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河北省承德县三沟初级中学七年级英语下册 Unit 7 It’s raining! Period 4 Section B 1a-1e导学案

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Unit 7 It’s raining! Period 4 Section B 1a-1e

* 教师寄语: It never rains but it pours. 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人。


1. 继续学习常用天气词汇;

2. 学会谈论天气。

--How’s the weather in …? -- It’s ….

3. 学会谈论某人正在做什么。

--What are you doing? --I’m doing....



1. 根据图片和对话等,预测新课内容;

2. 根据音标拼读新单词并牢记;

3. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. 寒冷的-温暖的________________ 2. 炎热的-凉爽的________________

3. 干燥的-潮湿的________________ 4. 好极了-糟透了________________



Step1 Revision

Review the words of weather.

Step2 Presentation

1. Learn and remember the names of weather in 1a. Finish1a.

2. Game: Quick action about the weather. eg: A: 寒冷的. ? B: cold.

3. Ask and answer questions. Finish1b.

Step3 Listening

1. Go through the chart in 1c.

2. Listen to the tape. Finish 1c&1d. Then check the answers.

Step4 Pair work Role-play a conversation between Mary and Eric.


Group work: 总结归纳有关天气的词汇。 Weather: _________________________________________________




1. In winter(冬季), it’s__________(寒冷的).

2. I like spring(春季) because it’s ________(温暖的) and I can see lots of beautiful flowers.

3. The weather here is ________(热的) and ________(干燥的).


4. It’s ________(凉爽的) in autumn(秋季).


A: Hi, Cindy. Where’s your brother now?

B: 1.______

A: In the park? 2.______

B: No, it isn’t. It’s sunny. 3.______

A: It’s terrible. It’s raining.

B: 4.______

A: I’m reading a book but it’s boring. 5.______

【快乐链接】 天气状况(1)

Clear 晴朗

Cloudy 多云

Cloudy / Wind 阴时有风

AM Showers 上午阵雨

AM Snow Showers 上午阵雪

AM T-Storms 上午雷暴雨 AM Clouds / PM Sun 上午有云/下午后晴

Clouds Early / Clearing Late 早多云/晚转晴


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