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2013版八年级英语上册Unit3 Section B(1a-1e)

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Unit 3

I am more outgoing than
my sister.

? 1:帮助学生确定正确的对朋友的定义; ? 2:会运用句型发表自己的观点; ? 3:掌握be different from ? the same as短语。

is talented in music

care about me

good at schoolwork

cool clothes

popular in school

do the same things as me

good at sports

is a good listener

makes me laugh

Is he a good friend?
1. When you fight with others, he helps you to fight.

2. When you are tired, he does homework for you.
3. When you are thirsty, he gives you a cup of tea. 4. When you meet a thief, he runs away quickly. 5. When you don’t know the answers in the exam, he gives you the answers to copy.

Friendship is very important in our life. We may have many friends. Some are the same as us. Some are different. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

1a. Discuss: What kind of things are important
in a friend? Rank the things below [1-7]

(1is the most important).

A good friend … _____ a. has cool clothes. _____ b. is talented in music. _____ c. likes to do the same things as me. _____ d. is good at sports. _____ e. truly cares about me. _____ f. makes me laugh. _____g. is a good listener

the same as 与……一样,与…..相同

My book is the same as yours.

My friend likes doing the same things as me. Mary is as tall as Gina.(同义转换)
The color of her hair is the same as the color of his. as the color of his 我的朋友喜欢做和我一样的事。

Mary has the same height (高度 ) as Gina.

Explanation 2. be good at … 意为”在某方面做得好,擅长 做某事”,后跟名词,代词或动名词如: She is good at sports.. 她擅长运动 My friend is good at English 我的朋友英语学得好. . Jack is good at swimming . 杰克擅长游泳. e.g. They are good at playing the piano . I am not good at swimming. Who is good at computer in your class? Li Lei is good at schoolwork =Li lei does well in schoolwork
be good at 擅长; be good to/with 对…友好 be good for 对…有好处


4. care about,意为________; 关心,在意
喜欢,照顾 care for 意为_________;

take care (当/小心)
take care of (照顾)

5.makes me laugh. (翻译)______; 使我笑
让/使某人做某事 make sb. do sth.意为:_____________. His father always makes _____ _____ up before _____ him get

five o’clock.(让他起床) 让(使)某人做某事(make后跟不带to的不定式)

8.I think a good friend makes me laugh.我认为好朋友会使我 笑。 make v. 制造;使;让。常用结构: make sb./ sth.+adj. 使/让某人/某事怎么样; make sb. do sth. 让某人做某事。 例如:Mother made a birthday cake for me. The news makes everyone happy. His mother made him finish the work alone. 1. The boss makes the worker ____10 hours every day. A. work B. to work C. working

D. works 2. Mr Bean enjoys ____ jokes and often makes us _____.
A. to tell; to laugh B. tells; laughC. telling; laugh D. telling; laughing

3. His parents often make him __ his homework till 10 pm. A. do B. does C. to do D. doing 4.这个消息使每个人都很快乐。 The news _________everyone_________.

Friend wanted
Tom: I don’t know how to make myself more handsome. My clothes are too ugly. If my friend have some cool clothes, that will be great. Tom thinks a good friend has cool clothes. Mary: The schoolwork is so difficult for me. I don’t know how to get good grades. I want to ask my friend for help. is good at schoolwork Mary thinks a good friend____________. Tara: I am very outgoing. I like going shopping, swimming, sightseeing and so on. I like to do these with my friend together. likes to do the same things as her. Tara thinks a good friend____________.

Tim: I am very athletic. I like playing sports and I am good at sports. I want to play sports with my friend together. is good at sports. Tim thinks a good friend__________. Jimmy: I am not very popular in school. Maybe I am too quiet. I like the student who is very popular with others . is popular in school. Jimmy thinks a good friend__________. makes me feel tired and Holly: Sometimes I relaxed/laugh. sad, I think a good friend_____________________.

My view

A good friend… is good at sports. is good at school work. is popular at school. likes to do the same things as me. has cool clothes and hair style. makes me laugh. is more outgoing than me. has good grades. likes telling jokes. keeps secrets. …

1b. Talk about what you think a good friend should be like.
A : I think a good friend makes me laugh.

B : For me, a good friend likes to do the
same things as me. C : Yes, and a good friend is talented in
music, too.

D : That’s not very important for me ...


Listen. what do Molly and Mary like about
their best friends?
like about their best friends Molly Mary
Peter likes to do the same things He’s popular, He’s good at sports. Lisa is a good listener.


Listen. How are Molly and Mary the same
as and different from their best friends?
The same as their best friends


They’re both pretty outgoing They’re both tall. They look similar. They both have long, curly hair.

Different from their best friends Molly studies harder. Molly is a little quieter. Pete plays baseball better. He speaks more loudly.
Lisa is quieter she’s smarter. Mary is more outgoing.


Tape script
Interviewer: Who’s your best friend, Molly? Molly: Peter. Interviewer: Why do you like him? Molly: Because he likes to do the same things as I do. He’s popular, too, and he’s good at sports.

Interviewer: Is he different from you in
any way?

Molly: Well, yes. I like to study. I study
harder than peter. He plays basketball better than me. Interviewer: Ok, I see… Molly: Oh, and he speaks more loudly than me. I’m a little quieter. But I’d say we’re both pretty outgoi


Interviewer: How about you, Mary? Who’s your best friend? Mary: My best friend is Lisa. Interviewer: What do you like about her? Mary: Well, she’s a good listener, and that’s important to me.

Interviewer: Is she a lot like you? Mary: Some people say we look similar. We’re both tall, and we both

have long, curly hair. But Lisa is quieter
than me. I’m always talking. She’s also

smarter. I’m more outgoing.

1. 与…一样 不如…

as +adj. /adv.原级 +as… not as/so+adj./adv.原级+as… a little more outgoing

2. 有点外向a little/much/a lot/even/far + adj.比较级 3. 与某人做相同的事 do the same things as sb 4. 使某人(不)做某事 make/let sb (not) do sth
5. 对于我来说那并不重要。

=ask/tell sb (not) to do sth

That’s not important for me.

6. 最好的朋友 the best friend 7. 大多数的孩子

most of the kids = most kids

1e Talk about Molly and Mary and their best friends. A: Molly studies harder than her best friend.

B: Well, Mary and her best friend are both tall.

1e Talk

about Molly and Mary and their best friends.
The same as Different from their their best friends best friends

Likes about their best friends

Molly studies harder. Peter likes to do They are both Molly is a little quieter. Molly the same things, Peter plays baseball pretty better. speaks more popular, outgoing loudly. good at sports


Lisa is a good listener.

They’re both tall. look similar, both have long, curly hair.

Lisa is quieter she’s smarter. Mary is more outgoing.

Group work :Talk about what you think
a good friend should be like.
A: I think a good friend is a good listener. What about you? B: For me, a good friend likes to do the same things as me. That’s very important for me.
C: Yes, and a good friend is popular, too. D: That’s not very important for me. I think a good friend …

(funny, likes telling stories, can help me when I am in trouble, can give me good advice, likes English…etc.)


1. Peter is thinner than Sam. (同义句转换) Sam is fatter than Peter. 2. My sister is better at study than I. She is clever. (同义句转换)

My sister is much smarter than me at study.

3. I study science very well. (同义句转换)

I am very good at science.
4. Miss Li is popular in our class. Mr. Wang is more popular.(同义句转换)

Mr. Wang is more popular than Miss Li.

1.Tom’s bike is new, but John’s bike is ______. newer 2.Tom’s schoolbag is big, but John’s bigger schoolbag is _________.

3.Tom’s house is small, but John’s house smaller is even _________. 4.Tom’s coat is long, but John’s coat is longer even _________. better 5.Tom’s desk is good, but John’s desk is ______.

6. He is ________ (young) than I am. younger

older 7. Mr. Smith is much _____ (old) than his wife.
bigger 8. Chicago is ______ (big) than Paris.

better 9. This book is ______ (good) than that one. worse 10. The weath

er this winter is _______ (bad) than that of last winter.

B 1. Jeff ______ football and knows a lot about it. A. is interested on B. is interested in C. is interesting about D. is interesting with A 2.—There ____ a lot of meat on the plate. Would you like some? —Just a little, please. A. is B. are C. am D. be (2009年北京朝阳区)

Write about you and your best friend … What do you like about him/her? The same things between you. The differences between you.

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