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仁爱版九年级上unit1Topic 1短语总结

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Unit 1 Topic 1

1. after class 课后 2. come back from从…回来

3. see sb do /doing sth看见某人做某事 4. by the way 顺便说,顺便问一下 5. feel sorry for sb 同情某人,对某人感到抱歉,难过 6. take place发生

7. for a long time 很长一段时间 8. learn …from 从….学到

9. have no time to do sth 没时间做某事 10. chat on line 网上聊天 11. do farm work 做农活 12. write an article 写一篇文章 13. have a …life 过…..的生活 14. in the past在过去 15. in detail详细地

16. couldn’t afford an education for sb 供不起某人上学 17. day and night 日日夜夜 18. work for sb 为某人工作 19. give support to sb 给某人支持 20. get a good education 得到/获得良好的


21. with the development of 随着….的发展 22. at present目前

23. be crowded into 挤进…里

24. have the chance to do sth 有机会做某事

25. far away 遥远地

26. keep in touch with 保持联系 27. see sth oneself 亲眼看见、目睹 28. choose …from 从….选择

29. succeed in doing sth在做某事方面很成功30. dream about 梦见,梦到,向往 31. in the open air 露天,户外 32. check over检查 33. thanks to 幸亏

34. the reform and opening-up改革开放 35. make progress取得进步

36. take notes 做笔记


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