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good tired funny big little serious ill few

funny ________ 7 thin ______ ________

new _______ ______red ________ _______ friendly ________ __________

interesting _____________ _____________ .far __________ ___________ __________ _________ easy ________ __________

.beautiful____________ _____________

.sad ______ _______ .much ________ _______ .ill ______ ________.little________ _________ 用所给单词适当形式填空:

(short) (smart)than I .

9.Betty isn’t as15.Do you feel any 1.Which is _______ (big) ,the sun,the moon or the earth? 2.Which is ______ (beautiful),the black coart or the blue one? 3.this mooncake is ____ (cheap) of all. 4.He is _______ (strong) in the class.

5.English is ____ (widely)spoken in the world.

. She will be much ______ (happy) in her new class. 2. The short one is _______ (useful) of the five. 3. His sister is two years _______ (young) than him. 4. This ruler is twice as ______ (long) as that.

5. The _____ (cheap) bags are usually the best ones. 6. Gold(黄金) is much ______ (expensive)than iron(铁). 7. The boy is not so ______ (interesting) as his brother.

8. Jack sings _____ (well), he sings ______(well) than Tom, but Mary sings______(well) in her class.

9. Of the three girls, I find Lucy is _______ (clever).

10. John’s parents have four daughters, and she is _____ (young) child. 18.Christina is (soon) you will reach there. 26.The first story is less (difficult).

(good) than yours, and it’s nor as 29.Let’s study 30.The days get 33.She wishes to make 34.I think I am much (do) homework or (thin) you’ll be. 40.Lucy is 41.She studies a little 43. She was ill yesterday. She’s even much (happy) he will be. 51.Jasper’s has1. She was not as to him as before. (friend)

2. If you listened you could answer the question. (care) 3. This is a dog, isn’t it? (love)

4. Could you tell me how the compu8ters are used? (wide)

5. His handwriting is than yours. (had)

6. You must put on more clothes in such weather. (freeze) 7. Mary plays the piano . (wonder) 8. They talked to each other 9. Is the news in today’s newspaper? (interest)

10. The teacher was with what the students said. (satisfy) 11. The dictionary is very for us to learn English. (use) 12. It is cold today, isn’t it? (terrible) 13. Your handwriting is good. (real)

14. English is one of the languages. (useful)

15. Jack doesn’t jump so as his classmates. (high) 16. Those flowers are much than these ones. (beautiful) 17. The meat smells . (terrible)

18. Which language do you like , English or French? (well)

19. Mary writes as as her sister. (good)

20. Jack thinks that he is than any other boy in his class. (clever)


1.This story is more interesting than that one.

this one this one. 2.Liu Ying talks more than Liu Li.

Liu Li Liu Ying. 3. Shanghai is the biggest city in China .

Shanghai is bigger than city in China. Shanghai is bigger than cities in China. cities are bigger than Shanghai in China . 4.Mary is 11.Ben is 15.

Mary is Ben is 5.The other boy isn’t so tall as Bill.

Bill is _____ _______ of the two boys. 6. Mary studies les hard than Bill.

Mary doesn’t study ____ hard ____ Bill. Bill _________ ________ ________ Mary. 7.I’m not as fat as he is.

He _____ ________ _________ I . I’m _________ ________ he.

I’m _______ ______ ________ he.

8. You will learn more if you study harder.

______ ________ you study, _____ ________ you’ll learn.9.This tree is taller than that one.

That tree is _________ ________ this one.

That tree is ______ _________ ________ this one. That tree isn’t _______ _______ ________ this one.

1.It is _____ today than yesterday.

A. hot B. more hot C. hotter D. much hot 2. This line is ____ than that one.

A. not longer B. more longer

C. much more longer D. many more longer 3. Of the five toys, the child chose_____.

A. the expensive one B. one most expensive C. a least expensive D. the most expensive one 4. Which do you like _____, coffee, tea or milk? A. the best B. better C. the better D. best

5. They bet to see who could run _____ in the sports meeting. A. the fastest B. the faster C. fastest D. faster 6. This book is ____ of all.

A. thinner B. the thinner C. more thinner D. the thinnest 7. She looks _____ than she really is.

A. the more younger B. much younger C. very younger D. more younger 8. Our country is becoming ______. A. more beautiful and more B. more beautiful and beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. more beautiful and beautifuler 9. The earth is _____ the moon.

A. 49 times as big as B. 49 times as bigger as C. as 49 times big as D. as big as 49 times

10. This kind of drink is different ______.

A. and it is also better B. and better than the other C. but also than others D. from the other, and better 1. Who sings ____, Rose or Alice? A. better B. the best C. well D. best 2. This flower is ____ than that one.

A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. most beautiful D. the most beautiful A. many B. long C. for D. much 4. The dictionary is ___ of the three. A. thick B. thicker C. the thickest D. more thick A. longer B. longest C. long D. the longest 6. He is ___ to do the work.

A. strong B. very strong C. strong enough D. stronger 7. The housework needs ___ time to finish. A. much B. lot C. many D. plenty . A. more interesting B. interesting C. much more interesting D. the most interesting 9. Mike and John are good at maths.

A. each B. both C. all D. no one 10. This maths problem is ___ that one.

A. not so easy as B. more easy than C. easy than D. as easier as

11. The Changjiang River is ___ river in China.

A. long B. longerC. longest D. the longest 12. What a ____ street Nanjing Road is!

A. busy B. busier C. busiest D. much busier 13. There is ___ rain this year than last year.

A. many B. much C. more D. much many 14. July and August are the ____ months in a year.

A. hotter B. hottest C. more hot D. hot 15. A train can run ___ a bus.

A. so quickly that B. quickly than C. as quickly D. more quickly than 16. He goes there ____ than I.

A. more often B. often C. so often D. as often as A. very B. so C. such D. too

18. ____ changes have taken place in my hometown. A. Great B. GreaterC. Greatest D. The great

A. happier B. happy C. happiest D. happily 20. If he doesn't go, I won't go,____.

A. too B. also C. either D. neithe A. more... as B. as... aC. so...than D. than...

. A. warm... warm B. warmer.. .wanner C. long... long D. longer. . .longer 23. The whale is ___ animal in the world.

A. large B. largest C. the largest D. larger 24. Which does he like ____, water, tea or milk? A. well B. better C. best D. good 25. China is ___ than any other country in Asia. A. larger B. the largestC. large D. more large 26. The West Lake is getting ___ and ___ beautiful.

A. more, most B. more. Much C. much, more D. more, more 27. The two managers ____ hard.

A. both work B. work both C. all work D. work all 28. Peter doesn't jump so ___ as his brother. A. high B. higher C. highest D. more higher 29. It is ___ that he will come on time.

A. sure B. certain C. certainly D. well 30. Maths is ____ interesting ____ chemistry.

A. so...as B. as...as C. as...like D. so... like1. She is ________ than ________ .

A. busier / us B. busier / we C. more busy / us D. more busy / we Jane is ________ than Betty.

A. less taller B. less tallest C. less tall D. not as tall

The air in Beijing is getting much _____ now than a few years ago.

A.clean B.cleaner C.cleanetD. the cleanest 同义句1.Tom isn’t as tall as Jim. 4.Telephones are very popular now and they are _____ than before. A.cheap B.cheaper C.cheapest D. the cheapest 5.I say English as_______as my brother. A. hard B. harder C. hardest

6. Which is _____ , a bicycle or a computer?

A. expensive B.more expensive C.the most expensive 7.I feel __ better than yesterday. A. more B. very C. the D. far

8.The book is ________ interesting than that one. A.more B.much C.very D.the most

7. She looks _____ than she does.

A. the more older B. very older C. much older D. more older

=Tom is ______ tall _______Jim. =I am ________ than he. 2.My father is twice as old as me.

=My father is ______ _____ than 1、他比我大两岁。

He is _____ ______ ______ than I. 2、今天比昨天冷得多。

It is _____ ______ today______ it was yesterday. 3、这个故事不如那个有趣。

This story is _____ _____ _____ as that one. 4、她的身体一天天好起来。

He is getting _____ ______ ______ every day. 5、他对英语越来越感兴趣。

He is becoming ______ ______ _______ ______ ______ English. 6、他吃的越多,就越胖。

The ______ he eats, the _______ he is.

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