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Section B-2 新2012修订版七年级英语上册Unit 1 My name’s Gina.

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Unit 1 My name’s Gina.

Section B
Period 2 (2a-3b)

New Words
last adj. 最后的;末尾的

last name
middle adj.


school n. middle school first det. first name

学校 中学;初中 第一 名字

Liu Xiang

last name

first name

last name

Steve Jobs

first name

Given name= First name
My name is Allan Green.

Last name= Family name His Chinese name is Zhang Mingming. First name




Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms + last name For example: Her name is Cindy White. We call her Miss White.

2a Read the list of names. Write F for first name and L for last name.
1. Alan F
2. Green L 3. Miller L

6. Jack F
7. Smith L 8. Brown L

4. Mingming F 9. Zhang L 5. Gina F 10. Mary F


Tony Smith

Joy Miller

Bob Brown

Mary Green Tom White Han Xiaofang

A: What’s his first name? B: His first name is Lionel. A: What’s his last name? Lionel Messi B: His last name is Messi.

A: What’s her first name?

B: Her first name is Xiaoya.
A: What’s her last name? B: Her last name is Wang.
Wang Xiaoya

— What’s his / her first name? — His / Her first name is … — What’s his / her last name? — His / Her last name is …

Bob Smith

Jenny Miller

— What’s his first name? — His first name is … — What’s his last name? — His last name is …

Tony Smith

— What’s her first name? — Her first name is … — What’s her last name? — Her last name is …

Han Xiaofang

B 1.The old man is John Smith. We can call him____. B. Mr. Smith B 2. Can I help you, _____? A. Mrs. Tina B. Mrs. Wu A. Mr. John C. Mrs. John

C. Mrs. Mary

2b Read the messages and match them with the pictures. Circle the first names and underline the last names.

1.My name is Jenny Green. My phone number is 281-9176. My friend is Gina Smith. Her phone number is 232-4672.
2.I’m Dale Miller and my friend is Eric Brown. His telephone number is 357-5689. My telephone number is 358-6344. 3. My name is Mary Brown. My friend is in China. Her name is Zhang Mingming. My phone number is 257-8900 and her number is 929-3155.

2 c

Match the names with the telephone numbers. Then find three pairs of friends in the name list.
Telephone numbers 358-6344 929-3155 281-9176 257-8900 357-5689 232-4672

Names Eric Brown Gina Smith Dale Miller Zhang Mingming Jenny Green Mary Brown

1. Jenny Green and ___________ ___________ Gina Smith 2. ___________ and ___________ Eric Brown Dale Miller Mary Brown Zhang Mingming 3. ___________ and ___________


Use the information on the ID card to complete the sentences.
Her first name is Alice _______. Her last name is

Green _______.
Her phone number is _______. 951-3397

Jenny First Name : ____________ Green Last Name : ____________ Phone Number: 281-9176 ______________ Jenny Green What’s her telephone number? What’s her first name? What’s her family name?

First Name: ____________ Dal

Last Name: _____________ Miller Phone Number: ______________ 358-6344 Dale Miller What’s his telephone number? What’s his first name? What’s his family name?


Fill in your own ID card and write about yourself.

Talk about your favorite singer or

movie star.

What’s his name? His name is Justin Bieber. His first name is Justin, and his last name is Bieber. His telephone number is …

What’s her name? Her name is Zheng Shuang. Her last name is Zheng, and her first name is Shuang. Her telephone number is …
Zheng Shuang

Say something about the following people.

She’s Jenny Brown. Her first name is Jenny _____.
_____ last name is _______. _____ hobby is Her Brown Her dancing _________.

Jenny Brown (124-0518)

Say something about the following people.

Jim White (227-3580)
He is Jim White. His first name is Jim. His last name is White. His telephone number is 227-3580. His hobby is reading books.

He’s Tim Duncan. His first name is Tim. His last name is Duncan. His telephone number is 5542167. His hobby is playing basketball.

Tim Duncan (554-2167)

Ask your classmates about their information. Fill in the table and then make a report. Name
First name

Last name
Telephone number


Favorite color

Make an ID card for the classmate according to your survey.

1.Write out the numbers.
one two zero 120 _________________________ double one four 114_________________________ 119_________________________ double one nine one double zero eight six 10086_______________________ one two three one five 12315_______________________

one seven nine five one 17951_______________________

2. Match the sentences to make conversations.
1.Hello, I’m Cindy. 2.What’s your name? 3.Hello. I’m Grace. 4.My name’s Eric. 5.What’s his telephone number? A. I’m Chen Kang. B. It’s 876-9548. C.Nice to meet you, Cindy. D.Nice to meet you, Eric. I’m Bill. E. Hi, Grace. I’m Alice.

根据句意及汉语提示填写单词, 完成句子。 1. This is a _______ (尺子). ruler answer 2. What’s your _______ (回答)? and 3. Nick _______ (和) Frank are boys. is 4. Gina ________ (是) a good girl. 5. ________ (看)! What’s this in English? Look

把下列方框中的单词归归类。 Green, Bob, Mary, Miller, Jenny, Smith, Tom, Brown Bob; Mary; Jenny; First Name: __________________ Last Name: __________________ Brown Green; Miller; Smith;

用am, is 或are填空。 1. It ______ a map. is

2. I _______ Jack. am
is 3. His jacket _______ black.

4. ______ you Jim? Are
5. This ______ a green orange. is

从括号中选择适当的单词完成句子。 My 1.______ (I / My) quilt is red. you 2. —How are ______ (you / your)? —I’m OK. 3. This is a boy. _________ (His / Her) name His is Mike. 4. The girl is Alice Brown. Brown is __________ (his / her) family name. her your 5. —What’s _______ (her / your) first name? —My first name is Linda.

按要求完成下列句子。 1. His first name is Alan. (

对画线部分提问) What’s his first name? _________________________ 2. My name is Tony. (改为同义句) I am ______ _______ Tony. 3. Her phone number is 929-31. (对画线部分 提问) What’s her phone number? _________________________

4. My family name is Miller. (改为同义句) last name My _______ ______ is Miller.

5. is, his, number, 535-2375, telephone (.) (连 词成句)
His telephone number is 535-2375. __________________________________

1.Write a composition about the classmates according to the survey. 2. Make your own ID card.

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