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七年级英语下册 Unit 8 Is there a post office near here Period 3 Section A Grammar Focus-3c导学案

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Unit 8 Is there a post office near here Period 3 Section A

Grammar Focus-3c

* 教师寄语:Life is not all roses. 人生并不是康庄大道。


1、总结归纳Section A部分知识重点;

2、学会运用Section A部分所学知识。



1. 根据Grammar Focus, 归纳Section A部分知识重点;

2. 自学课文,试着完成3a,3b,3c的练习。



Step1 Grammar Focus

1. Give a summary about it.

2. Try to recite it.

Step2 Presentation

1. Look at the map in 3a. Try to answer the questions. 2. Check the answers and practice the conversations.

Step3 Group work

1. Look at the map in 3a. Try to write three sentences at least.

2. Show your sentences to the class.

Step4 Game

Work in groups. Finish 3c.

II、合作交流 Group work: 总结归纳Section A部分知识重点。

1.表示地点的词汇: _____________________________________________


2.方位介词或词组: _____________________________________________


3.表示问路和指路的句子: ______________________________________________________________



______________________________________________________________ 【自主检测】:


1. Sun Hotel is across from Star Supermarket. (对划线部分提问)

________ _________ Sun Hotel?


2. In this photo, I see Lily is behind Mike. (改为同义句)

In this photo, I see Mike is ________ ________ ________ Lily. 3. There are some trees in this picture. (改为一般疑问句) ________ ________ ________ trees in this picture? 4. –Are there two students in the classroom? (作肯定回答)

--________, ________ ________.

5. There are some CDs on the desk. (改为否定句)

There ________ ________ CDs on the desk.


Is ________ a post office near here? Look! The market is ________ Center Street.

The store is across ________ the park.

There is a bookshop next ________ the hotel.

Beijing is in the __________ of China.



locality 所在地 hole, dump 狭小破旧的住房 shantytown 贫民区 slums 贫民窟,贫民区

outskirts 郊区 suburb近郊区

urban 市区的 residential area 居民区,住宅区

district 区 municipal 市的,市政的 municipality市政当局 shopping centre贸易区

metropolis 大都市 centre市中央(美语:center) capital 首都 city城 市


成功&收获: 失败&不足:



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