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福建省东山县樟塘初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 1 Topic 1 Section C导学案

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Unit 1 Topic 1 Section C


1.居住 2.多于 3.亲眼所见

4.有机会做某事 5.获得好的教育 6.如此…以致于

7.与…取得联系 8.远离 9.通过信件

10.不仅…而且 11.一种/多种 12.而且

13.取得快速进步 14.成功做某事 15.将来

16.随着中国的发展 17.为…提供帮助 18.养家糊口

19.过着艰难的生活 20.为了做某事 21.发生

22.居住条件 23.环形路




1.The United Nation has ___ the poor people in the world.

A, give support to b, given support to

c, gave support to d, given support for

2.—Where’s Mary?—She ___the library.

A, has been to b, have gone to c, have been to d, has gone to

3.He is very happy because he has __ in passing the exam.

A, succeed b, success c, successful d, succeeded

4.What has __Beijing’s roads? A, happen with b, happened to c, happens to d, happened with

5.—This morning I saw Han Fang.—It can’t be her. She ___Hainan. A, has been to b, has gone to c, went to d, will go to

6.万里长城 be, ever

三.练习 1.____ it rains heavily, ___the farmers are still working in the fields. A, Though, but b, Though, however c, Though,/ d, Although, but 2.I sat in front of the classroom __hear clearly.


A, so that b, in order to c, in order that d, for

3.In the past, the poor___ to buy a house to live in. A, can afford b, could afford c, can’t afford d, couldn’t afford

4.Life was very hard for these __.

A, children laborers b, child laborer c, child laborers d, children’s laborers

5.What’s more, some of them __to work and __money to help __their families. A, had, make, support b, has, make, support

c, have, made, supported d, having,makes, support

6.In the past, children had __food to eat and __clothes to wear. A, little, many warm b, few, some warm c, much, no warm d, little, no warm

7.—Sorry, I didn’t bring __bag. –It doesn’t matter. You can use mine. A, big enough b, enough big c, an enough big d, a big enough

8.—We’ll have a day off.--__

A, Is that so? B, Thanks a lot. C, With pleasure d, Is that all?

9.—Have you ___the door?—No, I haven’t.

A, shut b, shuts c, to shut d, shutting

10.I won’t go to see the film tonight, because I __my ticket. A, lose b, have lost c, will lost d, didn’t have

11.I think it is very important __English well.

A, learn b, to learn c, learning d, learns

14.I __ her leaving __.

A, looked at, myself b, saw, herself c, looked at, herself d, saw , myself


A: __________________________? B:Lucy had gone to England. A:_________________________________? B: Yes, she has been there once. A:________________________________________? B: She went there last week. 2

A:______________________________?B:She is going to stay there for a month. A:________________________________?B:She’ll be back at the end of October.


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