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河北省承德县三沟初级中学七年级英语下册 Unit 4 Don’t eat in class.Period 4 Section B 1a-1d导学案

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Unit 4 Don’t eat in class.Period 4 Section B 1a-1d

* 教师寄语:Habit is a second nature. 习惯成自然。



2、掌握句型:“ I must?” , “ I have to?” , “ I can /can’t?”




1. 根据音标拼读单词并牢记;

2. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. go out _________________ 2. practice the guitar __________________

3. do the dishes_____________ 4. help his mom make breakfast__________

5. on school nights __________ 6. every Saturday_____________________

7. 放学以后 ______________ 8. 在晚上 __________________________



Step1 Revision

Review the words and key sentences we’ve learned in Section A.

Step2 Presentation

(1) Learn the new phrases in 1b and 1c. (2) Present the key sentences and practice them using the pictures in 1a. (3) Finish 1a, then check the answers.

Step3 Listening Listen and finish 1b. Check the answers.

Listen again. Finish 1c. Check the answers.

Step4 Pair work

Talk about the rules in Dave’s house.

II、 合作交流

Group work: 分析总结如何写规章制度的句型,并练习造句。 Notes:_________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________



( )1. Gina often helps her mother ________the dishes.

A. do B. does C. doing

( )2.—_________you have to wear a hat today? — No, we don’t.

A. Are B. Can C. Do

( )3. We don’t know Jack _____ Bruce.


A. and B. or C. about

II. “译”展身手

Linda is an American girl. She is a good student. Every morning she gets up at 6:00. She has breakfast at home. ( 1 ) Then she wears her uniform and goes to school. She studies hard every day. ( 2 )她在餐厅吃中饭when she is at school. After school, ( 3 )she does her homework first, and then she cleans the room and ( 4 )帮助她妈妈做晚饭. Before she goes to bed, she usually reads some books. Then at 10:00p.m. she goes to bed. ( 5 )She thinks she is happy every day. What do you think? ( 1 )

( 2 ) ( 3 )

( 4 )

( 5 )



No food! 禁止带食品! No photos! 禁止拍照!

No visitors! 禁止游人! No entry! 禁止入内!

No talking! 禁止交谈! No smoking!禁止吸烟!

No parking! 禁止停车! No spitting! 禁止随地吐痰!


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