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1.—Listen, the music ______ sweet.—It’s Yesterday Once More, my favorite. A, sounds b, smells c, feels

2.—Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith?—Sorry, he isn’t in. He __the office. A, has been b, has gone to c, has been away

3.—Our classroom __every day.—So it is. It’s our duty to keep it clean and tidy. A, cleans b, is cleaning c, is cleaned

4.If Bob __away from the junk food, he will be in good health.

A, stay b, will stay c, stays

5.To protect the environment, supermarket don’t __free plastic bags to shoppers. A, take b, show c, provide d, carry

6.—May I speak to the headmaster?—He __a meeting now. can I take a message? A, is having b, had c, has d, will have 7.The task __is an hour. Then we can go home and have a good rest.

A, was finished b, will be finished c, has been finished d, can’t be finished

8.I __Mr. Smith since be moved to Shanghai.


A, didn’t hear from b, don’t hear from c, won’t hear from d, haven’t heard from

9.Summer holiday is coming, Li Lei with his father __to go to Shanghai.

A, want b, will want c, wants

10.Lisa is a little poor at Chinese. I think she needs __it every day.

A, practice to speak b, to practice speaking c, practice speaking

11.—Have you ever been to Tokyo?--____there twice. It’s a modern city.

A, have gone b, have been c, had gone

12.In order to make our hometown more beautiful, trees __around the city every year. A, plant b, are planted c, will plant

13.My grandpa is sleeping. Will you please __ the radio?

A, turn down b, turn up c, turn on

14.She __her hometown for many years. No one nearly knows her.

A, has been away from b, has left c, had left

15.—Tim played the guitar very well in the school talent show.—I think so. He practices __it very day. A, play b, playing c, to play

16.He __go out with his parents, but now he __staying at home alone.

A, used to, is used to b, is used to, used to c, use to, is used to

17.Mr Wang isn’t here, I think he __Guiyang.

A, has gone to b, has been to c, goes c, went

18.—What’s his brother? –He is a teacher. He __math at a school.

A, taught b, has taught c, teaches d, will teach

19.—What did the teacher say just now?—Sorry, I didn’t hear it. I __out of the window. A, look b, looked c, am looking d, was looking

20.—I wonder if the psychologist will come to our school this weekend.—If he__, we will be very excited. A, come b, comes c, will come d, came



一.完型填空 Ten-year-old John was one of the laziest boys in his class. His homework was always late __it was usually wrong. He only did half the number of math problems the __children did. In his compositions he wrote half the __of words. And usually the words were badly spelled because he was too __to use a dictionary.

One day his class went on a bus trip. There was no one to __John at the school so the teacher had to take John with them.

“Now, children, ” the teacher said, “__our us trip we will old buildings, the beautiful countryside and so on. I want you to write about ___you see during the trip.” The bus trip began. The children looked out of the windows at all the interesting things. They recorded notes in their notebooks. The teacher was very __with them.

Then she saw John __on the floor of the bus and went up to him.

“Are you sick?” she asked him. “No, I am not.” He said.

“Then __are you lying on the floor?” “If I can’t see anything,” he said , “I can’t write about it, can I ?”

1.a, so b, and c, or

2.a, other b, another c, others

3.a, kind b, number c, length

4.a, careful b, hard c, lazy

5.a, look after b, take care c, look for

6.a, at b, to c, on 7.a, every b, everything c, nothing 8.a, pleased b, angry c, popular

9.a, lie b, lying c, lies 10.a, what b, when c, why


Stop, busy, slow, run back, go out, traffic, buy , travel, stay at , terrible

Many people don’t like to ________________home for their holiday. They usually 3

_______________to see something different or do something exciting. So people from the country come to the city and people from the city go to the country.

During the holiday, trains, buses and planes are all very _________________. It is very hard to ________________train tickets or air tickets. Many people take cars of buses for ________________. Last May Day may family went to the countryside in our car. There were too much ________________on the roads, so my father had to drive very ________________. It took us about an hour to get out of the city. Two hours later, we came to a hill. It was beautiful. We thought this was a good place for a picnic, so we _______________and took the food, fruit and drinks out of the car. We sat down and began to eat. Suddenly it started to rain. We had to ____________to our car and have a picnic in the car. Then we drove back home. What a ________________trip!


We each have a memory(记忆力). That’s why we can still remember things after a long time. Some people have very good memories and they can easily learn many things by heart. But some people can only remember things when they say or do them again and again. Many of the great men of the world have got surprising memories.

A good memory is a great help in learning a language. Everybody learns his mother language when he is a small child. He hears the sounds, remembers them and then he learns to speak. Some children are living with their parents in foreign countries. They can learn two languages as easily as one because they hear, remember and speak two languages every day. In the school it is not so easy to learn a foreign language because the pupils have so little time for it and they are busy with other subjects, too.

But your memory will become better and better when you do more and more exercise.

1.Because of the good _____________, some people can _______________learn lots of things by heart.

2.For ______________ a language, a good memory is ______________.

3.When we are small children, we _____________ the sounds of our ____________ language, 4

remember them and then learn to speak.

4.In the school, it is______________ for pupils to learn a ________________ language. 5.If you ____________ more, your memory will become _____________.


A: Are you free this weekend? B: ___________________________________

A: Let’s go to Beijing Zoo! B:_________________________________________

A: Because I hear either pandas have just arrived there.

B: Really? _________________________________

A; They’re from Sichuan, and they will welcome the friends all over the world during the Beijing Olympic Games.

B: That’s great! ___________________________________

A: I also hear the eight pandas like to eat apples. Why not take some apples? B: _______________________. Can’t you see “No Feeding” in the zoo?

A: Sorry, I forgot it. Well , remember to take a camera.



1.一个人在打扫教室 at 5:00 yesterday

2.一个人在打乒乓球 in one’s spare time

3.一个女孩在遛狗 walk, after supper

4.一个老人在浇花 at this time yesterday

5.一个男孩在游泳 used to enjoy

6.几张邮票 learn?from


7.一个人头痛 headache

8.一个医生在看一个病人的牙齿 be afraid of

9.一个女孩在踢球 be good at

10.学生在校三餐厅吃饭 have to, weekdays

11.蔬菜和水果 necessary


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