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Unit 8 When is your birthday 第二课时PPT课件 Section A-2

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Unit 8 When is your birthday?

Section A Period 2 (3a-3c)

When is Mario Balotelli’s birthday? How old is he?

Name: Mario Balotelli Date of birth: August 12st Age: 22

When is Yu Dan’s birthday?

How old is she?

Name: Yu Dan Date of birth: July 28th Age: 47

When is Stephen Hawking’s birthday? How old is he ?

Name: Stephen Hawking Date of birth: January 8th

Age: 70


When is Bai Baihe’s birthday? How old is she ?

Name: Bai Baihe

Date of birth: March 1st
Age: 28

3a Match the questions and answers.
Question Answers

1.When is Jenny’s b. birthday? ___ 2. When are their d. birthdays? ____ 3. When is your brother’s e. birthday?__
4. Is his birthday in July? c. _____ 5. Is your birthday on a. February 1st?_____

a. No, it’s on the 6th.
b. Her birthday is on May 24th. c. Yes, it is. d. Their birthdays are in January. e. It’s on June 16th.

3b Complete the conversation and practice it with your partner.
old A: How _______ are you, Grace? I’m B: ________ twelve. when A: And ______ is your birthday? birthday B: My ________ is on March 12th. How about you and Tom? on A: Well, my birthday is _____ July 5th, in and Tom’s birthday is ____ December.

When is … birthday? How old …? … birthday is … (January second.) It’s … (It’s January the second.)

Make a survey.
Month Birthday Day Age

Report like this: Cindy’s birthday is on February 9th. She is 15. …


Group work

3c Find out your classmates’ birthdays and ages. Line up from the youngest to the oldest.


Young / Old

Name Birthday


Group 1 The youngest The oldest Group 2 The youngest The oldest Group 3 The youngest The oldest Group 4 The youngest The oldest




My birthday is … My type of blood is … I like … (food / color / number) My mother’s birthday is … My father’s birthday is … I’m … years old.

My telephone number is …

First name Last name

Birthday Age
Telephone number Type of blood Favourite food Favourite colour Favourite numbers Mother’s birthday Father’s birthday

推选一名代表上台把本组认为写得最有意思的念 出来,但不许说出该同学的姓名,让全班同学来


His / Her telephone number is … He / She is … years old. His / Her birthday is … His / Her type of blood is… He / She likes … (numbers / food) His / Her mother’s birthday is … Who’s she / he?

看图填空,完成下列对话。 name A:Hello! My _____ is Colin Zhang. What’s your name, please ? ______ B: My name is Jennifer. Nice to ______ meet you. When A: Me, too. _______ is your birthday ? B: _____________________. My birthday is on June 7th A:___________ you born ? When were B: I was born ______ 1992. in A: OK, so you are twenty years old. _____ B: Yes,

that's right.

一、将下列单词连成句子。 1.years, 14 , she's old (.)
She’s 14 years old. ____________________________________ 2.birthday, when, San's, is, (?) When is San’s birthday? _________________________________ 二、改错。 His ( A )1. He's good friend is Lolin Smith . _____ A B C D ( B )2. My grandfather have a brother . _______ has A B C D

1. Finish the exercises in Part 2 and 4. 2. Review and recite 2e on P44. 3. Make a card like this. Name: John Miller

Date of Birth: March 21st Age: 15

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