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My sister and I grew up in a little village in England. Our father was a struggling ___36___, but I always knew he was ___37___. He never criticized us, but used ___38___ to bring out our best. He’d say,“If you pour water on flowers, they flourish. If you don’t give them water, they die.”
36. A. biologist B. manager 37. A. strict B. honest 38. A. praise B. courage

C. lawyer D. gardener C. special D. learned C. power D. warmth

I ___39___as a child I said something ___40___ about somebody, and father said,“___41___ time you say something unpleasant about somebody else, it’s a reflection of you.” He explained that I looked for the best ___42___ people, I would get the best ___43___. 39. A. think B. imagine C. remember D. guess 40. A. unnecessary B. unkind C. unimportant D. unusual 41. A. Another B. Some C. Any D. Other 42. A. on B. in C. at D. about 43. A. in case B. by turns C. by chance D. in return

In case: 以防万一 By turns: 轮流,依次 By chance:碰巧

In return:作为….回报

From then on I’ve always tried to ___44___ the principle in my life and later in running my company 44. A. revise B. set C. review D. follow

Dad’s also always been very ___45___. At 15, I started a magazine. It was ___46___ a great deal of time, and the headmaster of my school gave me a ___47__: stay in school or leave to work on my magazine. 45. A. understanding C. serious 46. A. taking up C. picking up 47. A. suggestion C. notice B. experienced D. demanding B. making up D. keeping up B. decision D. choice

I decided to leave, and Dad tried to sway me from my decision, ___48___ any good father would. When he realized I had made up my mind, he said,“Richard, when I was 23, my dad ___49__ me to go into law. And I’ve ___50___ regretted it. I wanted to be a biologist, ___51__ I didn’t purse my ___52__. 48. A. and B. as 49. A. helped B. allowed 50. A. always B. never 51. A. rather B. but 52. A. promise B. task C. even if D. as if C. persuaded D. suggested C. seldom D. almost C. for D. therefore C. belief D. dream

You know what you want. Go fulfill it.” As ___53__ turned out, my little publication went on to become Student, a nation ___54__ for young people in the U.K. My wife and I have two children, and I’d like to think we are bringing them up in the same way Dad ___55__ me.

53. A. this B. he C. it D. that 54. A. newspaper B. magazine C. program D. project 55. A. controlled D. comforted C. reminded D. raised

一 完形填空考什么? 一, 词法及词义辨析 (46,47,48,49,52等)

二,固定短语搭配 (44等) 三,上下文逻辑关系(36,37,40,43, 45,47,54,55,等) 四,文化背景及生活常识

二 当前完形填空的特点

?辨析词意,以实词为主 ?题材多为记叙文,叙议结合。第一 句不设空


语词汇知识。 英语阅读理解能力,良好的阅读习惯,熟练的 阅读技巧。 分析认识文章结构,理解领会文章各部分、各 层次之间逻辑关系的能力。

逻辑思维能力。特别是总结概括、推理 判断和分析归纳的能力。包括情景推理 判断、常识推理判断、逆向推理判断及 比较推理判断等。

扎实的英语词汇、短语、惯用法等 英语固定搭配的知识。特别是英语 词汇意义和用法的辨析能力。 在阅读中捕捉记忆相关信息的能力。

四 完形填空的解题思路

跳过空格,通读全文, 把握大意

瞻前顾后,先易后难, 个个击破 再读全文,反复检查

五: 完形填空解题技巧
1.看清上下文,找准定位词 充分利用文章的上下文和前后句,找到对选择有 提示作用的词或句。这些词有时可能是同义词或反义 词。例如:1) Some parts of the water are very shallow. But in some places it is very _____. A. deep B. high C. cold D. dangerous 根据转折连词but的提示,所填入的词应与shallow 相反,因此答案为A。

2) Mrs O’Neill asked_____questions and she didn’t scold us either. A. no B. certain C. many D. more and是一个并列连词;either为副词,用在否定句 或否定词后加强语势,由此可以确定所填的词也应是 一个否定意义的词,因此答案是A。

2.寻求上下逻辑,从容确定关系 It has been many years since I was last in London____ I still remember something that happened during that visit. A. and B. for C. but D. as 根据句前的many years和句后的still remember答案应选表示 转折的连词but.

3.通顺逻辑,寻求搭配 注意固定的搭配,包括动词与介词的搭配、动词与名 词的搭配以及形容词与名词的搭配等,同时要根据内容选 择正确的短语。例如: 1) Here’s a fellow who just walked into a bank and helped himself_____so much money. A. for B. by C. to D. of 表示“自取,随便拿”这个意义的短语是help oneself …故答案为C

2)And video cameras can be used to_____ people’s actions at home. A. keep B. make C. record D. watch 句中动作的发出者是video cameras因此答案是C, 意思是“记录”。

4.扎实基础,理清辨异 Soon I heard a_____like that of a door burst in and then a climb of feet. A. sound B. cry C. voice D. shout 选项中的四个词都表示不同的声音,但B,C,D 项的三个词都是指从嗓子里发出的声音,而sound则 表示各种各样的声音。因此答案是A。

5.了解生活常识,确定相关知识 (Immediately)the officers jumped into their cars and rushed to the_____hospital. A. animal B. biggest C. plant D. nearest 在这样的紧急情况下

,人们的第一个反应是到最近的医院 就医,因此答案为D。

要做好“完形填空”,必须紧紧抓住上下文 语境,充分利用上下文语境所提供的线索。 上下文语境包括选择项与所在句子中的语义 联系,所在句与周围句群的关系,所在句在 本段中所起的作用,所在句在整篇短文中所 起的作用以及与文章主题思想的关系等。有 些选项根据上下文就能比较容易地选出,而 有些则必须根据整篇文章的大意才能做出正 确判断。

做完形填空时,除了依据所学语言知识和解题技 巧外,还应避免几个误区。 1、单纯求快,忽略语篇理解,只看局部的词义辨析、 搭配和语法结构,试图用语言知识解决所有问题。很 多考生一拿到完形填空题就急于选择答案,不认真分 析通篇文章。表面上解题速度挺快,但是这种见树不 见林的做法只会影响解题的质量的效率。

2、时间安排不当,在几个选项上过分纠缠,追求完 美,导致许多本可以做出的题来不及做。正确的做法 是由易到难,先做会

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