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初中英语导学案8A Unit2(04)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit2







I. 根据首字母和释义写出单词

1. not important u_______________

2. not of any use u________

3. the study of events(事件) in the past h__________

4. not popular u_________

5 the study of the countries of the world and the seas ,rivers.. g________ II. 根据句意和首字母提示写单词,完成下列各句。

1. People in different countries speak different l____________.

2. We had a great time p_____________ computer games together.

3. I often feel b_____________ at school because some of the classes are too simple for me.

4. The cook can make many t_____________dishes.

5. She likes p______________ songs.


Step I 复习

1. 复习Reading部分的内容,可采用学生提问,学生回答的方式,复习英美国家中学生的学校生活。

2. 教师问学生对于中外学校生活的不同感受。比较国内与国外的生活。。 Step II 呈现

1. 让学生先回忆已学过的关于学校科目的词汇。教师介绍27页A部分的情景,让学生和Danial 一起来了解英国学生学习的科目.学生两人一组完成图片与科目的搭配.最后全班一起核对答案.

2. 让学生讨论:How many classes do we have every day?

What are they?

3.school subjects


A: What class do you have on …? B: We have …

5. 给出一些单词以学校科目编对话

easy important interesting popular useful unimportant boring useless difficult unpopular A: I think Home Economics class is very interesting. B: I don’t agree with you. I think it is very boring. Step III 呈现

1. 告诉学生形容词的两种反义词构成。一种是加前缀un-,另一种加后缀-less。让学生想一些例子。让学生了解前缀和后缀,帮助他们学习反义词的构成。前后缀可帮助他们扩大词汇量。

2. 对以上反义词的的发音规则进行讲解,然后让学生自己根据读音规则朗读这些形容词,再和学生一起齐声朗读。. Step IV 练习

1. 将学生分为五人一组,设定时间,让他们完成书上练习。每个学生找出一个单词的反义词,全组同学一起检查。 2. 完成相关练习 Step V 家庭作业 1. 记忆单词。

2. 完成《补充习题》中的相关练习。


I. 用所给动词的正确形式填空

1. As we all know, light (travel) faster than sound.

2. He hopes he (win) the first prize again in the 2012 Olympic Games.

3. Wang Hao spends 6 hours (play) table tennis every day.

4. It rained heavily yesterday, so my father (drive) me to school.

5. We always have a great time (chat) with each other.

6. Kitty said she____________________(prefer) to go to the USA.

7.___________________(noy be) late for school again,Tom.

II. 根据句意及首字母填空:

1. Some students think that Geography is u ______, but I don’t think so. I think it’s very

i________, because I want to learn more about it to help me travel around the world when I grow up.

2. It’s very u______ for the boys to learn Home Economics(经济). Boys always think it’s not

very important ,and that girls should learn it.

3. Tommy likes learning foreign languages very much. He can speak French very well, but I

think it’s b______ to spend so much time learning a foreign language.

4. Science is sometimes d________ for me, but I think it’s very u ____and I should learn it. III、根据句意和所给单词填空:

1. Our school has a __________(read) week every term.

2. ____________ (drive) a car is much faster than taking a bus.

3. This math problem is __________(easy) than that one, few of us can work it out..

4. This book is ____________ (use) to you. You’d better not read it.

5. Do you know how _____________ (work) out these math problems?

6. This is an ____________(popular) song .We don’t sing it now.

7. How long do you spend ____________(learn) English every day?

8. Our school is a___________ (mix) school. A lot of students study here.

9. Don’t worry about me. I can do it well___________ (I).

10. He will go with us as___________ (good).

11. We always have a great time ____________ (talk) to each other.

12. I have ___________ (little) free time than John.

13.Nancy joins more clubs than Daniel, but John joins the ___________(many)

14.. The song is _________(popular) now, but I still like it.

15.. I like Daniel because he can tell __________(interest) stories.

16.. The bus left 5 minutes ago. It’s _______(use) to run to the stop.

17.. What a ______(bored) book. I don’t want to read it any more.

18. How many ______________(language) can Jim speak?


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