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福建省东山县樟塘初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 1 Topic 1 Section A导学案

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Unit 1 Topic 1 Section A


1.度过一个愉快的暑假 2.回来 3.发生

4.越来越漂亮 5.如此…以致于/以致于

6.照相 7.提高某人的英语 8.顺便说一下

9.去过中国 10.去古巴 11.钟声响了

12.感冒 13.很久 14.我有些事情要告诉你




3.写出下列词的过去分词 Play___________clean_________learn____________take_________get_________ Go___________ do__________ am/is/are_______________

4.have been to与have gone to的区别


5.句型转换 I have been to the hospital.

改为一般疑问句:____________ you _________ to the hospital?

肯定回答:_________, I ____________. 否定回答:________, I ___________. 改为否定句:I _____________ ________ _______ the hospital.

对划线部分提问:___________ _________ you _________?


1.We have just _____________ ___________(回来) from Beijing.

2.The b_________ is ringing. Let’s have a class.

3.My best friend lives in Hong Kong now. I haven’t seen him ______ ________ ________ ____________(很长一段时间)。

4.It’s so late. It isn’t ________ (合适的) to telephone your teacher now.

5.______ ________ _______(顺便问一下), what time will the soccer match begin? 1

6.—Have you ever been to the Summer Palace?—Yes, we have.—When ____ you ____there?—Last month. A, have, gone b, did, go c, will, g

o d, is, going

9.—I didn’t see you the whole summer holiday.—I _____ Yunman on August 2. I ___there for two weeks. A, went to, have been b, have gone, have gone c, went to, was d, have gone, have been

10.I saw her __on the street yesterday morning.

A, run b, to run c, runs d, running 从第二栏中找出与第一栏中相对应的答语

第一栏 第二栏

1.Where did you go? A, I have been to West Lake. 2.When will your father be back? B, No, I haven’t.

3.Where have you been? C, I went to the zoo.

4.I spent the whole holiday helping

The farmers do farm work. D, Next Friday.

5.Have you ever cleaned your room? E, Wow, you’re great!


A: Hi, Rita. I haven’t seen you for a long time.__________________________? B: I have been to Mount Huang for my summer holiday.

A:___________________________________________________? B: It’s great.


B: I saw the cloud of the sea. It’s very beautiful.

A: Oh, ____________________________________________________? B: Maria has gone to Cuba.

A: ________________________________________________?

B: She will come back tomorrow.

2 nd

A: See you . B: _____________________.


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