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You should smile at her

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Unit 2 You should smile at her!

Many students ask for advice about how to improve their English. Here are three basic questions.

? The first question is about understanding English films and songs. Li Hao from Hubei wrote, ''I like watching English films and listening to English songs, but I can only understand a little. What can I do? ''

? Watching films and listening to songs are great ways to learn English! Watch and listen several times, and guess the meaning of the new words. Each time you will learn something new. I also advise you to talk about the films or songs with your friends.

? The second question is about speaking. Wang Fan from Jilin wrote, "Our school has a teacher from the US. I am shy and I am afraid to speak to her. What should I do?''

? You can say, ''Hello! How are you?'' ''Do you like China?" These are good ways to start a conversation. And before you begin, you should smile at her! Remember this: Do not be shy. Just try.

? The third question is about vocabulary. Zhang Lei from Anhui wrote. ''I write down new words, but I forget them quickly. How can I remember them?"

? Do not worry. It's natural to forget new words! I suggest you write four or five words a day on pieces of paper and place them in your room. Read the words when you see them, and try to use them.

improve basic guess shy vocabulary quickly natural suggest place

? smile at sb. ask for ? several times ? advise sb. to do sth. ? talk about

? be afraid to do sth. ? speak to sb. ? start a conversation ? on pieces of paper

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