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III. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

I'm a Chinese boy. My Meng Bo. I 12 years old. first name is Bo and my name is Meng. I in Class Three,Grade Seven. I have ID card. Its is 083166. Ms Gao is my English teacher. She very nice. We all(全;都)like her very much. What's telephone number? Oh, 555-6369.

( )16.A.name B.names C.name's D.name are

( )17.A.am B.is C.are D.be

( )18.A.I B.My C.She D.Her

( )19.A.last B.first C.name D.given

( )20.A.am B.is C.are D.be

( )21.A.a B.an C.the D.two

( )22.A.name B.number C.card D.family

( )23.A.is B.am C.be D.are

( )24.A.your B.his C.her D.she

( )25.A.it B.it's C.is D.its

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