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七年级英语下第二次月考试题 单项选择

( )1.-When and Where were you born?

-I was born ______ October 1 st, 1998____Suzhou.

A. on, on B.in, in C.on,in D.in,on

( ) 2.There ______ some flowers on the teacher’s desk just now, but now there ______ nothing

on it.

A. have, has B. were, was C.were, is D. has, has ( ) 3.He is always strict _______ his students.

A. with B. at C.for D.to

( ) 4.We couldn’t finish our work so early ______your help.

A.without B.with C.for D. by ( ) 5.-_____ -It’s Tom’s.

A.Who is your friend? B.whose book is this? C.Where’s the book? D.Is this Tom’s book? ( ) 6.- Can you tell me ______about your family? -Yes, there are five people in my family.

A. everything B.something C.anything D.nothing ( ) 7-Where are you ______?

-My dictionary. I can’t find it anywhere.

A. looking at B.looking after C. looking for D.looking into ( ) 8.He is looking forward to _______.

A.have a picnic B.going fishing C.looking for D.looking into ( ) 9.-Is this a Chinese book or an English book? -Oh, _______.

A. yes, it is B. no, it isn’t C.an English book D. a music book ( ) 10.-We are going on a school trip tomorrow. -________.

A. Excuse me. B.I’m sorry to hear that C.You’re welcome. D. Have a good time ( ) 11. Sam says hello to me when he runs ____ my home.

A.pass B.passes C.past D.passing

( ) 12. London is famous ______ the London Eye.

A.to, B. for C. as D.in

( ) 13. There ‘s a river_____ many fish ______it.

A.in, in B.with, with C.in, with D.with, in ( )14.Hello, Miss Zhang. Can you _____ us a story _______English? A.say,for B.tell, in C.speak,on D.talk, of

( ) 15. Your sweater looks smart (时髦的). Where ___ you ____ it? A. do, get B.did, get C.will, get D.have, got

( ) 16.-It’s dangerous to swim here. Look at the sign. A. haven’t B.won’t C.don;t D.didn’t ( ) 17 –When did you see him? -________.

A.Tomorrow B.Two hours C.In an hour D.An hour ago ( ) 18. July is in ______ in China.

A. spring B.summer C. autumn D. winter

( ) 19.We can’t go swimming ______ too much homework. A.because B.because of C. so D.but

( ) 20. It _____ him half an hour to drive home every day. A. costs B.spends C. takes D.uses 完形填空


How are you ? It is very nice __1__ you to write __2__me. From your letter I know a lot __3__your school. Now I __4__ you know something about me and my school . I am thirteen years old. I am in Class One ,Grade One. My father is a __5___. He teaches English. My mother is a doctor. She works in a __6_. I __7__early and __8__English. Our school is big. It has 2,000 students and 200 teachers. All the teachers and students work ___9_. Please come and have a look _10__ our school if you have free time.

( )1. A. of B. on C. for D. to ( )2. A. from B. of C. in D. to ( )3. A. of B. for C. about D. to ( )4. A. let B. say C. talk D. know ( )5. A. teacher B. worker C. student D. doctor ( )6. A. school B. hospital C. factory D. hotel

( )7.A. go to bed B. have lessons C. get up D. come here ( )8. A. look B. see C. watch D. read ( )9. A. hard B. hardly C. careful D. fast ( )10. A. at B. in C. on D. to



I live in a small town near Xing’an in Guilin. You can’t see it on the map of China, because it is too small. The air here is fresh. There are not many tall buildings in our town. The best building is in our school. There are four hundred students and twenty-five teachers in our school. In the front of the school, there is a playground. I often play basketball with my classmates on it . There is a little garden behind our school. And we can grow beautiful flowers and plant trees in the garden. Next to the garden, there is an orange orchard(果园). You can hear birds singing everywhere. There is a river not far from our school. In summer, we usually go swimming with our teachers in it. We study Chinese, English, math and other subjects at school. The teachers are very nice. We love our school. ( )1.The writer lives _________.

A. in a small town B. in the city of Guilin C. in a village D. in a tall building

( )2. There is ______ in the front of our school.

A. a river B. a tall building C. a playground D. a garden ( )3. The students often ____ in summer.

A. play basketball B. plant trees C. grow flowers D. go swimming

( )4. People can hear ____ singing here and there.

A. students B. birds C. cows D. teachers

( )5. What is the best title of the passage ?

A. The garden B. A Small Town C. Our School D. The Best Building


There are four season in a year: spring, summer autumn and winter.

Spring is the best season of the year. The weather gets warmer and the days get longer. The crops begin to grow. The trees turn green and flowers come out.

Summer comes after spring. It is the warmest season. It often rains and the crops grow fast. The best sport in summer is swimming. Children often go swimming in rivers and lakes.

Autumn is a busy season. The days get shorter and the nights get longer. It is harvest time. The farmers are busy. They are getting in the crops.

Winter is the coldest season of the year. Sometimes it snows and the fields are all while. Skating is the best sport in winter. Many boys and girls often go skating. But the farmers are still busy. They are getting ready for the next year.

( )6. How many seasons are there in a year?

A. Three B. Four C. Five D. six

( )7. What is the weather like in spring?

A. Hot B. Warm C. Cold D. Cool ( )8.Which season comes after spring?

A. Spring B. Summer C. Autumn D. winter ( )9. What sport is the best in winter?

A. Cycling B. Skiing C. Skating D. Swimming ( )10. What are the farmers busy doing in winter?

A. They are busy getting in the crops

B. They are busy getting ready for the next year. C. They are busy planting trees and flowers D. They are busy doing sports.


Our school is on Guangming Street. It’s next to the People’s Library. There is a big garden opposite our school. The payphone is between our school and the post office. There ‘s three buildings in our school. The teachers in our school are very friendly. Our school is very beautiful. If you come to our school from the airport, take a taxi and go along the expressway(高速公路) and you’ll see a bridge. Go across the bridge and turn left. Then go along Bridge Street until you see a market. Turn left and go along Guangming Street. Our school is on the right. 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)

( )11.Our school is between the post office and the People’s Library. ( )12.Our school is on Guangming Street. ( )13.The payphone is next to the post office.

( )14.If you go along the expressway, you can get to our school. ( )15.There are three building in our school. 补全对话。


从方框中选出合适的句子,是对话完整。(有两项是多余的) A:Hello, Jack. 1__________

B:I was born in a small village in Liaoning. A:2_______________.

B: Oh, it was very old.


B:No,there weren’t.


B:It was an old house with a big bedroom and a kitchen.


B:Yes, there was. It was very interesting to play there.



M: Can I 6 _________ you?

W:Yes,please. I’d like some 7__________.

M:Sorry. We don’t have 8 ________ cakes at the moment. What 9 _______ hamburgers? W:Well.Let me see. How 10_________are hamburgers?

M:Thirty yuan each.

W:Oh,that’s too 11________. How about twenty-five yuan?

M: Er…,how 12__________would you like to take?

W: I want to take four.

M:OK. 13___________you are. What 14 __________ would you like to buy? W: That’s 15__________. Thank you.


1.Do you know the two ___________(总统) in the US.

2.There was a big _____________(舒适的) bed in Kate’s room.

3.The boy is going __________(穿过) the road.

4.Please r_________ the book to the library in time.

5.There are some t_________ here every year.

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.He is an artist and he drowws many __________(paint) in his life. 2.Do you want to be famous and _________(success)? 3.Tom hurried to school without __________(have ) breakfast. 4.We ________(not have ) a car. So we travelled by train. 5.He _________(begin)to learn the piano at the age of five. 6.I know a girl ________(call) Kate. 7.I have lots of things __________(do) this Sunday.

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