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1. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I am going to be an English teacher when I grow up.

2. A: _____________________________________________________? B: We’re going to have a basketball against Class 3 tomorrow.

3. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I prefer rowing to skating.

4. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I’d like to join the school music club.

5. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I spent two hours finishing doing homework last night.

6. A: _____________________________________________________? B: The match will begin at 7:00pm.

7. A: _____________________________________________________? B: Let’s meet at the school gate at 2:00 in the afternoon.

8. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I have a stomachache.

9. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I feel much better now.

10. A: _____________________________________________________? B: No, I don’t feel like eating anything.

11. A: _____________________________________________________? B: He has been like this for two days.

12. A: _____________________________________________________? B: It started two days ago.

13. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I’m going to take part in the boys’ 800-meter race.

14. A: _____________________________________________________? B: They are talking about the school sports meet.

15. A: _____________________________________________________? B: We’ll take our sports clothes and sports shoes.

16. A: _____________________________________________________? B: No, I can’t sleep well at night.

17. A: _____________________________________________________? B: You should do more exercise.

18. A: _____________________________________________________? B: You should take two pills each time, three times a day.

19. A: _____________________________________________________? B: Yes, much better today.

20. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I usually play table tennis for two hours a day.

21. A: _____________________________________________________? B: I usually play table tennis twice a week.

22. A: _____________________________________________________? B: He got two gold medals in the 29th Olympic Games.

23. A: _____________________________________________________? B: She started to play tennis when she was ten years old.

24. A: _____________________________________________________? B: His teacher told him not to be late again.

25. A: _____________________________________________________? B: Yes, I’d like to go with you.

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