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新课标八年级英语上册unit 1重点句子解析

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2) try v./ n. 尝试;设法;努力


(1) try to do sth努力做某事,试图做某事。

(2) try doing sth试着做某事。

(3) try/do one’s best to do sth尽某人的全力做某事。

(4) have a try试一试

3)enough adj.足够的,充足的,充分的


enough money 足够的钱

old enough足够大

16.Tony decided _____(visit)the Great Wall.


1) I felt like I was a bird. 我感觉我是一只鸟。

feel like感觉像,用法如下:

(1) feel like+名词,意为“觉得好像……“

(2) feel like + doing,意为“想做……“

(3) feel like +从句,意为“觉得好像是……“

2) I wonder what life was like here in the past. 我想知道过去这儿的生活是什么样子的。


(2)wonder 后还可接that引导的宾语从句、不定式短语。

(3)wonder后接if或whether 引导的宾语从句时,表示一种委婉的请求或疑问。

16.Tony decided _____(visit)the Great Wall.

3)And because of the bad weather, we could’t see anything below. 因为天气不好,我们看不到下面的任何动词。

because of和 because 的用法:

(1) because of为介词短语,后接名词、动名词或代词等,不能接从句。

(2) because为连词,用于引导原因状语从句和回答why引导的问句。 巩固练习

一. 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词

1. There are many d_________ between English names and Chinese names.

2. The radio says it will rain later, and you should take an u__________with you.

3. I don’t have e_________ monery. Can you lend me some?

4. We should t_________to help people in trouble.

5. I w________ if you can give me a hand.

6. They have to stay at home b_______of the bad weather.

16.Tony decided _____(visit)the Great Wall.

7. Mary d_________to help her mother do housework on weekends.

8. We saw many tall b________ in the town.

9. Don’t let him w_________ for us too long.

10. Because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything b _______. 二.

11.—I can’t understand what the teacher said in English class.

---You should ______to do listening practice

12.---.Last week,we went to the beach with my brother

---Did you ____there?

13.---Why didn’t you go for the picnic?

---_____the bad weather.

14.How are you feeling now?

16.Tony decided _____(visit)the Great Wall.

---I ___better.

15.---English names _____Chinese names. 三.


16.Tony decided _____(visit)the Great Wall.

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