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Unit 4 主题阅读

I. 阅读理解

There would be a school party on Friday evening. The girls were talking about what they were going to wear.

“I’m going to wear a black dress, so everybody will notice(注意) me,” said Emily. “How about you, Linda?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe jeans(牛仔裤),an old shirt, and a hat. People will notice me more than you! ”Linda said.

“But what are the boys going to do in the party?” asked Jane. “Do you remember the last school party, last year? They just stood there, and we girls had to dance by ourselves!”

“I hear that some of the boys learned how to dance this summer. Maybe it’ll be better this time,” said Mary.

The party was held on Friday evening, groups of students arrived. The music began. The girls stood in a line on one side, and the boys on another side. Mr. Green, their teacher, tried to get them together, but failed. After a while, Tim said,“I don’t want to stand here the whole time. The party is only for two hours. It’ll be over soon”He started to dance. All the others watched him. Then David asked Emily if she wanted to dance. Then Jack and Linda. Then, all began to dance. Soon there were more dancers than watchers. 1. How long would the party last?

A. On Friday evening. B. For one hour. C. For two hours. D. For three hours. 2. What kind of clothes was Emily going to wear? A. A black dress. B. Jeans.

C. An old shirt.

D. Jeans, an old shirt and a hat.

3. How did Emily and Linda dance in the school last year?

A.They danced by themselves. B. They danced with the boys.

C.They didn’t dance. D. They danced with their teachers.

4. How did the boys spend the summer holiday

according to the passage? A They went swimming. B. They learned to dance.

C. They watched TV. D. They went climbing.

5. Which is not mentioned in this passage?

A. There would be a school party on Friday evening.

B. Their teacher asked them to dance together.

C. Jack and Linda danced together. D. The boys and girls stood together and watched their teacher dance. II. 任务型阅读

A student who teaches how to give

Taking part in charity is not just for grown-up people. Children can do it too! Melvin Sheppard, 14, an American student, has done charity work for eight years. He has also encouraged his classmates to join him.

Melvin studies at William Allen Middle School in Philadelphia. Recently, he collected $1,500 by himself and $487 from his classmates to donate(捐赠) to Cooper University Hospital.

Melvin was born nine weeks premature in Cooper University Hospital, weighing 2.6kg. His father told him how Cooper saved his life, so he feels thankful to the hospital.

Melvin’s classmates joined him as soon as they found out about his kind behavior. Their teacher, Michael Berner, also held a class with them about helping others. “It wasn’t really about the money,” Berner said. “It was about the face that they were doing something good.”

“It is great, helping someone that I know,” said Jordan, Melvin’s classmate. Melvin’ s neighbors also helped out.

Since Melvin was 8, he and his parents have given money to Cooper University Hospital every year. This year, Gary E. Stahl, the head of Cooper’s division of neonatology, went to Melvin’s school to accept the money.

The money goes to a part of the hospital that helps about 500 young patients every year. “When they leave, we call them graduates,” Stahl said, “We are pleased when our graduates and their families do well, like Melvin and his family.”

阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,回答下列问题。1.How old was Melvin when he started to do charity work?


2.What caused Melvin to raise money for Cooper University Hospital?


3.What did Melvin’s teacher and classmates think of his behavior?

________________________ 4.“When they leave, we call them graduates.” Who does “they” refer to? ________________________ 5.What can you learn from Melvin? ________________________ 综合提升训练(四)


1. The shoes in this shop are cheaper than ____in that one.

A. this B. these

C. that D. those

2. ________of the girls plays tennis well.

A. Neither B. Both

C. All D. Some

3. Can you find the right answer______ this question?

A. to B. by C. on D. with

4. They walk _______ the school gate quickly.

A. at B. through C. across D. out

5. She will stay there for ________.

A. one and a half years

C. one years and a half B. one and half year D. one and a half year

6. The _____you work, the ____progress you’ll make. A. careful; little B. more; bigger

C. harder; bigger D. harder; less

7. You must keep your classroom__________.

A. cleaned B. cleaning

C. clean D. to be cleaned

D. another

8. If you want to book a round-trip ticket, you’ll have to pay______ $30. A. more B. other C. the other A. will have B. is going to be

C. is going to have D. will hold

10. I’ll phone you as soon as he __________.

A. returns B. will return

D. returns back C. is returning

11. Every day I spend two hours ________English.

A. to practise to read B. to practise reading

C. practising to read D .practising reading

12. Either Peter or Bob _____watching the 17th World Cup now.

A. be B. am C. is D. are

13. ________ the population of Shanghai?

A. What’s B. What number is

C. How much is D. How many are

14. __________ from London to New York!

A. How long way it is

B. What a long way it is

C. How long way is it

D. What a long way is it

15. Jim plays basketball, __________ his brother.

A. so is B. so can C. so does D. so do


Every day cars kill or hurt many people on roads. Sometimes the drivers drive too fast or do not drive carefully enough. Some of them traffic rules and cause accidents.

According to some researchers, it is usually the pedestrians (行人) who cause the accidents.

A lot of road users are very . They walk or run across the roads the cars. They walk in the roads but not on the walkways. Some do not take the trouble to the green lights and simply cross the roads against the red lights.

Many people think accidents often happen in roads in large cities, but this is not always true. , Tokyo is one of the world’s largest cities and probably one of the busiest cities; however, there are accidents to pedestrians. The reason is that the police there are very and the pedestrians are very careful. Pedestrians never cross the roads against a red light and they follow the traffic rules.

Do you know alcohol (酒精) is another main cause of traffic accidents? It delays (延缓) people’s response. Those who have drunk alcohol are in making decisions. They need a few more seconds to react. Alcohol drinking is especially dangerous for motor car drivers. It is not only drivers who may have accidents after drinking, drunk pedestrians may put their lives in danger as well.

16. A. make

17. A. tired

B. break B. cheerful C. careless D. frightened C. follow 18. A. at the end of

C. on top of

19. A. turn on

C. set up

20. A. busy

21. A. In fact

22. A. very few

23. A. kind

24. A. even

25. A. slow C. hardly

C. excited D. remember B. in the centre of D. in front of B. wait for D. look for B. wide C. clean D. new B. By the way B. so many C. only some D. plenty of C. patient D. strict C. For example D. In other words B. polite B. never D. always B. active D. lazy


I used to be very close to my father when I was a child. He gave me almost everything I wanted. Whenever I quarreled with my mother, I would turn to my father for comfort. He was everything to me.

Time flies like a bird. As I got older, I became silent and found it hard to start a conversation with my father. The gap between us began to grow. He had done so much for me but I always take it for granted.

Last time our school gave us two days off, and daddy gave me a ride home on his motorbike. I was tired and fell asleep on his back. Later my mother said he was very happy because it had been a long time since we got close last. Suddenly I felt a little shamed. I realized that I had ignored (忽略)him a lot during the last few years.

The next day I stayed in bed and when daddy tried to wake me up to have breakfast, I pretended that I couldn’t hear him. At last he brought a bowl of noodles to my bed, and said, “Come on, dear, have your breakfast and then continue your dream.” I got so angry with him for interrupting my sleep that I shouted, “Leave me alone.”

As I said this, I sat up quickly, and the bowl of noodles broke on the floor. Hearing the noise, mum came in and shouted at me, “Why do you think your father is? Who else treats you as well as he does?”

I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Finally I rushed with tear all over my face. I went to the pool where I used to go fishing with daddy. A few minutes later, I heard the sound of daddy’s motorbike. He was looking for me anxiously, but he didn’t notice me as I was sitting behind a tall brush.

I didn’t return home until 10 a.m.. The moment my parents saw me, they rushed to me. Mum hugged me tightly and daddy looked at me with worry in his eyes. “Are you hungry, dear?” he said at last. Before I could say anything, he had gone off on his motorbike to buy food for me.

26. When the writer grew older, he found it for him to have a talk with his father.

A. good B. pleasant

C. a problem D. fantastic

27. The sentence in this passage “He was everything to me” means A. My father gave me everything

B. My father would give me whatever I wanted

C. When my father was angry, he wouldn’t give me anything

D. I used to depend on him in everything in my life

28. The writer was angry with his father because .

A. he didn’t realize his father’s love for him B. his father destroyed his sleeping

C. the father didn’t know his son was sleeping D. his father wanted him to have noodles

29. The father went off to buy food for the writer because the father

A. felt sorry for waking his son up B. was really wrong about his behavior

C. knew his son hadn’t had his breakfast yet D. still held deep care for his son

30. The best title for this passage is .

A. The Gap Between the Father and the Son

B. Father’s Love

C. My Father

D. I Love Father


There has been a new trend in food recently—people are becoming not interested in fast food and beginning taking an interest in eating “slow food”.

For many years, the pace(速度)of life has been increasing for most people. Buying, preparing and cleaning up after a meal was becoming a big trouble for those busy people. Luckily, there were smart business people who took the opportunity to provide “instant” solutions to the problem. They opened fast food restaurants. Almost overnight, you could go to the fast-food restaurant, order your food and within 2 minutes it will be handed over to your hand.

The problem is health. Fast food has much oil, salt and more calories and far fewer vitamins than food freshly cooked at home. And so, since people have always wanted to live longer and healthier, a small but growing population is choosing not only fresh food, but also organically grown food(有机食品)—food that hasn’t been grown with chemical fertilizers(化学材料). Another reason for changes in eating habits is the society. Over the centuries, meal times have been used to visit, laugh and learn. That doesn’t fit with today’s busy life and many people are looking for ways to restore(恢复) that. Goodbye MacDonald’s.

Finally, there’s something special about planning your meal, buying just the right ingredient and seeing something on your table that looks just like the picture in your recipe book(食谱书).

31判断正误(“T” 表示正确, “F” 表示错误); 32—33简略回答问题; 34完成句子;35将文中画线句子译成汉语。

31. People are becoming interested in eating “slow food”.

32. Why is fast food not healthy?

33. What’s organically grown food?

34. Busy people find it a big trouble to V.根据首字母提示完成短文

“Lei Feng” is now part of our language. It means “helping ”. If a person is

, we call him “Lei Feng”.

“Lei Feng was a soldier in the early 1960s. He was born in 1940 in Changsha, Hunan. His family didn’t have much money. When he was seven, his parents died. He became a soldier at the

of 20. helped others.

He said, “To live is to serve the people-. ” He regarded other his familywashed clothes for others.

to study and work.

On August 15, 1962, a pole(杆) fell on Lei’s head and took his life. He was only 22 years old. On March 5, 1963, Chairman Mao Zedong called on(号召Lei Feng.

Today many Lei Feng groups exist in China. They try to help people in needs.

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