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福建省东山县樟塘初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 1 Topic 2 Section D导学案

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Unit 1 Topic 2 Section D


1.远离 2.一些 3.中国的首都

4.有一段很长的历史 5.名胜古迹

6.例如 7.购物中心 8.赶上

9.2/3 10 .打电话 11.因为

12.两者都 13.既不…也不 14.短缺

15.到目前为止 16.采取措施做某事 17.属于

18.似乎 19.至少 20.执行

21.在近几年 22.对某人严格



1.一位老师教英语: for 5 years

2.一位老师教英语:5 years ago

3.It’s quite an old bike, but in e__________ conditions.

4.All our friends and r__________ came to our wedding.(婚礼)

5.We went there ________ _______ __________years ago (几年前) 6.It costs __________ __________(少于)50 dollars to fly to Rome.

7.We’re trying to __________ __________ _________(跟上)what’s happening.

8.—Have you seem the film____?—Yes. I saw it three years _____. A, ago, before b, before, ago c, ago, ago d, before, before

9.Don’t touch anything ___your teacher tells you to.

A, if b, though c, unless d, even though

10.A____of days ago he bought a ___of trousers.

A, couple, pair b, pair, couple c, couples, pair d, pair, pair

11.—Lucy, ____ you ___ your ticket?—Not yet.

A, did, find b, have, found c, has, found d, do, find


12.—Which school __the boys __?—No.108 High School.

A, do, belong b, are, belonging c, do, belong to d, are, belonging to 13.He __his dog. Have you __it?

A, has lost, saw b, has lost, seen c, lost, saw d, lost, seen

14.The mountain is __meters high. A, eight thousand, eight hundreds and forty-eight b, eight thousands, eight hundred and forty-eight C, eight thousand, eight hundred and forty-eight d, eight thousands, eight hundreds forty –eight.

15.—I am not going to an amusement park.--___

A, Neither am I b, Neither are you c, Neither you are d, Neither I am

16.They had to stay in the classroom after class __the had weather yesterday. A, thanks to b, thanks for c, because d, because of

17.__the population of Beijing?

A, How much is b, What’s c, How many is d, What is the number 18.__Tom __David is going to play basketball because they both like it very much. A, Both, and b, Not only, but also c, Neither, nor d, Either, or

19.The temperature in the day-time is higher than ___ at night.

A, it b, one c, that d, those

20.The population of France is nearly as __as that of Britain.

A, fewer b, large c, more d, many 21.The farmers ___half of the oranges on the farm so far.

A, picked b, have picked c, were picking d, pick


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