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Unit 1

Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词 (20分)

1. I think there will be f __________ plants and more people in the future.

2. E_____________ is ready. Let’s begin the meeting.

3. There are many t__________ on the mountain. They make the mountain green.

4. Scientists think r________ will do the housework instead of people in the future.

5. Many fish died because of the water p___________ in the river.

6. He f___________ in love with story books when he was seven.

7. The Earth is smaller than the sun, but bigger than the m__________.

8. My parents are very busy, so I always stay at home a__________.

9. In the future, more people will take a vacation in ____________ (太空).

10. Linda won’t watch TV. She will _________ (或许) read a book.

Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 (20分)

1. You’re too fat. You should eat _______ (little).

2. The local people had to move away because of the serious _______ (pollute).

3. There will be _______ (few) trees in the future.

4. Are there any tall _______ (build) in your hometown?

5. People _______ (not ride) bikes to work in 100 years.

6. Julia _______ (fly) kites with her sister last Sunday.

7. Unluckily, he _______ (fall) down from his bike yesterday.

8. Mr. Wang can’t _______ (predict) the future because it is difficult.

9. I want to work for _______ (me) when I grow up.

10. The little boy could _______ (dress) himself at the age of 4.

Ⅲ.句型转换 (20分)

1. There will be a birthday party next Friday. (改为否定句)

There ______ ______ a birthday party next Friday. 对画线部分提问)

_____ ______ Tony ______ tonight?

3. I think there will be robots in their homes. (改为一般疑问句)

______ you ______ ______ ______ be robots in their homes?

4. There is going to be fewer trees in the city. (改为同义句)

There ______ ______ fewer trees in the city.

5. —______ do you think Sarah will be in five years? (根据答语,完成问句) —I think she will be an artist. 对画线部分提问)

______ ______ ______ they arrive here? 对画线部分提问)

______ ______ the students work?

8. We watched TV last night. (改为否定句)

We ______ ______ TV last night. 对画线部分提问)

______ ______ you think Molly ______ ______ in five years?

10. I’m living in Shandong now. (用in three years改写句子)

I ______ ______ in Shandong ______ ______ ______ .


1. There _______ an English speech contest tomorrow afternoon in our school.

A. will have B. will is C. is going to have D. will be

2. (2012·广东模拟)Nobody teaches me English. I learn it all by _______.

A. I B. my C. myself D. me

3. My friend Linda always talks _______ but does _______, so everyone of us likes her.

A. more; more B. more; less C. less; more

4. Don’t give up. I think your dream will _______.

A. come on D. less; less B. come over C. come out D. come true

5. There are _______ people having lunch at this restaurant every day.

A. hundred of B. hundreds of C. two hundreds D. two hundred of

6. His mother _______ in a village five years ago.

A. lives B. lived C. is living D. will live

7. (2011·清远中考)It’s impolite _______ others.

A. laughs at B. to laugh at C. laugh at D. laughing at

8. The little girl is too young to _______ herself.

A. wear B. put on C. dress D. have on

9. The young man _______ the beautiful girl when he saw her for the first time.

A. felt in love with B. fell in love to C. fell in love with D. felt in love to

10. (2011·淮安中考)—_______ will your father be back?

—In two months.

A. How long

B. How soon C. How often D. How many

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