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河北省承德县三沟初级中学七年级英语下册 Unit 7 It’s raining! Period 5 Section B 2a-2c导学案

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Unit 7 It’s raining! Period 5 Section B 2a-2c

* 教师寄语:It never rains but it pours. 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人。




3. 阅读短文,摘录关键信息,提高阅读能力。


I、预习交流 1. 根据图片提示,预测新课内容;

2. 根据音标拼读新单词并牢记;

3. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. Canada__________________ 2. Europe _____________________

3. 暑假____________________ 4. 橙汁______________________

5. 努力学习________________ 6. 玩得开心__________________

7. 温暖而晴朗_________________ 8. 凉爽且多云____________________

9. 拜访朋友___________________ 10. 写信给你______________________



Step1 Free talk

Talk about your winter vacation.

Step2 Presentation

Look at pictures in 2a. Talk about the pictures in pairs. Finish 2a.

Look at the postcards in 2b. Guess what they are talking about.

Read through the letters quickly. Finish 2c.

Check the answers.

Step3 Pair-work

Talk about your own summer vacation according to the chart in 2c.


Group work: 分析总结阅读技巧,并尝试根据2c中的表格复述文章。

Notes: _____________________________________________________


【快乐阅读】: Weather

We often talk about the weather. If we want to know about the weather,

We can turn on the radio and listen to the weather report. We can also turn on the TV

and watch Weather Forecast. And we can ask other people in two different ways:” What’s the weather like today?” or “How’s the weather today?” Sometimes we 1

can call at 121 for the weather.

When it’s cold, we shiver and need to wear warm clothes and scarves. When it’s hot, we need a cool place and want a cold drink.

( ) 1. You can watch Weather Forecast _____.

A. by radio B. on TV C. at 121 ( ) 2. You can ask other people”___________” to know about the weather.

A. What does the weather like?

B. What’s the weather?

C. How’s the weather? ( ) 3. The telephone number 121 is for _____.

A. the address B. the fire C. the weather

( ) 4. The underlined word “shiver” means “_____” in Chinese.

A. 颤抖 B. 出汗 C. 避暑 ( ) 5. We want a cold drink when it’s _____.

A. cold B. warm C. hot

【快乐链接】 天气状况(2)

Fog 雾 Fair 晴

Haze 薄雾 Dust 灰尘

Drifting Snow 飘雪 Hail 冰雹

Drizzle 毛毛雨 Few Showers 短暂阵雨

Few Snow Showers 短暂阵雪

Few Snow Showers / Wind 短暂阵雪时有风


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