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( )1.There used to _______ a lot of trees around the place, didn’t there? A. have B. has C. having D. be ( )2.I found her greatly _________ in poems.

A. interesting B. interest C. interests D.interested ( )3.I really don’t know why the book has one page _________.

A. miss B. missed C. missing D. misses ( )4.The Shute family have to move to another city, ______________?

A. hasn’t it B. haven’t they C. do they D. don’t they ( )5. Can you speak a little louder? I can __________ hear you.

A. hard B. hardly C. really D. clearly ( )6.Your parents are the persons ___________ you should write

A. that B.to whom C.whom D.who ( )7.My sister sings English songs ______________ of us all.

A.badly B.worse C.more badly D. worst ( )8.The streets of this city ______________ in the past few years.

A. improve B. improved C. had improved D. have improved ( )9.She is a little __________ interested ____ modern music than classical music.

A.much; in B. more , at C.more ; in D.much; at ( )10.She gave up ____________ the computer in the end.

A. playing with B. to play C. to play with D. playing ( )11.Our teacher asked us to write our composition _______________.

A.as careful as we can B. as careful as possible C.as carefully as we could D. as carefully as we can. ( ) 12. Now you __________. You should think more of others than of yourself.

A.no longer are a child B. are a child no longer C.are not any longer a child D.are no longer a child ( ) 13. What _______ you ___________ the matter?

A.did; deal with B.did;do with C. did; solve D. did; work out ( ) 14.It is still early. You _____________ about the time.

A. need worry B. needn’t to worry C.don’t have to worry D. mustn’t worry ( ) 15. Tom, _________ afraid of speaking in public. ” Said Mum.

A. doesn’t be B. not to be C. be not D. don’t be ( ) 16.What Tom did made his mother __________.

A. be angry B. to be angry C. angry D. angrily ( ) 17.I was afraid ______________ what I might hear

A.of B. to C. that D. for ( ) 18. Don’t _______ about things so much. It’ll make you stressed out.

A.afraid B. terrify C. terrified D. worry ( ) 19.I often find him ___________cards with his friends.

A. to play B. playing C. play D. plays ( ) 20.People think _______ more and more ________ to protect the environment.

A. that; possible B. it; important C. this; necessary D. 不填; interesting ( ) 21.- They won’t give us a hand directly. - Why not try to finish the work all by __________. A. themselves B. himself C. ourselves D. myself ( ) 22.We have worked for three hours . Now let’s stop _______ a rest.

A. had B. have C. to have D. having ( ) 23.You need to have more practice in your __________ English.

A.every day B. everyday C. every day’s D. everyday’s ( ) 24. Have you felt something ____________ us behind the tree?

A. watching B. to watch C. watch D. seen ( ) 25.I was _____ my math teacher ____ the books when you called me yesterday.

A.help; carries B. helping; carrying C. help; carrying D. helping; carry ( ) 26.The ice is very thin. It’s _________ dangerous ________________.

A . so ; that you can’t walk on B. very ;as you walk C. too; to walk D.too; to walk on ( ) 27.Please give me a pen _______________.

A.to write B. to write with C. for write D. writing ( ) 28.I bought a CD for my best friend and it __________ me 30 yuan.

A. takes B. pays C. spends D. cost ( ) 29.Mary , what about going boating if it _____________ tomorrow?

A.won’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. not rain D. not raining

( ) 30.- Why didn’t you enjoy the talk? - It was _____________ talk that I had ever listened to. A.the most interesting B.the least interesting C.more interested D. less interested ( ) 31.It’s true that his bad teeth _______ out by himself.

A. has been pulled B.has pulled C.have been pulled D.pulled ( )32.The new film ______ in this cinema now. Why don’t you go in and see it?

A.is showing B.is being showing C.is being shown D.shows ( )33.The police _____ lots of help by the people in the city.

A.have been given B.has been given C.have given D.has given ( )34.Pork ______ well.We’d better go and get some.

A.is sold B.has been sold well C.sells D.will be sold ( )35.Can you tell me _________?

A.when did it happen B.when it happened C.when was it happened D.when it was happened ( )36.-Can you go swimming with us this afternoon?

-I’d like to, but I _______ take care of my little sister at home because mother is ill.

A.need B. must C. should D. have to ( ) 37. students _______ slippers when they are at school.

A. don’t allow to wear B. are not allowed to wearC. are not allowed to put on D.are not allowed wearing ( ) 38. If Jack ___________________ to the party, I won’t go ,either

A. invited B. is invited C. isn’t invited D. was invited ( ) 39.- I was told to be here before seven.

-Oh, you _______. I’m sorry for not telling you that we have changed the plan. A.must B. can’t C. may D. needn’t ( ) 40.Johnny, you _____ play the knife, it _________ hurt yourself.

A. mustn’t; can B. mustn’t; may C. can’t; could D.won’t; might ( ) 41. Trees _______ in winter but in spring.

A. can not plant B. can be not planted C. can not be planted D.can plant ( ) 42. I_______ my pictures ________ on the Great Wall this summer holiday.

A. have , taken; B.have , taking; C. have, take D. had ,taken ( ) 43.Broken bones (骨头) always ____ time to mend.

A. spend B. take C. cost D. have ( ) 44. Who is to _______ me when I’m old?

A. care about B.looking after C.caring for D. take care of ( ) 45.______ a professional singer is the only thing I have ever wanted to do.

A. As B. Like C. Being D. Become ( ) 46. -Mike attempted to cheat(作弊)in the test. -___________________.

A. So he did B.So did him C. So does he D. So does him ( ) 47. Our math teacher is strict _____ her work, and he is good ____ us , too.

A. in ; to B. to; for C. with; to D. to; with ( ) 48. Yang Liwei, the first spaceman in China, ________________ Chinese people.

A. takes pride in B. is proud of C. is the pride of D. is the proud of ( ) 49. - Our country _____ very fast. - Yes, I hope it will be _____________. A. has changed; better and better B. is changed; better and better

C. is changing; stronger and stronger D. has changed; more and more stronger ( ) 50. Everyone except Tom and John ______ there when the meeting began.

A. are B .is C. were D. was ( ) 51. Not only the twins but also Ann _____ their homework in the classroom now.

A. do B. does C. is doing D. are doing ( ) 52. Either Helen or I ______ on duty today.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

( ) 53.-When can you get your work _____? -I’ll get someone ____ it for me before lunch time. A. done; to do B. to do; done C to do; to do D. done; done ( ) 54.-Do you allow ____ here in your office? -No, I don’t allow anyone ______

A. smoking; smoking B. to smoke; smoke C. to smoke; smoking; D. smoking ; to smoke ( ) 55. When you have an opportunity , you should ______ it.

A. do B. be C. take D. catch ( ) 56. I must be back home _________ 8:00 p.m.

A. until B. for C. by D. from ( ) 57.Tim never worries _______ he’ll fail a test.

A. that B. which C. when D. what ( ) 58. - Must I stay at home and take care of her? - No, you _________.

A. mustn’t B. don’t have to C. can’t D. needn’t to ( ) 59.If he _______ with us, we _______ finish the task (任务) earlier.

A. is; will B. is; would C. was; will D.were; would

( ) 60. Mr Bush is on time for everything. How _________ he be late for this important meeting? A. can B. may C. might D. must

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