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2013新目标九年级英语Unit 5 It must belong to Carla. Section B课件

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla. Section B

1.Whose notebook is this? must It ______be Ming’s. It has her name on it. 2.Whose French book is this? could It ______be Tom’s. He studies French.

3. Whose guitar is this?

It ______belong to Alice. She plays the guitar. might
4. Whose T-shirt is this? can’t It ______be John’s. It’s much too small for him.

1 Look at the pictures. Then use the words from the box
to write a sentence about each picture.





alien chase

The UFO is landing.

The alien is chasing the man.

The man is running.

2a Listen and number the pictures【1-3】 above. Then
write two or three sentences to finish the story.

An example to end the story:
…the man was running as fast as he could. He thought that the alien must be chasing to catch him, and he might lose his life if he were caught! ―Hello…!‖ Suddenly a voice came from behind…

The man knew it must be the alien that spoke! ―But how could it speak our language?‖ He wondered… ―Might I make friends with you?‖ The alien stopped just in front of the man, with a big smile and both its arms opened to him…

―I must be dreaming!‖ the man said to himself…

2b Listen again. Complete the sentences.
They see… The man says… The woman says…

He could be … 1. a man running. running for exercise. It could be… 2. something in the sky. a helicopter.
3. a strange creature. 4. a woman with a camera. It must be … an alien. She could be… from the TV news.

He might be…
late for work. It must be… a UFO. I must be… dreaming. They must be… making a movie.

2c Pairwork
Sample dialogue 1: A: Why do you think the strange creature is running after the man?

B: It could be playing with the man for fun.
A: No, can’t you see it is very fierce? It must be hungry.

Sample dialogue 2: A: Why do you think the girl is crying? B: She could be crying for the failing of the exam.

A: No, her cat died. She might be crying for her dead cat.

Sample dialogue 3:
A: Why do you think the boy is laughing? B: He could be laughing for the exciting result of the

A: No, can’t you see he’s reading a storybook? He must

be laughing for a funny story.

I.Read the passage in 3a and answer the following questions. 1. What can you see in the picture? There is a woman looking out of the

2. What can we know about the woman?

She is a little afraid and terrified.

3. Where is the article(文章)from?

It’s from the newspaper .
4. What is the passage about?

The passage is about strange events in Bell Tower

5. What is the strange thing? What do the people think
of it? A local school teacher called Zhou Gu hears strange noises outside his window every night. His wife thinks that it could be an animal. His friends and he think it must be teenagers having fun. His parents think it might be the wind. His neighbor thinks it might be a dog.

II.Read the passage in 3a again and fill in

the chart. Who?
Zhou Gu’s wife Zhou Gu
The police

What did they find?
strange noises outside their window strange noises outside their window nothing strange

What did they think it was?
could be an animal
must be teenagers having fun might be the wind

Qi Hui

couldn’t see the dog, but she still heard the noises might be a dog outside

III.Fill in the blanks with the correct words according to the passage in 3a. A local school teacher called Zhou Gu hears strange ________noises outside his window every night. His wife

thinks that it could be ______ animal . His friends and an _______
he think it must be— teenagers having fun. His parents the wind think it might be _____ ______. His neighbor thinks it might be____ ______. a dog

Can you tell me what the strange noise is? It’s three monkeys that escape from the local zoo and

make the noises in Bell Tower neighborhood.

IV.Fill in the blanks with correct words according to 3a. Our neighborhood used to be very_______. However, quiet
strange these days , _________things are happening in our neighborhood unhappy ______________and everyone is__________. Zhou Gu, the local school teacher extremely worried.When he interviewed was___________by the local newspaper, he said, “Every night we hear strange noises ________our window. My outside animal wife thinks that it could be an_______, but my friends and I think it must be teenagers_______ _______. My parents having fun

anything strange called the_______, but they can’t find_______ _______. police They think it might be the______. I don’t think so!” wind
unhappy Zhou’snext door _____ ______neighbor Qi Hui is ________, too. might “At first, I thought it _______be a dog, but I can’t see a hear dog and I still ____ the noises outside.” is Everyone in our neighborhood______ worried, and

everyone _____ his or her own ideas. There must be has
something visiting ________the homes in our neighborhood, but

what is it?

Language Points
Read 3a more carefully and then find out these phrases: 1.used to do sth. 3.in our neighborhood 5.the local school/newspaper/… 7.must be 2.these days 4.be interviewed by… 6.could be/might be 8.have fun

9.anything strange

10.next door neighbor

11.at first 12.there must be 注意区别: 1. neighbor=neighbour 与neighborhood=neighbourhood 2. used to do sth. 与 be/get used to doing sth. 3.worry与worried

3b Write another paragraph about Bell Tower, using
these notes.
Chu family – late-night footsteps in the hallway

– might be the neighbors
Lao Zheng – something trying to get in the window – might be the wind Xiao Ning – finds garbage in front of her house – might be cats

Writing (3b: P38)
One sample version: Late that night, the Chu family found some strange

footsteps in the hallway. They thought they might be
their neighbor’s. Lao Zheng, one of the Chus’ friends thought it might be someone trying to get in the window.

Then one morning, Xiao Ning, a student who lives ne

xt door, found some garbage in front of her house. She

thought it must be garbage of some wild dogs. But the
old hunter thought it could be garbage of cats. There must be some animals visiting the hallway. But what could it be?

Speaking (4: P38)
A: Last night I had a dream. In my dream, I was chased by a group of people. I was very frightened.

B: Maybe it means you feel nervous under the pressure
of study. You are afraid of falling behind others. A: The night before last I had a dream. In my dream, I saw my grandma. In fact, she has been dead for 3 years.

B: Maybe it means you’re looking forward to seeing her.
You must miss her very much.

Self-check:Fill in the blanks with the words given. anxious strange worried careful favorite 1. Mark Twain is Mary’s ________ author. favorite careful 2. Be ________ of the dog that does not bark. 3. Fred is afraid of flying. He feels anxious before he _______ gets on the plane. 4. I haven’t seen my cat for two days. I’m very ________ worried

about her.
strange 5. There’s a _________ smell in the house. Do you know what it is?

单项选择 1.The boy is running .He ____ be late for school. A.must B.can't C.need D.might

2. What _____ in the neighborhood last night? A. happen C. was happened B. happened D. is happening

3.-What do you think the man is sitting near the river? -He might ______.


B.to fish C.be fishing C.is fishing

4. Can you remember the park? We _______ in it when we were young . A. are used to play C. are used to playing B. used to play D. used to playing

5.You can't wake a person who is pretending to be_____.
A.sleep B.sleepy C.asleep D.slept

Write a short passage about the strange things you have ever experienced.

Experience is the father of wisdom and memory is the mother. 经验是智慧之父,记忆是智慧之母。

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