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unit3 Section A 3

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Complete the sentences:

Gong Hanlin is _______ _____ Liu Huan. thinner than Liu Huan sings ______ _____ Gong Hanlin. better than

Gao Yuanyuan is as ________ (漂亮) beautiful as Sun Li. Sun Li works as _____ (努力) as Gao hard Yuanyuan.


1. A + be + 形容词比较级 + than + B
e.g. I’m more outgoing than you. 我比你更外向。 2. A + 实义动词 + 副词比较级 + than + B e.g. Tom jumps higher than Jack. 汤姆比鲍勃跳得更高。

两者进行比较,表示“一方与另一方 一样??” 1. A + be + as 形容词原形 + as + B

e.g. Jack is as funny as Mike.
杰克与迈克一样滑稽。 2. A + 实义动词 + as 副词原形 + as + B e.g. Claire gets up as early as Sue.


Complete the sentences according to the text.
1. 汤姆比萨姆更聪明吗? Is Tom _______ ____ Sam? smarter than 2. 不是。萨姆比汤姆更聪明。 No, he isn’t. Sam is _______ _____ Tom. smarter than 3. 塔拉比蒂娜更外向吗? Is Tara _____ ________ _____ Tina? more outgoing than

4. 不是。蒂娜比塔拉更外向。 more outgoing No, she isn’t. Tina is ______ ________

than _____ Tara.
5. 你和你姐姐一样友善吗? ____ you ___ friendly ___ your sister? as as Are 6. 不是。我更友善一些。

No, I’m not. I’m _________. friendlier

7. 塔拉与蒂娜工作一样努力吗?
Does Tara work ___ _____ ___ Tina? as hard as 8. 谁在学校里更努力一些? Who’s _____ _____________ at school? more hard-working 9. 蒂娜认为她学习比我更努力。 Tina thinks she works _____ than me. _____ hard

Use the words to write 3a questions and answers. 1. Julie / tall / you

Q: Is Julie as tall as you? A: No, she isn’t. She’s _____ than me. taller
2. Jack / run / fast / Sam Q: ____________________________ Does Jack run as fast as Sam? A: No, he doesn’t. He runs _____ than faster Sam.

3. your cousin / outgoing / you Is your cousin as outgoing as you? Q: _______________________________ more outgoing A: No, she isn’t. She is ______________ than me. 4. Paul / funny / Carol Q: _______________________ Is Paul as funny as Carol? A: No, he isn’t. He is _________ than funnier Carol.


Think of yourself two years ago. Write about how you are different now.

I was 70 cm two years ago. I’m 130 cm now. 1. Are you taller?

Yes, I am. I’m taller now
than I was two years ago.

2. Are you funnier? Yes, I am. I’m funnier than I was

two years ago. 3. Are you more outgoing?
Yes, I am. I’m more outgoing

than I was two years ago.

4. Do you study English harder? Yes, I do. I study English harder than I was two years ago. 5. Do you sing better? Yes, I do. I sing better than I was two years ago.

Compare your parents. Check (√) 3c who is smarter, funnier, etc. in the chart. Then ask your partner about his /her parents. A: Who is smarter, your mother or your father? B: I think my mother is smarter than my fath


Mother smart funny work hard


friendly sing well

Fill in the blanks.

1. My hair is ______ (long) than my longer

2. I am _____ (tall) than you. taller
3. She is _____ ________ (outgoing) more outgoing

than me.

4. Lily is _______ (heavy) than Lucy. heavier
And Lucy is _______ (thin) than Lily. thinner

5. I have _______ (short) hair than Tina. shorter
6. Tom is more ____________ (hard_____ hard-working

working) than Tim.

Say something about your past and now.

I was shorter and more outgoing … But now, I am taller and …

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