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the cradle of Chinese Civilization
On this amazing land, great civilization had been created, ranging back in time to the Peiligang culture(裴李岗文 化 )(dating back to 8000 years), Yangshao culture (6000 years) and Longshan culture ( 5000 years). And Xinzheng city is the native place of Yellow Emperor.

Henan has three of China's seven ancient capitals ,namely: the ancient capital of the Shang Dynasty in Anyang, Luoyang, the ancient capital of nine dynasties, seven ancient capital of Kaifeng.


Yin Ruins in Anyang (安阳殷墟)
Yin ruins scenic ancestral palace gate

The late Shang Dynasty bronze-casting. In 1939 in Anyang City, Henan Province, unearthed in the village, known as the “king of ding”. In Chinese history and culture, possession of an Ding is often associated with power and dominion over the whole country. Tripod often used as a royal ritual .
bronze-casting :青铜铸 Tripod:鼎 Unearth:发掘 Dominion:主权 Ritual:仪式

Longmen Grottoes


The White Horse Temple, crowned as “the First Ancient Temple of China”. It was the first temple established in mainland China after Buddhism was spread in the country. First built in 68 A.D. in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the temple was named after the white horse for carrying back Buddhist statues and sutras from Tianzhu (today’s India) along with two imperial envoys.
Crown:冠以…之名 Buddhism:佛教 Sutras:佛经 imperial envoys:钦差大臣


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