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七年级英语下册 Unit 9 What does he look like Period 5 Section B 2a-2c导学案

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Unit 9 What does he look like Period 5 Section B 2a-2c * 教师寄语:You can't judge a tree by its bark. 人不可貌相。


1. 学会描述某人的外貌特征;

2. 阅读短文,摘录信息,提高阅读能力。



1. 根据图片提示,预测新课内容;

2. 根据音标拼读新单词并牢记;

3. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。

II、翻译官 1. crime ____________________ 2. criminal ______________

3. 艺术家 ___________________ 4. 不同的 ________________

5. 另一的 ___________________ 6. 真正的 ________________

7. 每个 _____________________ 8. 描述 __________________

9. 同样的方式________________ 10. 最后 __________________



Step1 Free talk Talk about your favorite friend’s looking.

Step2 Presentation

1. Look at the words in 2a. Finish2a.

2. Look at the pictures in 2b. Try to describe them.

3. Read through the passage quickly. Finish2b.

4. Read the passage again. Finish 2c.

5. Check the answers.

Step3 Pair-work Ask and answer according to the message in 2c in pairs.


Group work: 分析总结阅读技巧,并尝试根据2b中的图片复述文章。

Notes: _____________________________________________________



I’m Tom. My best friends are John and Ann. We do many things together. John lives near my house and we are in the same class. He’s fifteen years old and he’s tall and slim. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He’s polite and very clever. He’s very good at math and he sometimes helps me with my homework. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. We also play basketball at a nearby(附近的) park together and 1

sometimes we play video games at my house after school.

Our friend Ann isn’t in our school. She’s short and slim with straight brown hair and brown eyes. She’s a little bit shy. We all have kung fu lesson every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Ann is really good at kung fu. We call her the “kung fu kid”. She sometimes plays basketball with us, too. She often wears a dress, a T-shirt and a baseball cap. The three of us have great fun together. ( ) 1. Who is good at math? A. Tom B. Ann C. John

( ) 2. Where do Tom and John play video games?

A. At John’s house B. At Tom’s house

C. At Ann’s house

( ) 3. What do the three children do together?

A. Play baseball B. Play basketball

C. Play video games

( ) 4. What clothes do John and Ann like to wear? A. T-shirt B. Jeans C. Jackets

( ) 5. When do the children have kung fu lesson?

A. Every Thursday and Wednesday.

B. Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

C. Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.



One false step will make a great difference.



成功&收获: 失败&不足:


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