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7A U1 This is me!



1. 打排球___________________ 2. 打篮球______________________

3. 打羽毛球_________________ 4. 在足球场上_________________

5. 在游泳池里________________6. 在羽毛球场__________________

7. 该上体育课了______________ 8. 进行体育运动__________________

9. 踢足球___________________ 10. 擅长体育运动__________________


fly_______ walk________ go__________ read________ take______ watch_______ play_________ sing_________ enjoy_____ take_______ have______ stay________ do_______ miss______ study________ ask__________ like______ climb______ are________ paint__________


1. Mr. Shen __________ (teach) us English.

2. He __________ (not watch) TV every evening.

3. __________ she __________ (enjoy) __________ (swim)?

4. My little cat __________ (eat) fish every day.

5. Millie always __________ (take) the bus to the library at the weekend.

6. We __________ (not go) to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

7. The old man __________ (clean) his big house once a week.

8. The little man often __________ (draw) a picture in the playground.

9. __________ your father good at __________ (cook)?

10. She __________ (read) English in the morning every day.

四、句型转换: (对划线部分提问)

____________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)


3. It’s (对划线部分提问)


4. Ashley likes dancing in the dancing room. (改为一般疑问句)


5. He often does his homework at night. (改为一般疑问句)


6. The student is enjoying himself in the kitchen. (改为复数形式)


7. His cousin is from Australia. (改为同义句)



Shirely is a girl student. She __________ (be) 12 years old. She __________ (study) in Huangqiang Secondary School. She __________ (get) up at six every day. She __________ (read) English in the morning and then__________ (go) to school at half past seven.

Shirely’s first class __________ (begin) at a quarter to eight. she __________ (have) four classes in the morning and the other three in the afternoon. After school, she always __________ (play) table tennis with her friends. In the evening, Shirely __________ (do) her homework. She __________ (not like) __________ (watch) TV very much, but she __________ (love) listening to the radio very much. She can __________ (sing) many good Chinese and English songs.

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