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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.


1.唱的更大声________________ 2.和。。。工作得一样努力 _________________

3.比。。。更友好 __________________ 4.唱歌竞赛 ____________________

5.长着更短的头发的那个_______________________6.最重要的事 __________________

7.两年前 ______________________8.在音乐方面有天赋 ______________________

9.做与我同样的事情 __________________________10.关心,在意_______________

11.使我大笑 _______________ 12.一位好听众 _____________________

13.像。。。_________ 14.比。。。更稳重 __________________ 15.只要 __________________

16.bring out the best in me___________________17.get better grades ________________________

18.much less hard-working____________________ 19.reach for sth ___________________-

20.share everything with sb _______________________ 21.in fact __________________

22.。。。不如。。。___________23.和。。。相似______________ 24.primary school students ______________ 25.be good with ______________ 26.jump high_________________

27.与。。。不同 ____________________ 28.与。。。相同__________________ 29.擅长 __________

30.交朋友_______________ 31.touch one’s heart________________________


1.Mr Lin is a ___________(严肃的)teacher.He is always strict with his students.

2.I don’t ________(在意)what he’ll say.

3.Do you it _________(必要的)to have a friend who has cool clothes.

4.---Do you know the _________(谚语) “A yeat’s plan starts with spring”?

5.You can get lots of useful ________(信息) on the Internet if you use your computer in a right way.

6.Lucy is thinner than Lily, but Lily is t_____than Lucy.

7.T_____ it’s raining outside,they don’t want to stop working.

8.Mike’s parents are b_____teachers.

9.He is too fat. His mother asks him to eat more vegetables and I _______meat.

10.Tom never does his homework as _______(good)as his cousin.

11.She is very funny and often made me ________(laugh).

12.It’s important for a student_____(read) a lots of useful books.

13.Lily is_______(outgoing)than Lucy.

14.This watch is l_______ expensive than that one.

15.I know him probably m______ better than anybody else.

wind_____many houses yesterday.

3.Peter went to school ____he didn’t feel well today. 4.______Tina and Tara are quiet,they have lots of friends.

5.Bill is ____than the other boys in his class.He always gets very good grades.

6.My brother ____math. He often helps me with my math. 7.He is a very ____musician. He can play all kinds of music.

8.I’m ______from my brother. He’s quieter than me. 9.Where do you think we _____go now?

10.It’s not polite(礼貌的)________at others when they make mistakes(犯错)。


1.---Our classroom is bigger than ____.Do you think so/---Yes, I think so.

A.they B.them C.their D.theirs

2.Lily’s book is _____nicer than yours.

A.very B.quite C.much D.too

3.My best friend is good ___swimming,but I do well ____running.

A.at;in B.in,at C.at;at D.in; in

4.He has two daughters, they _____doctors.

A.both are B.are both C.are all D.all are

5.Mr Smith wants to send his son to this school, but he needs more_____ about it.

A.work B.information C.care D.friendship

6.Though we are very tired, ____we are very happy.

A.but B.as C.so D/

7.This bag is _____that one. This is red and that is green.

A.the same as B.different from C.as beautiful as D.different with

8.I’m fourteen. My friend is sixteen. So I’m_____him.

A.as old as B.not youner than C.not so young as D.two years younger than

9.I think Bob is the suitable(合适的)man to take the job because he can do the work well with___money and___people.

A.less,less B.less,more C.more,fewer D.less, fewer

10.Maybe bamboo(竹子)is more useful than_____in the world.

A.any plant B.all the plants C.other plant D.the other plants

11.I have _____more apples than you. A.a little B.much C.an D.a few


1.They both study very hard. ____ _____ _____study very hard.

2.She is not as tall as her sister. Her sister is ____than her.

3.He is the youngest boy in his class. He is _____ ______ _____ _______ ______in his class.


一、1.speak more loudly 2.work as hard as 3.friendier than 4.the singing competition

5.the one with the shorter hair 6.the most imprtant thing 7.two years ago

8.be talented in music 9.do the same thing as me 10.care about 11.make me laugh

12.a good listener 13.be like 14.more serious than 15.as long as 16.把我的最好的一面展现出来 17.取得好成绩 18.更加不刻苦的多 19.伸手取某物 20.和某人分享一切

21.事实上 22.not as/so... as 23.be similar to 24小学生 25.与某人相处的好

26.跳得高 27.be differen from 28.be the same as 29.be good at 30.make friends with

31. 感动某人

二、1.serious 2.care 3.necessary 4.saying 5.information 6.taller 7.Though 8.both 9.less

10.hard 11.laugh 12.to read 13.more outgoing 14.less 15.much

三、1.funnier 2.broke 3.though 4.Though 5.more hard-working 6.is good at 7.talented

8.different 9.should 10.to laugh

四、1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.B 6.D 7.B 8.D 9.D10.D 11.D

五、1.Both of them 2.taller 3.younger than the other boys

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