cat?

A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

7.----Do you want _ cake?

---Yes, I usually eat a lot when I‘m hungry.

A. other B. others C. another D. the other

8.Take it easy. There‘s still _ time left.

A. little B. a little C. few D .a few

9.----Who broke the window.

---___. A strong wind broke it last night.

A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody

10.There are many big shops on __ side of the street.

A. all B. both C. any D. either

11.---Can you come and give us a talk on Thursday or Friday?

---I‘m afraid __ day is possible.

A. either B. neither C. every D. any

12.How many students wrote the same thing on _ sides of the piece of paper?

A. each B. neither C. all D. both

13. I have five color pencils. One is red,__ is blue and __ are green.

A. another; the other B. the other; others

C. others; the others D. another; the others

14.---How about the movie you saw yesterday?

---Some people think it‘s boring. __ think it‘s exciting.

A. others B. other C. each D. another

.— The story is so amazing ! It‘s the most exciting story。 I‘ve ever read.

— But perhaps it won‘t be liked by .

A.everybody B.somebody C.anybody D.nobody

3.— Are these chairs enough for your group ?

— No. We need five chairs.

A.other B.some C.another D.others

4.— Would you like some salad ?

— Yes, please. It‘s my favourite. I think is more delicious than salad.

A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything

7.— Did you hear ?

— Yes. It‘s terrible

A.something special

C.something usual B.anything special D.anything usual

8.— What do you think of this exam ?

— It is easy, but I don‘t think can pass it.

A.somebody B.anything C.everybody

9.— It‘s very hot. Would you like to drink ?

— Yes, please. Thank you.

A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything — Have you finished your work yet ?

— No, not yet. I think it‘ll take ten minutes.

A.another B.other C.others

— How many people can you see in the room?

— . D.more D.nobody

A.Everybody B.Somebody C.None D.Anybody — Are you ready for the meeting tomorrow ?

— Yes. goes on quite well.

A.Nothing B.Something

— How long will you stay in Wuhan ?

— Perhaps for ten days.

A.other B.others

— When shall we meet again ? C.another D.some C.Anything D.Everything

— Make it day you like. It‘s all the same to me.

A.other B.any C.the other

— What do you think of your new classmates ?

— Most of them are kind, but is so good to me as Linda.

A.no one B.none C.every one D.another D.someone — Mr Li is ill in hospital. When shall we go to see him ?

— day of this week is OK. But the sooner the better.

A.All B.Any C.Either D.Every — Is there interesting on TV tonight ?

— I‘m afraid not.

A.anything B.something C.everything D.nothing

( )8. ---Do you believe ___________ you read in the newspaper? ---No, only some of them.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

( )9.I bought two books today. One is in my hand, ________ is in my bag.

A.the other B.other C.others D.another

( )10.There is ___________ with my watch. It doesn‘t work.

A.wrong something B. anything wrong C.something wrong D.wrong nothing

( )13.All the students have gone out. There is __________ in the classroom.

A.somebody B.anybody C.everybody D.nobody

( )14.There are many children in the park. Some are singsing, ________are climbing the hill.

A.othe B.the other C.another D.others

( )15.This question is so difficult that __________ students can answer it.

A.few B. a few C.a little D.little

( )18.Hurry up, there is only _______ time left.

A.a little B.little C.a few D. few

( )19. She has four daughters. One is a doctor, but ____ are workers.

A. another B. other C. the others D. the other

( )20. I asked her if she know ____ .

A. all them B. them all C. them of all D. every them

38. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook__________for me during my stay in Canada.

A. something different B. anything different C. noting different

--- How is Helen in the new school?-- She is doing very well. There is ______ to worry about.

A.something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

When the Greens moved into the house last week, _____ was at sixes and sevens, so they did a big


A. something B. everything C. anything D. n

—Have you bought _____ for Linda‘s birthday?—Not exactly. Just some flowers

A. something unusual B. anything unusual C. unusual something D. unusual


15【2012江苏南京】2. I think _____ can make Andy change his mind. He is such a person who never gives up easily.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

16【2012江苏苏州】4. — Could we see each other at 9 o‘clock tomorrow morning?— Sorry, let‘s make it ______ time.

A. other‘s B. the other C. another D. other

. She got up to get some sleeping pills but found there was _____ left at home.

A. nothing B. none C. something D. nobody 18【2012江苏宿迁】11. —Jack, is there _____ in today‘s newspaper?—No, nothing.

A. anything important B. something important C. important anything D. important something

19【2012江苏徐州】7. — How many birds can you see in the tree?—_____ . All the birds have flown away.

A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. A few

It‘s easy to find a good hotel in our city because we have _______ of them here.

A. none B. few C. many D. each

______ went hiking last weekend because of the bad weather.

A. Someone B. No one C. Everyone D. Nothing

. As volunteers, they should do ______to help the children in trouble.

A. nothing B. anybody C. something D. somebody

There are many flowers and trees on ______sides of the Century Road.

A. each B. every C. both D. all

Lily and her sister look the same. I can't tell one from_______.

A.other B.another C. the other D. others

—Can I help you, boy?

—Yes. There is ______ wrong with my bike.

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

33【2012山东泰安】22.Lincoln came from nothing,yet he did________ that changed the world.

A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything

( ) 28. —Where would you like to go on vacation, Lily?[www.z^z%~s@tep#.com]

—It‘s hot here. I‘d like to go ________.

A. anywhere cool B. cool somewhere C. somewhere cool

37【2012四川雅安市】14. I hope I can find ____for my son in the shop.

A. good something B. something good C. many thing D. good anything 40【2012重庆市】30. There must be _______ wrong with the clock. It doesn‘t work.

A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything . —What else do you need for your trip?

— _____else. I‘ve packed everything.

A. Something B. Everything C. Nothing

45【2012山东·东营市】28. – What‘s on_____side of the hill, mum?--A big lake.

A. other B. others C. another D. the other Please keep quiet, everybody! I have important to tell you. A. nothing B. something C. everything

25. I have two brothers. One is a teacher, _________ is a doctor.

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

—What do you think of the two backpacks? —______ of them are very nice.

A. Either B. Both C. Each D. All

-How did your uncle learn to play the guitar?

-By .

A. myself B. yourself C. herself D. himself . The banana pie tastes delicious. Could I have another______?

A. one B. it C. this D. that

Work hard at English. _____ is difficult if you put your heart into it.

A. Anything B. Something C. Nothing

We have two foreign teachers here. One is from England, and ______ is from America.

A. anotherB. the otherC. otherD. the others

. A foreign visitor is coming to visit our new house this evening. My mother will offer him _______ to eat.

A. anything delicious B. something real Chinese C. something Japanese food D. delicious something


-- I'm hungry, is there any bread in the fridge?

--______but we have cakes. Would you like to have one?

A. Some B. Much C. None D. Nothing

( )1. How dangerous! She was driving the car with one hand and holding an ice cream with ____. A. the other B. another C. others D. other Is there _________ in today’s newspaper?

A. special something B. special anything. C. something special D. anything special I have two cats. One is black, and ______ is white.

A. anotherB. someC. otherD. the other

—Who helped Jessie with her English?—_________, she taught herself.

A. Anybody B. Somebody C. Nobody D. Everybody

_______is difficult if you put your heart into it.

A. Something B. Everything C. Anything D. Nothing

—Who helped you clean the room yesterday afternoon?

—:_. I cleaned it all by myself.

A, Everybody B. Somebody C. Nobody

Peter tried on three jackets, but _______ of them fitted him.

A. all B. both C. none D. neither

— Can you cook by____?

— Yes, I can cook well

A. you B. yours C .yourself

All of us find _ necessary to take exercise every day.

A. this B. that C. them D. it

—Help___to some fruits.

—Thank you .

A. yourself B. your C. You

—Can you speak English, Mr Wang? —Yes, but only___

A. little B. a little C. a lot

.Your computer doesn’t work now, is there ________ with it?

A. wrong something B. something wrong C. wrong anything D. anything wrong

David is new here, so we know_________ about him.

A. nothing B. something C. anything Nobody teaches me English. I learn it all by______.

A. I B. my C. myself D. me _______ may have a chance to be successful if he tries his best.

A. Somebody B. Everybody C. Nobody D. None Do you have enough students to clean the laboratory?

--No, I think we need____________ students. A. another B. two others C. more two D. two more —Who teaches _______painting?

—Nobody, I teach _______.

A. your; mine B. your; my C. you; myself D. you; me

I knocked on the door but ____ answered.

A. somebody B. nobody C. anybody D. everybody There's wrong with the camera. Look! It works well. A. something B. nothing C. everything

enough用作副同,充当形容词或副词修饰语,但必须后置。 他走得够慢的了。 He walks

这本书很容易,我足可读懂。 This book is for me . 你已到上学的年龄了。

You're to do to school.


He spoke for everyone .

adj.+enough +(for sb) to do sth.与so…that转换

1.He is so tall that he can reach it.

=He is _____ _____ ____reach it.

2.The box is so heavy that I can’t cary it.

=The box isn’t _____ _____ for me _____ ____.



There are for them all.


I have



That's enough.那就够了。

(1) That’s enough.. Thank you. 够了,谢谢。 (2) Five is enough. 五个够了。 (3) Will 12 apples be enough? 十二个苹果够不够?

1.-Mum, I think I'm ________ to get back to school.

-Not really, my dear. You'd better stay at home for another day or two. (Key:C)

A. so well

B. so good

C. well enough

D. good enough

2. If I had ________, I'd visit Europe stopping at all the small interesting places. (Key:A)

A. a long enough holiday

B. an enough long holiday

C. a holiday enough long

D. a long holiday enough

Look for, find,find out(有目的性的去找出,查找,弄清楚等)

1)look for意为“寻找”,是有目的地找,强调“寻找”这一动作。如:

—What are you looking for?


—I'm looking for my bike.


2)find意为“找到”“发现”,强调“找”的结果,其宾语往往是某个丢失的东西或人。如: —Did you find Li Ming yesterday?


—No,we looked for him everywhere,but didn't find him.


3)find out着重表示通过理解、分析、思考、询问等“弄清楚”“查明”一件事情,其后的宾语常常是某个情况、事实。如:

Please find out when the train leaves.


I found out the answer to the question.

Please find out when the train starts.

1. 最后,我在床底下找到了那本书。

I ________________ under the bed in the end.

2. 我爸爸正到处找他的护照。

My father ________________ his passport everywhere.

3. 我们必须查明真相。

We must ________________.


1. I‘m looking for my pen.

2. He can‘t find his watch.

3. I find it difficult to learn English well.

4. Please find out the answer to the question.

5. Do you find out why Tom was late?

arrive / reach/ get

arrive, reach, get to 均有―到达‖之意,意义基本相同,但arrive(in)/(at) 与reach, 是正式用语,get to 是通俗用词,常用于口语。

arrive 是不及物动词,表到达什么地点时,后面应接介词in或at, 一般说,到达一个大地方常用in, 到达较小的地方常用at, 但这不绝对的。(与地点副词连用时当然不用任何介词词)如:

1)He Beijing yesterday.

2)He our school last week.

3)When did he _______here?

reach 是及物动词,后面直接跟表地点的名词。如:

When does the train get to 只是较口语化。接地点副词时不用to. 如:

1)He the shop at 5:00 o‘clock this afternoon. 2)I home late yesterday.

After the train had left, they reached the station

We reached the top of the mountain at last. When the students got to the cinema, the film had begun.

My sister was cooking when mother got home.

3) arrive是不及物动词,表示到达一个小地方时,用arrive at, 到达一个大地方时用arrive in。

The soldiers arrived at a small village

The foreigners will arrive in Shanghai tomorrow. ,because/ because of

because 是连词,后接句子, 是主句的直接原因,常用来回答由why 引导的特殊疑问句。如:

he is ill, he is not here today. 因为他病了,所以今天没来。

.because of 是复合介词,后接名词或代词,相当于名词词组。如:

He can‘t come 他生病了,所以没来。




1) 那个小女孩在那儿又哭又叫。


























feel,feel like





















You maybe feel lucky that your life isn‘t as the people in Guizhou. Work ______,and you‘ll pass the exam.

I can ______ answer the question.

My brother studies ______ than I .

Math is so _____that I don‘t like it.

My father ______drinks milk.

---Do you play sports every day?


for our country.我们必须为祖国努力学习。 It yesterday.昨天雨下得很大。

2) hardly adv. ―简直不‖、―几乎不‖,在句中起否定作用。 I could at that time.那时我几乎不会写字。

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