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非谓语动词(动词不定式 / v-ing)练习

( ) 1. Mr. Brown asked us to stop _____, and we stopped _____ to him at once.

A. talking, to listen B. to talk, to listen

C. talking, listening D. to talk, listening

( ) 2. —It’s never too late _______,” Mother said to me.

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learnt

( ) 3. I’m hungry. Get me something ______, please.

A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. for eating

( ) 4. There isn’t any difference between the two. I really don’t know _______.

A. where to choose B. which to choose

C. what to choose D. to choose what

( ) 5. I saw him _____ out of the room.

A. go B. went C. has gone D. goes

( ) 6. Don’t you remember _______? A. seeing the man before

B. to see the man before C. saw the man before D. see the man before

( ) 7. —Have you decided when _____? —Yes, tomorrow morning.

A. to leave B. leave C. will you leave D. leaving

( ) 8. It is difficult for a foreigner ______ Chinese.

A, learning B. to learn C. learned D. will learn

( ) 9. It ______ forty-five minutes _____ there by bus.

A. cost, to get B. takes, getting C. takes, to get D. takes, to get to

( ) 10. His wish is _________ a doctor.

A. becoming B. become C. to become D. will become

( ) 11. It is careless _____ the same mistake in your composition.

A. for you to make B. for you making

C. of you to make D. of you making

( ) 12. Liu Ying told me _____ for her at home.

A. waits B. to wait C. wait D. waiting

( ) 13. Jim asked me _____ forget _____ water. A. don't, to change

B. not, changing C. not to, to change D. to not, changing

( ) 14. We kept _____ the ball to each other, and they began to get angry.

A. to pass B. passing C. pass D. past

( ) 15. I want _____ these books to the classroom. Can you help me?

A. take B. taking C. to take D. took

( ) 16. Uncle Wang can make his kite ______ higher in the sky.

A. fly B. flies C. to fly D. flying

( ) 17. She should do her homework now. But she doesn’t feel like _____ it.

A. does B. to do C. do D. doing

( ) 18. I heard Mother ______ with Father in the next room at ten last night.

A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. is talking

( ) 19. Most of the children enjoy ______ computer games.

A. play B. to play C. played D. playing

( ) 20. Linda was very sorry for being late. But the teacher’s smile made her _____

better. A. feel B. to feel C. fall D. to fall


( ) 21. Lily likes ______ clothes of light color.

A. to wear B. wearing C. to put on D. putting on

( ) 22. The bag is too heavy for me ______.

A. to carry it B. not to carry it C. to carry D. not to carry

( ) 23. The teacher will show him ______.

A. to use B. use it C. how to use it D. uses

( ) 24. Remember _____ your homework here tomorrow.

A. to bring B. bring C. to take D. take

( ) 25. We saw him ______ the building and go upstairs.

A. to enter B. enter C. entering D. enters

( ) 26. It’s not a bad idea _____ with us. A. to let Lily go

B. to let Lily to go C. let Lily go D. letting Lily going

( ) 27. Would you please _____ drop your shoes on the floor at night?

A. not to B. not C. don’t D. won’t

( ) 28. The old woman was _____ tired _____ go any farther.

A. so, to B. very, to C. too, to D. so, as

( ) 29. Wu Dong is good at ______ English.

A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. to speak

( ) 30. Please don't forget ______ to me, will you?

A. write B. to write C. writing D. written

( ) 31. It’s too late. Why ____ now?

A. not to go B. not going C. not go D. don’t go

( ) 32. The Green Wall will stop the wind from _____ the earth away.

A. blow B. to blow C. blowing D. blew

( ) 33. We are not sure _______. A. when to leave

B. when we left C. when leaving D. when leave

( ) 34. _______ is bad for our health. A. Doing eye exercises

B. Eating too much C. Talking a walk D. Go to bed early

( ) 35. I usually forget ________ the door, but I remembered ______ it when I left

yesterday. A. closing, closing

B. to close, to close C. to close, closing D. closing, to close

( ) 36. —Why are you going shopping if you don’t _____?

—My wife wants _____ with her. A. want to, I go

B. want, me going C. want to, me to go D. want, to go

( ) 37. The farmers on the farm are busy ______ apples on the trees.

A. picking B. pick C. to pick D. picked

( ) 38. There is going _____ an English party this evening in our school.

A. to be B. to have C. having D. /

( ) 39. —Would you please look after my cat while I’m away? —I’d like _____.

A. doing B. to do C. to D. look after

( ) 40. You’d better _____ a policeman at this moment.

A. to send for B. sent for C. sending for D. send for

( ) 41. —Let’s have a rest, shall we? —Not now. I don’t want to stop ____ the

letter yet. A. wrote B. writing C. to write D. and write


( ) 42. —What’s the time, please? —It’s nearly 7:00. It’s time ____ to school.

A. to leave B. going back C. go D. to go

( ) 43. —Stacey seems like a bright student.

—She’s always the first _____ her work.

A. finishing B. to finish C. of finishing D. finishes

( ) 44. I’m not sure which restaurant ________.

A. to eat B. eating C. eating at D. to eat at

( ) 45. —Where are you going?

—______ the neighbors ______ the dinner party.

A. Help, to get ready for B. Helping, getting ready for

C. To help, get ready for D. To help, by getting ready for

( ) 46. He raised his hand _____ the taxi ________. A. to have, to stop

B. to have, stop C. having, stopping D. having, stop

( ) 47. Though he had often made his little sister _____ while today he was made

______ by his little sister.

A. cry, to cry B. crying, crying C. cry, cry D. to cry, to cry

( ) 48. It often takes me half an hour _____ home.

A. walking B. to walk C. walked D. walks

( ) 49. Don't forget ______ her clean water every day.

A. to give B. giving C. given D. give

( ) 50. I think it important ______ English well.

A. learning B. learn C. to learn D. learned

( ) 51. Everyone agree to stop ______ and begin reading.

A. to play B. played C. playing D. play

( ) 52. I heard her _____ when I passed her room just now.

A. sing B. singing C. to sing D. sung

( ) 53. One day when I went into his room, I saw him _____ on a table.

A. sitting B. sit C. was sitting D. sat

( ) 54. I began _____ my past mistakes. A. to understand

B. understanding C. understood D. understand

( ) 55. ______ was good _____ you to do so.

A. It, of B. It, for C. That, for D. This, of

( ) 56. I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes ______.

A. opening B. open C. opened D. to open

( ) 57. The teacher told him _____ him homework again.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. to did

( ) 58. It’s cold outside. Will you please keep the door _______?

A. open B. close C. closing D. closed

( ) 59. Our English teacher always encourages us _______ more.

A. to practice speaking B. practicing speaking

C. to practice to speak D. practicing to speak

( ) 60. Is ______ difficult to learn English well?

A. this B. that C. it D. he

( ) 61. Please keep the fire _____ and the windows _______. A. burn, open 3

B. burning, opening C. burned, opened D. burning, open

( ) 62. She enjoys _____ with you. How _____ you? A. speaking, are

B. talking, about C. to speak, are D. to talk, about

( ) 63. I don’t know ______ to help them. A. how should we do

B. what we should do C. how we should do D. what we should do it

( ) 65. The old man is strong enough. He prefers _____ to ______.

A. walking, riding B. walk, ride C. to walk, ride D. walking, ride

( ) 66. There are so many kinds of storybooks that I don’t know ______ to buy.

A. which B. how C. what D. where

( ) 67. I like watching them ________ games.

A. to play B. play C. playing D. are playing

( ) 68. Now let me _______ you _______.

A. hear, play B. hear, to play C. to hear, to play D. to hear, play

( ) 69. —Can you keep the window _____?

—Yes, let me open it _____ for the fresh air to come in.

A. to open, enough wide B. open, wide enough

C. opened, widely D. opening, wide enough

( ) 70. —I usually go there by train. —Why not _____ by boat for a change?

A. try going B. try to go C. to try going D. to try and go

( ) 71. Little Tom would like ____ to the cinema this evening.

A. go B. going C. went D. to go

( ) 72. —Why ______ to the Great Wall this Sunday? —Good idea.

A. don’t go B. you don’t go C. not go D. not to go

( ) 73. The boy made faces just _____ the other students ______. A. make, laugh

B. to make, to laugh C. make, to laugh D. to make, laugh

( ) 74. Do you agree him _______ us?

A. joining B. to join C. joined D. to joining

( ) 75. He found _____ very difficult to get to sleep.

A. this B. that C. its D. it

( ) 76. You should keep on _____ English every day. A. to practice to speak

B. to practice speaking C. practicing to speak D. practicing speaking

( ) 77. I don’t mind ______ by bus, but I hate _____ in line.

A. traveling, stand B. to travel, to stand

C. traveling, to stand D. traveling, to standing

( ) 78. He made a shelf ______ his books on.

A. to put B. put C. putting D. for putting

( ) 79. My mother often tells me ______ laugh at others when they are in trouble.

A. not to B. don’t C. not D. to not

( ) 80. He likes ______ table tennis but he doesn’t like _____ today.

A. to play, to play B. playing, playing

C. playing, to play D. to play, playing

( ) 81. We want to find a man ________.

A. to play the game B. to play the game with

C. playing the game D. to play the game together


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