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2013新目标九年级英语Unit 5 It must belong to Carla. Section A课件

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla. Section A

Lead in
Who has the following things?


在英语中,表示对某事物的确定程度, 即表示推测的时候,我们通常会用到以下情态动词: must, might, could, may, can’t, couldn’t.

could might

100% probably true 20%-80% possibly true 0 almost not true


Learn to make inference(推理)
程度 must may might /could can’t can ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★ 肯定句 √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ 否定句 疑问句

? must用在肯定句中表示较有把握的推测,意为“一
定”。(100%) ? He must be working at home. ? must 表示对已发生的事情的推测时,must 要接完成 时. ? The road is wet. It must have rained last night.

He can’t be _______.
He could/might be _______.

He must be __________.

Can you guess what it is?
a white vase It could be_______________. It also might be__________. two faces

Can you guess what it is?

It could be ________. a dog It also might be ___________. two girls

1a Look at the picture.Write the things you see in the
correct columns.


Fun things

Kitchen things

T-shirt sweater

book magazine CD


toy car

1b Listen and match each person with a thing and a reason.

Jane’s little brother Marry Carla Deng Wen Grace

volleyball toy car magazine book CD

Hemingway is her favorite author. She loves volleyball. He was the only little kid at the picnic.

She always listens to classical music.
He loves cats.

A: Whose ____ is this? B: It must be ____’s./It must belong to ... .

Language Points
1.must be +sb's 意为“一定是某人的” must belong to sb.意为“一定属于某人” The book must be Mary's. =The book must belong to Mary. 2.favorite, like, love e.g. I like Yao Ming best.=I love Yao Ming. favorite =My ________ star is Yao Ming.

3. only (a.) & (ad.) e.g. 他是家里唯一一个男孩。 is the only boy in his family. He 我只见过他一次。 I’ve only seen him once. 我的眼里只有你。 Only you in my eyes. 4. listen to music

pop music 流行音乐 folk music 民乐 jazz 爵士乐 light music 轻音乐 heavy music重金属音乐
hip hop 街舞 rock-roll 摇滚乐 rap tap 说唱乐

(1)must be “肯定是??” 表示把握较大的推测。 (2)may/might/could be “可能/或许是”把握不大。 (3)can’t be “肯定不是??” 把握性很大的否定。

2a Listen and write down the things in the backpack. Things in the backpack

2. 3.

Hair band Tennis balls

2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks.
1. The person must go to our school.
2.The person can’t be a boy. _____

3.It could be Mei’s hair band. _____
might 4.The hair band ______ belong to Linda. must 5.It _____ be Linda’s backpack.

2c Fill in the blanks with “must”, “might”, “could”

“can’t”. Then tell your partner why you choose
the words. must/might 1. The notebook ___________be Ming’s. It was on her desk. 2.The homework _______be Carol’s. She wasn’t at can’t school today. 3. The soccer ball might _______be John’s or Tony’s. They both play soccer, don’t they?

4. The French book ______be Li Ying’s. must She’s the only one who’s studying French might/must 5. I can’t find my backpack. It ___________ be still at school. 6. The photo ______be Lu’s. Those are his parents. must can’t 7. The red bicycle _______be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle. might 8. This ticket _______be my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.

Grammar focus:
1. Whose notebook is this? It must be ________(肯定)Ming’s. It has her name on it. could be 2. Whose French book is this? It __________( 可 能

是)Alice’s. She studies French.
3. Whose guitar is this? It might belong to _________(属于)Alice. She plays the guitar. can’t be 4.Whose T-shirt is this? It ________(不可能)John’s. It’s much too small for him.

3a Read the thank-you message Linda wrote to Anna.
Number the parts in order and circle the words you don’t
know. Dear Anna, 5 If you have any idea where it might be, please call

2 I think I dropped it during the concert so it might

still be in the symphony hall.



I tried to call you but your mom said you were still at your optometrist appointment (I hope your new

glasses look nice!) 验光师



I really need it because I have a math test tomorrow.

It’s crucial that I study for it because it makes up
30% of the final exam. 1 严重的;至关重要的

I’m really anxious because I can’t find my backpack. Thanks, Linda 紧张;担忧

Talk about the words you don’t understand. Use “can’t”, “must”, “could” or “might”. A: What do you think “anxious” means? B: Well, it can’t mean “happy”. A: It might mean “worried”. B: Oh, yes. She’s worried because of her test.

Sample conversations(4:P36)
1. — Here is a Chinese-English dictionary. It could belong to Mary. I know she has one.

— I don’t think so. It can’t be Mary’s. This one is new,
but hers is old.

2. — Here is a flower. The owner must be a girl.
—Well, it could be a boy. The flower might be a present for his teacher.

I.单项选择 1. I didn’t hear the phone. I ___ asleep. A. must be C. should be B. must have been D. should have been

2. Mary ____ be in Paris. I saw her in town only a few minutes ago. A. mustn’t not B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. may

3. Peter ____ come with us tonight, but he isn’t very sure

A. must B. may C. can D. will

4. I thought you ____ like something to read, so I have
brought you some books.

A. may
C. could

B. might
D. must

II.完成句子 1. 这本书一定是汤姆的。他正在找这本书。 must This book _____be Tom’s. He is looking for it. 2. 这

个发带可能是玛丽的。她喜欢戴发带。 The hair band ______be Mary’s. She likes wearing a could hair band.

3. 这个玩具熊可能是约翰的妹妹的。

might The toy bear ________belong to John’s sister. She is a little girl. 4. 这个排球不是玛丽的。她根本不喜欢排球。 The volleyball can’t ______be Mary’s. She doesn’t like

playing volleyball at all.

1.Learn new words and phrases by heart.

2.Make sentences about inferences with
“must, might, could, may, can’t ”.

Knowledge is power. 知识就是力量。

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