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七年级英语下册 Unit 8 Is there a post office near here Period 5 Section B 2a-2c导学案

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Unit 8 Is there a post office near here Period 5 Section B 2a-2c * 教师寄语:Man struggles upwards. 人往高处走。


1. 学会看地图描述某个地点的具体位置;

2. 阅读短文,回答问题,提高阅读能力。



1. 根据图片提示,预测新课内容;

2. 根据音标拼读新单词并牢记;

3. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. 十字路口 ________________ 2. 街区;街坊 _______________

3. 免费的 __________________ 4. 到处;大约 _______________

5. 阳光 ____________________ 6. 空气 _____________________

7. 爬 ______________________ 8. 花(时间、钱等)__________

9. 公路 ____________________ 10. 街道 _____________________


I、新课呈现xKb1.C o m

Step1 Free talk

Talk about your neighborhood.

Step2 Presentation

1. Look at the words in 2a. Finish2a. 2. Look at the maps in 2b. Guess where they are talking about.

3. Read through the passages quickly. Finish2b.

4. Read the passages again. Finish 2c.

5. Check the answers.

Step3 Pair-work

Ask and answer according to the message in 2c in pairs.


Group work: 分析总结阅读技巧,并尝试根据2c中的表格复述文章。

Notes: _____________________________________________________



Dear Frank,

I’m very glad you are arriving in my city at 3:00 p.m., this Saturday. Now let me tell you the way to the White Cloud Restaurant. I will (将要) meet you there. Take a taxi from the bus station and go down New Bridge Avenue. Go across the big bridge. When you see a bank, turn right and go through Bank Street. You will pass 1

three one-way avenues: Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue. When you see a big McDonald’s, turn left. Then go along Green Avenue until (直到) you see New Park. Turn left and go down Center Street. The White Cloud Restaurant is on your right.

I hope you can have a good trip.


Mike ( ) 1. Mike will meet Frank in a ______.

A. restaurant B. bank C. McDonald’s

( ) 2. Frank goes to Mike’s city by ______.

A. taxi B. bus C. air

( ) 3. The big bridge is on ______.

A. Center Street B. Bank Street C. New Bridge Avenue ( ) 4. The White Cloud Restaurant is ______. A. on the left of New Park B. on the right of Green Avenue C. on the right of Center Street




成功&收获: 失败&不足:


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