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九年级 综合填空A 强化训练12组题

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九年级 综合填空A


1. --- I know she ___________ a pet last Sunday.

--= Oh, really ? Let’s go and see .

2. They ____________ when the lights went out.

3. Li Ming and I ____________ each other for ten years.

4. The countries all over the years get used to _____________fast their science.

5.To make our city more beautiful , rubbish musn’t _____________ anywhere.

6. When you see the sign “Exit”, you know you can ____________ from there .

7. Lin Jie kicked two goals in the football match. He ____________ a hero by his classmates.


1. My life _______________ a lot in the past few years.

2. ---Who _______________ .the glass ? ----I did.

3. Please stop _________________- that earring. It’s too silly

4. Don’t give up _______________ it again. You will be successful.

5. My father ______________ home in 10 minutes .

6. Look! The dog __________________ the man .

7. I ________________ to Beijing every year .What about you ?

8. The boy _______________ by the doctor at last .


1. This is the necklace that was ______________.

2. The little girl always _______________ by herself.

3. I _____________________ everywhere I like if I have lots of money.

4. ______________________ in a hospital is not interesting .

5. Most of the students would like ____________________the English teacher.

6. My uncle said he _____________________ the Beatles’ songs to the Westlife’s.

7. James ______________ a job as a language teacher already.


1. Many people exercise more ______________ these days.

2. Did you have fun ________________ your sister last weekend?

3. ---Can I use your computer ? --- Sorry, I _______________it now.

4. He studied so badly that he __________________ by some of his classmates.

5. --- Will you go to the park next Sunday ? --- It _______________ the weather .

6. My brother ________________ his friends last Sunday .

7. Dave often _______________ to school . He doesn’t like going on foot .

1. This kind of silk ____________________ very soft. It must be very expensive.

2. You have to be 18 years old before you _____________________ to drive a car.

3. I’m sure he ____________________ fewer mistakes if he writes more carefully than before.

4. Most students hope _____________________ studying after finishing school and to go to university.

5. With the teachers’ help, all the students ________________________ in passing the exam last term.

6. Students should _______________________ studying instead of playing computer games.

7. --- Do you know where Mike is?

--- Can’t you see? He and his friend ___________________________________ on the playground.


1. Please stop what you ____________, I have something important to tell you.

2. It’s necessary for us _____________ the importance of health care..

3. When the friendship ____________, maybe you can know the importance of it..

4. My mother is thinking of _____________ some clothes to charity.

5. He _____________ in China for ten years and now he teaches Chinese in England.

6. Whatever you meet problems, never _____________________.

7. What you do _______________ them if you don’t consider their thoughts.


1. Don’t play with fire, or you ______________________ yourself.

2. — How is your life in France?

— I love the life here. I find it easy _______________________ others.

3. The students ____________________ not to laugh at the people in trouble.

4. —Why are you so upset?

—I ____________________ my son. He has been away from home for two days.

5.Some problems _______________ by students.

6. Last week, the two presidents greeted and __________ each other in a friendly way.

7. — Jack, Would you mind ____________________ the school things?

— Oh, I will do it right away.


1. As a volunteer, she _____________ love and hate, sadness and happiness in the past ten years.

2. --- Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me where _________________ my car?

--- Sure. I can help you.

3. Most students think _________________ is a good way to learn English.

4. ---Did you know when potato chips _________________?

---Sorry, I didn’t know that.

5. She is going to a party tonight, but she doesn’t know what_________.

6. --- Where would you like to go on vacation, Maria?

--- I _________________ going to Mexico. I like places where the people are really friendly.

7. To our surprise, the strategies we came up with ___________ fine.


1. some students are always _______________ too much homework.

2. He ________ where to travel next week.

3. My father’s __________ smoking ,so he’s healthier than before.

4. --- Please give me your notebook tomorrow. ---I remember _____________ it here ,but I can’t find it now.

5. He preferred to stay at home than __________ trouble at school.

6. My mother often told me _____________ any food anytime and anywhere.

7. ---Where are you going with your family ? --- It _________ the weather.


1. It’s necessary for us ______________ the importance of health care.

2. It’s not polite ______________ others’ mistakes when they are speaking English.

3. _______________ conversations when you speak English. It’s necessary .

4. ______________ problems as challenges is hard for me because I’m not brave enough.

5. While Jimmy was __________ with his mother, I phoned him.

6. Unfortunately, I _______________ on my way home from the forest.

7. You can’t go out unless this problem______________.


1. Ann wants to be a nurse to look after patients when she _________.

2. It’s not polite ______________ anyone with chopsticks at dinner table.

3. I think _____________ is one of the most useful ways to get good grades .

4. I’m sure Jim ____________ the next piano competition.

5. Be quiet, please !The baby _____________ in the bedroom at the moment.

6. Tom _______________ all his pocket money, so he can’t buy his favorite sports shoes.

7. Bananas, ice cream and yogurt ____________ into the blender just now. The milk shake will be OK soon.


1. I am sorry you ________ the last train . It left thirty minutes ago.

2. The young teacher thought it easy _________________ the project to the students.

3. The volunteers from our city ___________ some training before they go to Tibet.

4. ---As a well-know actor, are you feeling happy ?

--- Not really. Sometimes I have a hard time _________ who my real friends are.

5. A famous inventor __________ to our school last summer vacation.

6. Don’t bother your brother while he _________ something with his classmates.

7. Singing English songs well ___________ you can speak English well.

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